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Virus Warning


To download files you need to disable softwares such as: Getright, NetVampire, GoZilla, Download Accelerator etc... or the files could be corrupt !! If you get a warning message by Chrome or Firefox, please ignore it. They (Googlebot) mistakenly think that some files on our Trainers section are "malicious content" and have decided to randomly display warning messages when downloading files. Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game. Your anti-virus software may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc...). This is almost always a false alarm.

Did you receive a VIRUS, TROJAN or SPYWARE warning from one of the files you downloaded from our site? Please be aware that we scan all of the files we upload with multiple antivirus and spyware applications before posting them on the website. Some files, such as trainers, can often set off a scanner's heuristic warnings which may result in them being labeled a "GENERIC" or "SUSPICIOUS" trojan or virus. This is simply because of the way trainers work. They modify another program while it's running and also listen for keys to be pressed on the computer so the options can activate. This is exactly what a real trojan might do.

If you're ever in doubt, scan the file here:

This will scan with different antivirus scanners and report the findings immediately. If a file is truly infected, it should set off at least 70% of them. If the only thing that shows as positive is GENERIC, SUSPICIOUS or PACKER then the file is typically clean.

If after scanning, you believe the file is truly infected, you can write to us at to let us know and we'll have a closer look at it. Don't forget to put in the mail the name of the file and the complet link. If the file is found to be infected by our scanners then the file will be promptly removed from the website.

You can also go to the forum to discuss about it or to have more informations.



This file is a part of the TRAINER MAKER KIT, a popular program used to create trainers. This file has been around for many, many years and somewhere along the way it got labeled as a trojan keylogger. THIS IS A FALSE READING. Many popular antivirus applications have removed this false positive from their signatures, but some still carry it (such as NOD32). This file IS NOT A TROJAN KEYLOGGER and is completely safe. It simply listens for keys to be pressed inside the game so it can activate the options from the trainer.


AVG is the single worst anti-virus product on the planet when it comes to false positives for games and trainers. It is highly recommended that you find an alternate antivirus solution if using AVG. For those people that must use AVG, member FireflyPoi has submitted the following guide on how to allow AVG to work with most trainers.

AVG Trainer Compatability Guide by FireflyPoi

Here is my brief, simple step-by-step guide on getting your AVG Anti-Virus to allow trainers to run correctly, without having to compromise your system security by uninstalling and/or disabling your antivirus completely, which some people have problems with (or if you are like me, you are paranoid of infection). So my guide is to help you have the peace of mine of having your Anti-Virus enabled, and also being able to use your trainers freely.

For this to work effectively and for reference, I personally recommend that you store all your downloaded trainers in one folder, I personally store them in "My Documents\Trainers\" which I will refer to soon.

Step One:
Make sure your AVG Anti-Virus is installed and up to date with the AVG server before making any changes.

Step Two:
Bring up your AVG window by double clicking on the icon in your system tray (by your clock) or by right clicking, and selecting the 'Open AVG User Interface' option.

Step Three:
Click on Tools at the top of the window, and then select Advanced Settings from the list, which will open the Advanced options menu.

Step Four:
From this menu, expand the Resident Shield option on the left, and select Directory Excludes.

Step Five:
On the right hand side, select Add Patch, and browse your computer for the folder your trainers are stored in, i.e. "My Documents\Trainers\" as I personally use.

Step Six: Once you have selected the folder you wish to use for your trainer storage, click Apply at the bottom right. (Note: For Vista/7 users, this will require administrative permission)

Step Seven:
Now click OK and close your AVG User Interface.

From now on when you download trainers, if you store them in your newly created or selected folder. This process works perfectly fine on both my Vista x32 machine, and my 7 x64 machine. The new directory that you have created will be excluded from the On-Access Scanning which stops trainers from working.

Note 1:
-File Excludes On occasion you will need to add an individual File Exclusion for a particular trainer, this is done using the same steps as above, but selecting File Excludes rather than Directory Excludes, but the process is the same.

Note 2:
-Removed / Missing Trainers & Recovering Them If you find that some of your trainers are missing, it's possible your antivirus has sweeped some (mine tends to on occasion) during a scan. The easiest way to recover them is to open your AVG User Interface, select History from the top menu of the window, then select Virus Vault. If you see any files there that are trainers you want back, simply click on the file and select the Restore option, and you should have your trainer back.

Note 3:
-Infected Downloads The way I get trainers from Trainers City correctly, is to click the Download button for the trainer, and instead of saving the file, I open it directly, so that the Anti-Virus doesn't have time to scan it. I then drag & drop the contents of the zip/rar file to my Directory Excluded trainer's folder, which correctly puts the trainer into the folder without the Anti-Virus having an issue with it. Occasionally a message comes up saying the file is infected - it is actually referring to the zip/rar file you just opened which is stored in your Temp area, simply click Ignore, and then close the zip/rar - and you're done! You've successfully downloaded the trainer into an Anti-Virus safe environment. I use this method to have both working trainers, and the safety of an Anti-Virus.