Tutorials to make rainers

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Tutorials to make rainers

You know how a trainer, an editor, find the cheats codes?
You can use a program to make a trainer, an editor, find the zone to edit etc ... ?
Do you have programming skills and / or graphics relating to the trainers?

In short if you want to know your talents and / or share your knowledge (as Magic King Gnagna, Pharaonix and many others) with the rest of us go ahead and send me your creations (Thanks to all who contribute in this section!)
Tools for Trainers can be found in the Tools for Trainers

Création de Trainers
(Remember to send them!)

Here are some text files (Word and PDF) to help you understand how to make Trainers:
- File in English 176 128 bytes by Mike Mee (Word format). -=Click here=-
- File in English 238 090 bytes by Mike Mee (PDF Format). -=Click here=-
- A translated version in French of 269 230 bytes of the file Mike Mee (PDF Format). -=Click here=-

- File in French of 172,032 bytes per Gnagna2000 (PDF Format). -=Click here=-
- File in English 697 465 bytes per Tekz (Executable Format). -=Click here=-
- The v1.01 trainer program to train to find the values ​​hErectus. -=Click here=-
- File in French of 1,072,800 bytes per Majene "Guide to the creation of Trainer" (PDF). -=Click here=-

- Tutorial in French of 441,341 bytes on the creation of Trainers version 1.12b in French by Pharaonix (Tutorial updated on 20/10/2004) (HTML) -=Cliquez ici=->

- Online Tutorial using Trainer Maker Kit and GameHack in French By Magic King - -=Click here=-
- Online Tutorial on the Use of Spy Trainer in French By Magic King - -=Click here=-
- Online Tutorial on how to use Winsock Packet Editor in French By Spy Rodri - -=Click here=-
- Online Tutorial on Delta Force Black Hawk Down MP Demo in French By hErectus - -=Click here=-
- Online Tutorial on video and in French by XOR - -=Click here=-
- Online Tutorial on creating C ++ for a trainer in French by Nick - -=Click here=-
- Tutorial how to use CoSMOS by Cheat Happens - -=Click here=-

If you yourself have made ​​a file on how to make a trainer, an editor, how to find values ​​etc ... or anything that can go in this topic please send it to me.
Want to DIZ and NFO files? Visit the Tools for Trainers for more tools to help you in designing your trainers!