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Tools for Trainers

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Tools for Trainers


WinZip  WinRar 


- Use this tool to remove the old restriction system for purchased trainers
- Now you can use them on any PC with or without the net

Trainer Activator tool

Tools for IP address

Looking for your IP address to play lan or internet network to play or just for your information? You want to know if a port is opened or used? Here are some utilities that can help you:

ip2 v1.03
PFPortChecker v1.0.32


A small soft that allows you to easily read in the zip files the information contained in files ending in .Nfo or .Diz!

Nfo Viewer by Damn v2.10.0031.RC3


Here are links to some major browsers out there.

Internet Explorer  Firefox  Chrome  Opera  Safari 

Create NFO and DIZ files

Nfo diz files are found in general with the Trainer.
Want to make your NFO or a DIZ files?
Don't bother Trainers City has made some for you !!
Three versions below. Feel free to modify and improve them.
You can also send me your ideas.

French version. -=Click Here=-
English version. -=Click Here=-
French/English version. -=Click Here=-
Tools to automatically creates NFO / DIZ files by hErectus : NFO/DIZ Creator v1.4


Are you missing DLL's to run a program? Here are a fews links:

If you have or know of a cheating tool that is not listed below, or something needs to be updated, please email me.
Use the Contact Link of this page.

NOTE: Trainers City do not support or affiliate with any of the following site or softwares. They are listed for convenience.
Use any of the following AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Tools to make or use Trainers

CoSMOS Advanced & Beginner Memory v6.0.6 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Advanced Memory v5.1.5 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Advanced Memory v4.5.0.0 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Beginner Memory v5.0.2.0 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Memory v4.0.5.0 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Memory v4.0.0.0 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Memory v3.1.1.0 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
CoSMOS Memory v2.0.1.0 Scanner and Gamehacking Tool (lien/link) CoSMOS tutorial here
.NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime (v3.1.0) - Windows x64 Installer (lien/link)
.NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime (v3.1.0) - Windows x86 Installer (lien/link)
AXE v3.0 Hex editor
Cheat32 4.0 beta 2 Memory scanner
Cheat Engine v7.1 Memory scanner
Cheat Engine v6.4 Memory scanner
Cheat Engine v6.7 Memory scanner
Cheat Finder v1.3 Memory scanner
Cheat O Matic v0.99b Memory scanner
Cool Game Assistant 2002 Memory scanner
Entraineur v1.01 Memory scanner
Fix People Expert 6.0 Demo Memory scanner
GameCheater v1.2 Memory scanner
GameHack v2.0i et le fichier d'aide en anglais ici Memory scanner
Game Trainer v2.01 (Memory Scan) Memory scanner
Games Trainer Studio v1.60 Trainer maker
Games Trainer Studio v1.61 (update pour la 1.6) Trainer maker
Games Trainer Studio v1.64 Trainer maker
GameWiz 32 v1.41 Memory scanner
Hacker v2.0 Hex editor
Hackman v6.01 Hex editor
HEdit v2.1 Hex editor
Hex Workshop v4.23 Hex editor
Hexit/32 v1.0 Hex Editor
Magic Trainer Creator Trainer maker
MdHack Cheat Utility
Memory Addresses Collector Memory scanner
Memory Gutter XP v1.02 Memory scanner
Minimize Hack Tool v1.1 Window minimizer
Omni Trainer v1.0Omni Trainer v1.0 Memory scanner
Patch SaveGame Editor v3.07 Editor
RAM Cheat v1.2 Memory scanner
SaveGame Analyzer v1.0 Savegame editor
SaveGame Editor CK v4.0 (German Only) Hex editor
TinkerBell v2.0 beta1D Memory scanner
Trainer Creation Kit 5.0 Trainer maker
Trainer Spy Protection for TMK TS Protection
Trainer Spy pour Win9x v1.0 Trainer scanner
Trainer Spy pour WinNT/2000/XP Trainer scanner
Trainer Tester Trainer scanner
TSearch Memory scanner/debugger
Ultimate Game Cheating System v3.5 Memory scanner
Universal Game Editor v1.0 (.uge files extensions) File editor
Universal Save Game Editor v1.0 File editor
Voodoo Hacker v1.0 Memory scanner
W32DASM v8.94 Disassembler
WinHack Memory scanner
WinHex v14.4 Hex editor
Winsock Packet Editor Packet Editor