Windbound Cheat Codes

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Windbound Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Windbound Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Windbound Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Tips and Advices:
Written by by Babouk100

This guide shows useful basic tips and personal advices for Windbound.

* In Winbound, you play as Kara, a young woman who finds herself lost on a
desert island after a mysterious storm.

* You will have to survive to find your people, while progressing through v
arious “worlds” made up of islands. For this, you will have to hunt, harvest,
and above all build a raft that you will improve over time.

* In order to progress through the different chapters of the game, you must,
in each area, activate 3 mechanisms in order to be able to access a portal
that will transport you to the next chapter.

* Each of the mechanisms is on an island, which you must discover. You will
also find other islands that will be useful to visit in order to be able
to collect and store useful material to survive and progress. You will then
harvest minerals, plants or animal parts.

* To start the adventure, 2 choices are available to you. Survival mode, or
story mode.

* In survival mode, if you die, you start over in Chapter 1, keeping only the
items in the kept item line.

* In story mode, you don’t lose anything and don’t start over in Chapter 1.

-=My Advice=-
If it can help, some tips for success.

* Take the time to visit each chapter, going around all the islands and islets.
You will certainly have pleasant surprises (bonus life / stamina / shards …)
on islands that do not have the tower to activate

* When you arrive on the second island, empty your inventory on the ground to go
and collect what you need to make the palm tree bag. Make the ropes just when
needed to save space.

* On the first canoe, first build the fire to cook your food (and make it evolve
as soon as possible into a drying rack), then the mast. The basket has no real
use at the beginning.

* Save regularly, generally each time you arrive on an island. During Chapter 1,
you won’t necessarily have the 500 Sea Shards needed to unlock a Blessing. This
first blessing is, in my opinion, very useful, especially if we can unlock the
unbreakable spear (it will be very useful throughout the adventure against many
creatures). In my survival adventure, not having enough Sea Shards at the end of
the chapter (I didn’t keep track of how much I was after activating the third
staircase), I let myself be killed in Chapter 2 in order to start over in chapter
1. If you do the story mode, you will have to let yourself be killed in chapter 1,
or then not save once you have entered the passage to chapter 2 and restart the

* Before making bows with the gems, it is better to keep them to make figureheads,
and to make normal bows (my favorite in the end is the hunter’s bow)

* As soon as you can make bag rack on your boat, do 1 to start and equip it to have
additional storage space (more interesting than the basket / bucket / chest),
especially as soon as you can the heavy duty bag (18 places).

* On my boat, I found myself with 3 bag racks (with heavy duty bag), 1 heavy duty
bag on me, and the various craft stations.

* I always position the storage on the central line, in the event of destruction
of one of the sides. Better to lose fires than the whole loot.

* Always have some food (or healing potion) on you when walking on an island. We
quickly take nasty blows and risk dying. Do not hesitate, if necessary, to retreat,
rebuild your health, and return to the assault.

* It’s never funny when you’ve made good progress and you have to start over in Chapter
1. Hence, once again, the usefulness of regular backups.

* Only run when necessary. Endurance drops rapidly. When you run out of base endurance
(yellow line), the food line takes over. And when everything is empty, we die.

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