Town of Machine Cheat Codes

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Town of Machine Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Town of Machine Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Some Basic Crafting Recipes:
Written by Silentlocke

These are just some recipes I kept track of in a notepad
while playing, hope they help someone else.

-=Ammo Crafting=-
Uranium Cubes x Uranium Cubes = Pistol Ammo.
Uranium Cubes x Lemon Drops = Shotgun Ammo.
Lemon Drops x Lemon Drops = Rifle Ammo.
Lemon Drops x Meteor Ash = Plasma Cells.
Meteor Ash x Uranium Cubes = Minigun Ammo.
Meteor Ash x Meteor Ash = Power Ammo.

-=Food Crafting=-
Coffee x Doughnut = Detective’s Breakfast.
Demon Meat x Sandwich = Monster Burger.
Monster Burger x Health Drink = Monster Menu.
Atomic Fruit x Green Herb = Health Drink (Woodruff Lemonade).
“Bum” Burger x Soda = “Family” Menu.

-=Armor Crafting=-
Leather Armor (25 Armor) x Armor Kit = Heavy Trench Coat (50 Armor (Overcharge)).
Protection Vest (50 Armor) x Armor Kit = Tactical Vest (100 Armor (Overcharge)).
Combat Armor (100 Armor) x Armor Kit = Mega Armor (200 Armor (Overcharge)).

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Updated: 2022.01.22

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