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Seeds of Chaos Cheat Codes - PC

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Seeds of Chaos Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Seeds of Chaos Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheats & Console Commands (How to Enable):
Here is a simple tutorial on how to enable console in the Seeds of Chaos game.
you need to edit the game file to open the console mode.

-=How to Enable Console in Seeds of Chaos?=-
* Go to your (Directory)\seeds-of-chaos\renpy\common
* Find 00Console.RPY and edit with notepad
* Press CTRL+F on your keyboard
* Keep searching for “False” until you find

# If true, the console is enabled despite config.developer being False.
config.console = False

* Chance False to True (Make sure its True with a capital T)
* Save and exit notepad

-=Seeds of Chaos Cheats List (Console Commands)=-
Note: Press Shift+O on your keyboard to input these commands

-=Castle Related=
castle.coffers = x
set the COFFERS amount
castle.training_coffers = x
set the TRAINING COFFERS amount = x
set the SUPPLIES amount (1 soldier consumes 1 supply per week)
castle.peasants = x
set the PEASANTS amount
castle.soldiers = x
set the SOLDIERS amount (seems
castle.morale = x
set the MORALE amount (caps at 100 (Great))
castle.unrest = x
set the UNREST amount (doesn't seem to have a cap, beware.)
castle.rp = x
set the RESOURCE POINT amount
castle.dp = x
set the DEFENCE POINT amount (Each soldier is worht 2 DP)

-=Alexia Related=-
alexi.[attribute] = x
set any of alexia's attributes, from energy to nymphomania
Alexi's states seem to only be important in the bonus wife trainer mode now.

Player Related (These took FOREVER to find)
The player prefix is "avatar"
Change "x" to whatever number you want = x
avatar.exp = x

Note: Other player related commands aren't necessary as you can just give yourself
unlimited XP and boost stats from leveling.

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If Seeds of Chaos Cheat Codes doesn't work for your game version, you can find an alternative trainer available at

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