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Sheltered 2 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Sheltered 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Sheltered 2 Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide And Walkthrough:
Written by wilson_fur

This will be a simple but in-depth guide for any newcomers or old fans.

So, I’ve seen the reviews. People complaining that its too hard, or there’s
not enough resources, etc. etc. and you, maybe you’re reading this because
you want to get better, you made one of those bad reviews, or you’re on the
fence about this game. Well, I’m here to help.

-=Chapter 1: Character Management=-
So, your characters, or Members as I’ll call them. They are fairly automated;
They’ll walk around, have conversations, but the most important part to know
is that they’ll choose to do things themselves, and they might interrupt your
queue of tasks you’ve given them. This is all dependent on what they need the
most, a member might put off building that shiny new bed so they can eat some
food. This is very important to understand.

We’ve all had that moment, your member gets food poisoning. Why? Well, a member
will get food poisoning if they have a high dirtiness when they eat, I’m sure
a lot of you understand this. So why did they get sick? Its simple; They put
off showering to eat. Yes, when your member comes back from an expedition,
they’ll be, among other things, dirty and hungry. So if you don’t want them to
get sick, you’ll have them shower. Well, this doesn’t always work. More times
than not, their AI puts off showering to eat. See the problem? When they get
back, queue up them showering and as soon as you see it, delete the
prioritization to eat. If you have one shower and 2 or more people that went
out, you might need to juggle them and keep them from eating before they can

-=Chapter 2: Resources and Crafting=-
So, you’ve probably played Sheltered 1. Early game you can’t get a recycling
center so you ignore junk completely. Well, junk in this game works differently,
you can simply break down junk at one of the workbenches for resources.
This is very important for early game.

Don’t bet on finding all the resources you need out in the wild, make them.
Resources that can be recycled will usually tell you what it can be turned into,

With your newfound knowledge of recycling, what do you do with this? You still
don’t have the Pipes and Valves needed for cots and showers! Well, it’s actually
rather easy. Pipes can be crafted out of 10 metal shavings, first seeing this
I thought it was absurd, until I later found out I can get 10 metal shavings by
recycling sheet metal. Low on pipes for your second cot or shower? Make some!
And speaking of showers, a very important part to make them is the Valve, which
i saw someone complaining they couldn’t find valves. Well guess what? You can
craft those too! You’ll need rubber, which can be rare itself, but you can craft
that too!

Another thing to note, on the surface, theres a load of piles of junk. You can
deconstruct those, and while they might not be immediately useful, you can
recycle those resources to get wood and other things.

-=Chapter 3: Combat and Expeditions=-
Combat is also vastly different to how it was in Sheltered 1. The new combat
has a new body targeting system, like VATS from the Fallout series. Hovering
your cursor over each body part will tell you the pros and cons to hitting it.
Use this to your advantage, to subdue or knock a dangerous weapon out of the
enemy’s hands. Another addition are afflictions, on top of the standard Dazed
or Bleeding afflictions, your members can also be stricken with fear by a
fearful enemy and occasionally miss a turn.

It also seems some weapons are more deadly when targeting the head, excluding
guns of course. When trying to subdue and enemy, you might not want to hit
them across the head with a hatchet. There’s also more early game protection
your members can wear in a fight, like the Stab-Proof Vest. Other equipment
they can use are things like Camouflage which needs to be worn on all members
of a party to work, or Binoculars which reveal a larger area when traveling.

-=Chapter 4: Building in and Expanding your Bunker=-
Space management is also important, on top of the new temperature system. You
might make an entire floor dedicated to storage or cooking, or, you could make
a walk-in freezer and place your kitchen right outside of it using the new
edition to the game, Partitions. Use them to section off parts of your bunker,
like making a barracks or a walk in freezer so the rest of the floor isn’t
cold or hot.

When building, the builder’s stats are important.Intelligence can affect what
the health of the object is, sick of your cot breaking down? Have someone with
a higher intelligence make it next time. Later on when you have a character
with higher intelligence, it may be best to break down some of your old things
and re-construct them to be better quality.

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