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Kari Cheat Codes

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Kari Cheat Codes

Name of the file: Kari Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Simplified Walkthrough:
Written by Crysal

A very simplified guide to completing the game, taken from the speedrunners
guide and removed some of the more detailed stuff.

-=Step by Step=-
* Speak to Muinn
* Go touch shrine
* Speak to Muinn again
* Place bridge over water
* Run up and cut down tree
* Enter first town
* Make night at Tove
* Go up to forest
* Touch shrine by town exit
* Light 1st brazier
* Talk to Asmund
* Use shrine across bridge from Asmund
* Place bridge up ledge/gap
* Run right across bridge
* Drop down to forest, Pass Asmund and Muinn to bridge bear
* Run up to pond shrine and use
* Plant seeds for Njords path
* Talk to Njord
* Craft blank rune at Muinn (left of Njord)
* Talk to Njord
* Craft Hagalaz Rune
* Talk to Njord
* Run up hill and use 1st bear
* use shrine in uller’s domain
* Make offering to bridge bear
* Run across and skip log
* use shrine near tree
* place bridge across chasm
* Go to northern town
* Dude talks to you
* Touch shrine by town exit
* Light 2nd brazier near skip log
* Gather plank from around cliff
* light Western Brazier
* gather plank from hill
* gather plank from tree
* place 3 planks to get to uller
* talk to uller
* use uller shrine
* light brazier
* use blessing of frey from uller
* Run south past tree
* Use lightrays to remove stone
* More south to battlefield
* Use target to destroy stone
* Give amour to woman
* down past sword
* use target to destroy stone
* go into Valkan Camp
* Get quest to find forge dude
* complete quest, get shield
* use targer in fog
* unlock brazier
* talk to frey
* talk to well
* use target at Lorel
* Go make soup and wait for night
* use soup at lorel house at night
* wait for day
* use lightrays at lorel
* make exotic pelt
* give pelt to Uller
* Return to Njord
* Collect statues around the map
* Return to Njord
* Run to boat

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