Behold the Kickmen Cheat Codes

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Behold the Kickmen Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Behold the Kickmen Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Behold the Kickmen Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full LOVE meter guide:
Written by tristophe

Having a full LOVE meter is a prerequisite for unlocking the "Romancing the Stone"

-=Before the very first match
* Stand still (or do nothing) -> Pedro liked that...
* Engage whole-heartedly in 'story'

-=After the 1st match of Premiere league
* Punch Pedro
* "Bite me." -> Pedro liked that...

-=After the 3rd match of Premiere league
* 1st or 2nd option (don't know about the 3rd or doing nothing)
* BRAVELY BURST INTO TEARS -> Pedro liked that...

-=After the 1st match of League two
* "I want to talk about you, Pedro..."
* "How long have you been a Kickman?"
* "Wow. Thanks for sharing." -> Pedro liked that...

-=After the 2nd match of League two
* KISS PEDRO -> Pedro liked that...
* GO ALONG WITH PEDRO'S CLEVER RUSE -> Pedro liked that...

-=After the 1st match of Champion league
* ASK PEDRO FOR HELP -> Pedro liked that...

How to Obtain Spirit of 65' Achievement (or Cheating for It):
Written by Liebelts

These are things and info I gathered when going for the Spirit of 65' achievement
which might be useful for other people doing this achievement, which is very hard
and exhausting to obtain due to the unfair AI, length of the cup, RNG, etc.

Note it is absolutely possible to do this without ‘cheating’ but it can be super
annoying and boring. You can get bad RNG and the AI can become literally football
god and you’ll go down 5 positions or the luck can be on your side and you’ll go
up 7 positions.

* Avg time for completion: 15h.
* Avg time for completion (cheated): 5h.

-=Before Starting the Story=-
Before starting the story the game presents you with three option sliders. Put
all of them into minimum so it goes as fast as possible. Then choose your
customizations and confirm.

-=Leveling Up
The first matches were normally pretty easy for me so I’d recommend getting a
lot of money here for upgrading your team. After the first win you can learn
Passing or Tackle Possession and it helps a lot to chain moves for the big money.

Leveling up is very expensive so every penny matters. A loss is fine if you get,
like, $1,000 but it’s good to always go for the win.

Don’t worry too much about which skill to choose since you learn them all after
5 wins.

-=Skills to Level Up=-
I tried balanced at the start but you need to be swimming in money to do it
and most likely will get you stuck, so after looking at another guide I started
focusing mainly on aggressive skills:

* Ball Skills – for more strength, accuracy and aftershoot when doing Big Shots.
* Staminae – for being the first to get the ball when a round starts.
* Teamplay – so my team doesn’t jumble up with the enemy.

You might have different tastes so don’t take this as granted.

Staminae is expensive but gives a huge boost. Only upgrade Staminae if you’re
struggling to reach the ball at the start or during the game.

Ball Skills is mainly so I can do a better big shot at the start and thus get
3 free goals more often. With high ball skills you can get pretty consistent
aces and have a big difference (like 10 – 2 at 40:00) over the other team. This
way you can have some passing/tackling fun to try getting some money.

Balance between buying Ball Skills and Teamplay.

First, you can view the formation of every team before a match. I never used
this so I can’t say anything about it, but it could be useful.

The mechanics are pretty much just like a normal soccer game. In general:
* Do not let the enemy get the ball under any circumstance.

* If the enemy is ready to do a goal and you’re near another enemy player, you
can do a strategic penalty (tackle a no-baller) to avoid getting 1 or 2 or 3
goals. They’re still gonna have the ball but at least you’ll have another chance
at it.

* Go for 2 or 3 goals at once. Do a big shot from behind the middle line if you
want to risk it or go a little further for 2 safe goals. Also go for the 3 goals
at the start of rounds if you can.

* Big Shot is better than Passing most of the time. Passing is a guarantee that
the enemy will get the ball and we don’t want that. Only pass if it’s absolutely
safe, otherwise do a small big shot in that direction, and your teammate will
catch the ball.

Being good, coupled with good set of skills, will get you pretty good win rates.
But always be aware the RNG can send you 7 positions down.

-=Manipulating Time to Always Win (Cheating)=-
If you can’t take it anymore there’s an easy way of doing this achievement which
will guarantee 100% win rate throughout the entire cup. Making the achievement
pretty easy and making your experience much better as well.

After entering a match, If you pause and leave the game it won’t get saved, so
you can just join again and restart the same match without any drawbacks and
hopefully with a better RNG. You can repeat this forever until the RNG works in
your favor and you get many goals for a win.

Though if the RNG works in your favor through the cup you might not need this,
or if you have a lot of patience. I only needed to use it 2 times since i was
already at League Two or Three and just wanted to end it.

It’s still good to try leveling up your skills. But with this strat you can
probably just brute force it since it’s impossible to lose.

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