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Help / FAQ
  1. What is a Cheat Code?
  2. What is an Editor?
  3. What is a Trainer?
  4. What is a Patch?
  5. What is a Walkthrough Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ?
  6. What is a Save Game?
  7. What it Early Access?
  8. What is an Alpha version?
  9. What is a beta version?
  10. Why is my Trainer not working?
  11. When is the Trainer for XXXX going to come out?
  12. I want a Trainer for the game XXXX?
  13. I look for cards / textures etc.... For my game, where is it?
  14. I cannot upload files to my computer :'(
  15. Explanation of text of downloaded files. (Promo Trainer/Paid Trainer)
  16. Where do I unzip the files?
  17. I unzipped but I can not execute!
  18. The trainer doesn't work and crash!
  19. I am looking for the last game out, any idea?
  20. How do i establish a direct link to the files of the site?
  21. Your Shitty site is full of spelling mistake, can we do something about it?
  22. I still cannot use my Trainer.
  23. There are no answers on the forum!
  24. I cannot find an answer.

What is a Cheat Code?

A cheat code is a key sequence, password, or series of steps to be entered within a video game that will provide the player some object, ability, or access to a level or location within the game that is secret, hidden, or that would have otherwise been unobtainable or unavailable to the player.
Activation methods for cheat codes might include entering a code at a password prompt or a pressing a combination of game controller buttons. Effects might include unlocking a character or improving a character's performance (providing a car with greater acceleration, for example.). Other entry points may be a developer console, a code entry dialog, at title screens, or in-game.
Unlike other cheating methods, cheat codes are implemented by the game developers themselves, often as a tool to playtest certain aspects of the game without difficulty.
On the Trainers City website, you can also find tips/tips/guides/FAQ/Achievements/Walkthrough under the term Cheat Codes.
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What is an Editor?

An Editor is a small program that allow you to modify files saved from the game. These can be saved games, or .ini files containing game-specific information. An editor is basically a front-end for a hex cheat. Someone has created a program to do the editing for you based on user-defined criteria.
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What is a Trainer?

A "Trainer" is a third-party program that is designed to alter memory locations of running programs (games). In order for a Trainer to work, it must be running simultaneously with the game it was written for. It is best to first start the game and actually begin playing, then switch back to Windows (using Alt+Tab) and run the Trainer. Select the desired options and switch back to the game. Do not CLOSE the Trainer until you are finished playing the game. Since Trainers are written to alter SPECIFIC memory locations, they usually only work with specific versions of the game. This is the most common problem when Trainers seem to be "not working". Most of the time read the 'nfo' or 'txt' file in the 'zip' file before using it.
Also in the website Trainers City you can find Editor/Patch/Mod under the term Trainer.
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What is a patch?

A patch (sometimes called a "fix") is a quick-repair job for a piece of programming. During a software product's beta test distribution or try-out period and later after the product is formally released, problems (called bug) will almost invariably be found. A patch is the immediate solution that is provided to users; it can sometimes be downloaded from the software maker's Web site. The patch is not necessarily the best solution for the problem and the product developers often find a better solution to provide when they package the product for its next release.

A patch is usually developed and distributed as a replacement for or an insertion in compiled code (that is, in a binary file or object module). In larger operating systems, a special program is provided to manage and keep track of the installation of patches.
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What is a Walkthrough Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ?

Walkthrough's translation would be walk through a game. In brief it is the document which allows to finish the game quickly without forgetting anything. It is the fastest solution to the game (but often incomplete and unofficial) but unlike the official guide which tells you do this, do that it is only there to give indications or answer FAQ. This document contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the title specified. This document also contains detailed instructions for completing the game along with other useful information.
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What is a Save Game?

A saved game (also sometimes called a game save or savegame) is a piece of digitally stored information about the progress of a player in a video game. This saved game can be reloaded later, so the player can continue where he or she had stopped. Players usually save games to prevent the loss of progress in the game (as might happen after a game over unless the game features permadeath, in which the save file is permanently deleted), especially when interrupting or ending a game session.
The use of saved games is very common in modern video games, particularly in computer and console role-playing games, which are usually much too long to finish in a single sitting.
This file contains a saved game or configuration file that may overwrite your existing saves or configuration. Always make a backup of files before overwriting as this cheat may not work with your particular version of the game.
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What it Early Access?

Early Access is a complete purchase of a playable game.
Following this purchase, you will have immediate access to download and play the game in its current state and future developments. You keep access to the game, even if it later passes in final version.
These games evolve while you play, relying on player feedback and developer updates and adding content. A number of leading titles that have recently adopted this development model have found many advantages in this process.
This encourages developers who want to release a game early, involving players while establishing a lasting relationship with them to create better games.
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What is an Alpha version?

The Alpha version is an unfinished version of a mod or a video game.
In general, the Alpha version allows you to test an unfinalized project in order to quickly detect major problems.
It is useful for giving a taste to the player while detecting what could be a problem for developers.
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What is a beta version?

The Beta version is a continuation of the Alpha version.
A beta version of a game, mod, or software is a near-complete release.
It gives a very good idea of what the final project will be.
In general, the Beta version is assigned to a group of users who will be responsible for tracking all the bugs and inconsistencies of the mod.
As with the Alpha version, there can be several Beta versions, depending on the number of user returns. The beta version is the test version before the game is launched.
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Why is my Trainer not working?

Having trouble getting our trainer to work? These steps resolve 99% of all trainer issues.
1/ Temporarily disable/uninstall all antivirus, firewall and other security software.
2/ Right click and choose "Run as Administrator" on trainer and game.
3/ Make sure trainer version matches game version and distribution.

  1. - Please , Read the files which accompany (.nfo.doc.txt) Trainer or which are in the Trainer itself..

  2. - There are no exact rules to execute the trainer.
    - It can be used wherever he can be situated, for example on the disk D and the game on the disk C;
    - There is no precise order sometimes it is necessary to launch the trainer then to launch the game and at the other times it is the opposite (game first then trainers Sometimes it is necessary to use the combination of keyboard commands Alt-Tab. In any situations, you must not close it otherwise the game will not work.

  3. - If a Trainer does not work it could be because: you do not have the proper version of the game or as this one works only for the original version or for a version with or without patch.

  4. - And as I know what you are going to tell me : how do I know if the Trainer works for my program? Well, I do not! because I do not have every games out there (I wished!) and also because everybody does not play with the same configuration and to finally, it is also why one can find several versions of the trainer on my web site. Some are for the version ISO, others for a Patched version, another one is for the language of the country.
    Conclusion: It is necessary to try them all!

  5. - Please , Contact the one that created Trainer (often in English) Wake up Frenchies!!! and ask him for an improved version or for an explanation or why the Trainer does not work with your game. He will be more able to answer your request that your humble servant.;-)

  6. - A trick. Often one reads Trainer for the game XXX v1.5 if your version of game is 1.4 and\or 1.6 go ahead and try the Trainer, it might work.

  7. - You have the version, the good version of the game and the right trainer. Unfortunately, it does not work I AM VERY SORRY BUT IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO WRITE TO ME!!! I do not make miracle, it does not work with your computer. There is nothing you can do except wait patiently that I find a new trainer on this game which will work with your version !

  8. - And if really nothing works and if you have tried every Trainers available and it still does not always work, it is necessary to wait for somebody to make a new Trainer for this game. You can also make a request in the Forums perhaps you will find you somebody Talented enough to make you, your Trainer. Finally, I forgot, a Trainer which works with your game, might not work (99 % of time) if you try to use it in multiplayer mode.

  9. - If you do not understand the language of the Trainer, I am sorry about that but I am not a translator, please, use the programs that one finds on Web, or ask friends, buy a dictionary or learn the language (It will serve you more than believed it will on Web;-)

  10. - This works only 50% of the time. Sometimes it comes back under Window and sometimes it screws up my pc, why ? Well simply because a trainer "attacks" the memory of a computer to modify the values in the game and depending of your version of the game it might make a mistake therefore go down. There are no solutions for this, try several times, I am not freaking responsible for your data.

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When is the Trainer for XXXX going to come out?

Please , stop asking, nobody knows !!! The only means for you to know when there is a new Trainers on the site, is subscribre to the RSS. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content.
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I want a Trainer for the game XXXX?

Trainers City does not make Trainer to order. But you can always make a request in the Forums.
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I look for cards / textures etc.... For my game, where is it?

Trainers City is not a site of add-ons!!! Please , look on a search engine page for these files or ask in the Forums or specialized sites.
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I cannot upload files to my computer :'(

To download files you should deactivate the software such as: Getright, NetVampire, Go!Zilla, Download Accelerator etc...
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Explanation of text of downloaded files.

For exemple you see this :

Diablo 2 v1.04 (German)- Save Game Editor v3.0 - JAM new

Diablo 2 = The name of the game

v1.04 = This is the version of the game (often patched), As a general rule the trainer works only for this version (sometimes it can work for lower versions or higher)

Save Game Editor = In this case it is a saved game editor. It could also be a Trainer, a cheat code or a walkthrough etc...

v3.0 = In this case there was several versions of the editor or of the FAQ on the site (Options add ons, bug removal etc...)

JAM = It is simply the initials of the creator or the group or the editor of the trainer, cheat etc... (limited in most cases to 3 characters for space reasons).

new = This means the trainer is less than 15 days old

You can also find this :

Trainer +4 = The +4 refers to the number of options available in a trainer. For exemple, for Trainer +4 in Age of empire, you can modify the value by 4 units, wood, food, stone and gold. For some Trainers you might only have +1, this means you have only one option or that you can only change one value. (This is more rare).

(German) = It is either the language used in the Trainer or the file or it is the language of the version. Since Germany is a EU country , there are far more chances that it will work with another EU country version, French for exemple. If there is no language specified, it means the file is in English. You will also have German, French and Mplayers for multiplayers. Since I do not have all the games, I cannot verify the functionality of the Trainer in Multiplayer mode.

Promo Trainer/Paid Trainer = The Promo Trainer/Paid Trainer is not fully functional. You can for example have 4 options but only one is available. It is also important to know that Trainers City does not take commission on the sale or purchase of any trainers on is website and outside is website. If you don't like to pay for a trainer, there is no need to insult people or companies that make paid trainers, you have 3 solutions : either you use the trainer with the few options it offers, or you buy the full version on the platform that offers it (Trainers City is not responsible for any transactions outside outside is site!) or you can make your own trainer and you can share it with the community by offering it for download on Trainers City ;)!
Also, it seems to me that having trainers with fewer free options that work is much better than having no trainers at all!
(See the heading how to send a file or a trainer at the bottom of the page)

You can also find this in the name of the game: Alice: Madness Returns v1.0 (Origin) - Promo Trainer

(Origin) = is the name of the game download platform. This can be Steam, GOG, Origin, Epic etc ... More and more people buy the digital version of the game (no CD).

In any case always try the trainer for another version you have, it just might work. :)

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Where do I unzip the files?

As a general rule wherever, but it happens that certain Trainer works only if they are in the directory of the game. I advice you so to unzip in the same directory than the game. If you unzip a saved game I suggest you make a copy of your own copies before saving over with the new downloaded save game.
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I unzipped but I can not execute!

If you do not manage to unzip the file, please, go to the Tools where you will find all the utilities to unzip a file.
Careful, it happens that in a compressed file, there are other compressed file (like RAR or ACE) please, think also of unzipping before writing me :).
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The trainer doesn't work and crash !

If the file (the trainer) crash, it can be from you windows version. All trainers are not always compatible with all windows version such as 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista, Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10,11 etc... In this case try to contact the autor of the trainer and ask him if he as a compatible version of his trainer for your windows.
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I am looking for the last game out , any idea ?

Yes try Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, Steam, GOG, Origin, Blizzard, Epic etc...
I remind you that it is illegal to download a paying game for free, practice known as Warez or Gamez or Pirated Games.

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How do I establish a direct link to the files of the site ?

You have a website ? And you would like to insert links to my site? Before doing so? read in priority the files Webmaster, Disclaimer and Legals infos before establishing links without my authorization. If you want a direct link to you do not need any authorization.

If you wish to add a logo or a banner to do your link, you can copy the following ones :

Trainers City
(88*31 pixels)

Trainers City

Trainers City
(100*100 pixels)

Trainers City
(150*150 pixels)

Trainers City
(180*180 pixels)

Trainers City
(468*60 pixels)

Trainers City
(468*60 pixels)

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Your site is full of spelling mistake, can we do something about it ?

NO. The mispelling is copyrighted Trainers city. If you see typos, (I make plenty of them because of that bastard HB, the guy who was given the job to translate ! He was probably drunk when he did it !!!) please write me and tell me exactly where it is located. Be accurate it will save me lots of time and efforts!!
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I still cannot use my trainer

If you still cannot use the trainer, do not write me !!
I cannot help. Re read the NFO files, write the author or use the Forums , any individual help request will be erased. I cannot give you help for all the games out there, nor do I have the time. Thanks.
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There are no answers on the forum!

The Forums is not a chat room, the users come from time to time or simply does not know the answer to your question. Do not insult or threaten people, be nice and polite or you could be banished.
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I cannot find an answer.

Please write me and I will be happy to reply or to provide assistance in the Forums ;-).

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