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Trainers City Advertising
The display of banners on Trainers City is a profitable partnership.

The display time is minimum 6 months, 1 year and more

You can have the exclusivity for all the banners (728*90 and/or 300*250 and/or 160*600 and/or 120*600 and/or 970*250 and/or 300*600).
This means that you can have all the inserts (over 110 000 pages of the site except slide in up or side) for you alone to 2,000.00 euros per month if you take 6 months and 1,500.00 euros per month if you take a year.

You can also move in rotation with other boards at a reduced cost (around 500 euros per month). Send an email to know the price and availability (Minimum 3 month)

As for the advertising campaigns we support the CPM.
We are not interrested currently by CPC campaigns, nor campaigns Site in Popup, or Site Under or CPL or Slide In.

Site traffic is more than 570 000 visitors per month is around more than 6,2 million page views and still growing.

For advertising only on a particular page. Contact me on

The price of a link on a page can vary depending on its place, the page and the length of the text.
The price of a link on the Hompage or download page around 150 characters, it's 2000 euros for 6 months and 3500 euros for 1 year. (Note this link has nothing to do with a link in the list of partners.)

You want a link in an other page than the Homepage or download page (see example of texte below). Price is 1000 euros for 6 months and 1600 euros for 1 year.

Example of king of link possible:

* Title of link *
The new machine *Product title* is one of the best games
<https://votre url/> to discover. *Product title* goes in search of *your product
new adventures in the video game and goes to the movies
<https://votre url/> always with the same success!

Contact me and give me an example of size of text / images you want to insert and the page and location on the page where you want to be view so and I could answer correctly.

If you want an image instead of text fo the link add 350 euros per year (note: it has nothing to do with regular banners) or 200 euros for 6 months. (Depending on the formats/size of the images, rates are suceptible to evolve.)

For a complete graphical design of the site to color your product on special order only. For a complete graphical appearance of the site to color your time commitment is a year and a minimum 2000 euros per month : Contact me for a quote.

If you have any special requests or for a price, please contact me. (

All prices are subject to change without futher notice, in any case please contact us for more informations.

Trainers City participates in the Amazon Partner Program, an affiliate program designed to enable sites to earn compensation by creating links to Amazon stores.