Legion TD 2 Cheat Codes

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Legion TD 2 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Legion TD 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Legion TD 2 Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

FAQ And Console Commands:
Written by xxxxxxx.

I’ve created this guide using questions taken from the official Legion
TD 2 discord[discord.com], streamers[www.twitch.tv], Reddit and Steam
Hopefully this can answer many a question and will be updated over time.

-=How exactly does leak gold work?=-
* You always lose gold when you leak. Lets say on wave 1 you leak 2 crabs,
when they die in the mid you will get +4 gold from each instead the usual
+6 gold, so you have lost 2 x 2 = 4 gold total.

* The difference is then split between your team mate who covers the leak
and both enemy players.

* The percentage splits get worse over time so e.g. on 1 you still get a
lot of gold from creeps you leak, but by wave 13 you are getting nearly
nothing from each creep leaked and your enemy gets a much bigger % of the

-=What are cards used for?=-
* You can use cards as avatar, set them as a monument on your profile
(to display a statute ingame on your lane) or donate the cards to your
guild for guild XP, or just treat them as collectable.

-=Ingame Commands=-

Displays command info

Votes to forfeit the match

Displays lifetime of fighters

Displays DPS of your fighters over the duration of the battle

Displays how many kills your fighters got over the duration of the battle

Displays your fighter value

Displays information about the next wave where ‘X’ is the wave number (1-21)

-info X
Displays information about wave X

Shows waves with Pierce damage

Shows waves with Impact damage

Shows waves with Magic damage

Shows waves with Pure damage

Shows waves with Swift armour

Shows waves with Natural armour

Shows waves with Arcane armour

Shows waves with Fortified armour

Shows waves with Immaterial armour

Shows ranged waves

-air / -flying
Showings flying waves (4/17)

Shows waves with bosses (10/20)

Shows waves with minibosses (5/15)

-=Debug Commands=-
You can only use these when -debug mode is enabled, which is
automatic in the Sandbox mode.

Enable debug mode (below commands)

Used to load a build you’ve copied from match history or using the save command

Used to save the current build

-builder X
Changes your builder to X (where X is 0, 1, 2, or 3 etc)
0 Element
1 Forsaken
2 Grove
3 Mech
4 Mastermind
5 Atlantean
6 Nomad
7 Shrine
8 Divine

Gives you 10k gold, 10k mythium, 100 supply and resets merc timers

Pick any Legion spell

Rerolls the King spells

-gold X
Gives you X gold

-mythium X
Gives you X mythium

-supply X
Gives you X supply

Reveals the map for you (cannot be undone)

Clears the wave

Clears the wave (West only)

Clears the wave (East only)

Heals both kings

Heals the east king

Heals the west king

Automatically heals kings when they are low

-wave X
Sets the wave to X (X being 1-21

-reset X
Resets the wave, removing towers, resetting income/workers, and giving
you gold equal to what you would get for clearing waves before that.

Starts the wave immediately

-open X
Opens slot X for spawns

-close X
Closes slot X for spawns

Allows building everywhere on the map
(useful for testing multiple builds at once)

Kills the East King

Kills the West King

-smite X
Sets the selected unit to %X life

-mana X
Sets the selected unit to %X mana

Thank you to all the community helpers in the discord
(Shadowings, Penny, Julian, Leon, Toikan, Seraphin and many more!),
the devs for the making the game, and to all the new players wanting
to learn. A lot of the answers above have been copied and pasted from them.

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Updated: 2022.06.05

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