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Love Quest Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Love Quest Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Love Quest Cheat Codes

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Love Quest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings Guide:
Written by Dinopunk

How to get all of the endings in Love Quest including the secret one.

Welcome to my endings guide for Love Quest! There are three endings to this
game: bad, good, and secret/true.

This guide will detail how to get each of them and in that process you will
also unlock all of the achievements for this game. It goes without saying, but
I’ll say it anyways, this guide contains spoilers for Love Quest!

-=Bad Ending=-
Getting the “bad ending” in Love Quest requires following the instructions
from the Idea Guy (man with the fedora in the mall). This is the easiest
ending to get and on your first blind playthrough will probably be the one
you wind up getting.

As you return home from the mall each day to play Starkat make it a point to
kill every red enemy (“troll”) in the game either by shooting them with stars
or using your dash attack. This will turn the big exit star into a red “Chaos
Star”. Collecting it will cause a red star icon to appear next to the level on
the main menu so you can keep track of your progress. You can go back to replay
levels at any time but it’s quicker to focus on killing the trolls as you
progress through the levels naturally.

Upon collecting all five red Chaos Stars the player character will fuse with
Starkat to become a red Starkat character. Now when you go to the mall everyone
you talk to will only have one option: Starblast. This kills the NPC. You can
kill everyone in the mall and that’s about it. There is no further you can go
in the game and you will have to either reload a save or start a new game.

There is no achievement for getting this ending.

-=Good Ending=-
You will get a hint regarding the good ending if you talk to the stray cat
outside of your house while in red Starkat form. The cat will tell you that
you should have avoided the trolls. This is referring to the Starkat game
where you collect red Chaos Stars by killing all of the trolls. If you instead
complete each level without killing any trolls the exit star will turn into a
blue Chaos Star.

By collecting the blue Chaos Stars you will be disregarding the whims of the
Idea Guy in the mall as he is clearly trying to feed your delusions. Playing
through the Starkat levels without killing any trolls is a harder task than
just blazing through them. Here are some tips:

* Go slowly while platforming on the trees. They act as steps to get up on the
rooftops and this is where you want to spend the majority of your time on each

* If you jump out of doing a dash attack you’ll get a burst of speed and perform
a very high jump. This can be useful for jumping onto the rooftops or dodging
a swarm of trolls.

* If you accidentally kill a troll you can exit the stage and start over with no
penalty. Starting the level over resets your progress. You will have to do this
as dying and respawning will remember which trolls you’ve killed.

Now when you collect the blue Chaos Stars the player character will fuse with
Starkat to become a version of the character with a gold outline, signalling
that you’ve cleaned up your act and become a better person. If you go back to
the mall there will be a girl waiting in the center foyer. Talk to her and she
will express interest in being your girlfriend. This ends the game and gives
you the good ending, however it is later revealed that the girl is an undercover
troll of course just like the girl with the pink hair.

There is no achievement for getting this ending.

-=“True” Ending=-
Getting the “true” ending of Love Quest requires a mix of both of the requirements
to get the bad and good endings. You will need to go back and play Starkat. This
time you must collect all of the blue and red Chaos Stars. This means you’ll need
to play through each level twice, once to kill all of the trolls and once to avoid
them. Since I’ve already explained how to do this I’ll be skipping to the pertinent
parts ahead.

Assuming you have all ten Chaos Stars make sure you are the reformed version (gold
outline) of the player character. If you are red Starkat you can simply replay
level 7 to become the good player character.

Now, go back to your bedroom and stand in front of the television. You should see
a small animation of the player character on the TV screen. While facing the TV
and walking forward press space to start a roll. You should roll upwards through
the television and into the black void outside of the map. Keep walking forward
and the screen should fade to black.

The game is now in first person mode! Move your mouse around until you see a
floating door. Walk up to the door and click on the handle to open it. You are now
inside the mall in first person. You can talk to the NPC’s here and they will have
new dialog. Exit the mall and turn left. You should see the Idea Guy, the stray cat,
and the homeless person. The Idea Guy will tell you the “Dimensional Merge” is
nearly complete and all you have to do is walk through the yellow door.

Go through the door and you will be warped to a forest where Starkat and Rosecat
are standing with all of their children. Talk to them and they’ll all call you
“daddy” and tell you how much they love you. In this forest room there is a tree
near Rosecat. Walk behind this tree to find a star on the ground. Click on the
star to be warped to the final room of the game. Click on your bed to go to sleep
one last time which will show some messages from the developer and roll the credits.

You should also receive the achievement for getting the true ending.

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Updated: 2023.03.05

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