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Terraria Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Terraria Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Money Music Box Glitch:
This only works in single player. All you need is a music box and 2 wooden platforms.
Place the 2 platforms 2 squares from the roof of your house. Try placing the music
box on the platform. The music box will explode into hundreds of boxes. Then just
sell the extra. easy money and free music boxes.

Sky Islands:
* All randomly generated worlds feature at least one island floating in the sky, but
they're difficult to access normally and you still need to find where exactly the
islands are!

* One way to find the islands is to construct pillars that reach far into the sky
(100 to 200 blocks in height), then use vines and grapples to scale the pillar (or
simply make really tall ladders) and jump in various directions from the very top.
With luck you should catch the telltale signs of the floating islands in the form
of the vines that often extend below them.

* Or load up a gun with Meteor Shots and begin shooting at the sky at random
locations; if the shot rebounds back toward you, you've likely hit a floating
island. Crafting Grav Potions are also another way to help you navigate maps
in special ways.

* If you don't mind gaming the system, you can also create a new and separate game
in Hardcore mode, purposely kill yourself to become a ghost, then fly around the
entire map to eventually discover the islands. Then reload your usual save file
and make your way to the islands with the knowledge you've just earned.

Infinite Items and Money:
Open 2 copies of Terraria. Log into a world with the character that has the items
you want to duplicate. If they are in a chest, get them from the chest and save
and exit, then log back into the same world. Login as the SAME character on a
different world. On the first character, put whatever you want into a chest, then
save and exit. On the second character, save and exit from that world, then log
into the other world that has the item in the chest and grab the item. Now you
should have the item in your inventory, and a copy would be in the chest. you
can grab that copy and now you have 2. This is useful if you want multiple grappling
hooks for friends or even gold/armor. You can repeat but remember to save and exit,
THEN try it again as it wot work in one long run.

Infinite Life Crystals and Chest Items:
Here's a way that you can cheat the system and get as many life crystals and as
much stuff out of a chest that you want by using the multiplayer feature.

1.Go to Terraria.org and download their dedicated server program. (Just scroll
all the way down at home page.)
2.Use it to start one of your worlds or make a new one. (To join your own server,
just type "localhost" into the IP address [without quotes]).
3.Search for a life crystal or chest that has something you want to keep getting
and save the game through the server command window BEFORE you pick up the item.
4.Pick up the life crystal/chest item and close the server window. You should lose
connection In-Game.
5.Re-open your server and join it. You should still have the life crystal/chest
item in your inventory.

If you rush back to the spot where you found the stuff, it should still be there.
All you need to do is take the item and close the server without saving, and you
can just pick up whatever you want over and over again.

Item Duplication:
Remember to SAVE your progress and make a backup of your save. Alter game files
at your own risk. Deposit the item you want in a chest. Save the game and exit.
Go back in the game and withdraw the item you want to clone and put it in your
inventory. Wait 5 min (Very Important). Close the game via Alt-F4. Go back into
and there is your cloned item. You should now have the same item in the chest
and in your inventory.

Red's Alternate Armor:
Equip the gold helmet, a frost chest plate, and frost leggings, with black and blue
flame dye on all armor pieces. You will receive special vanity effects, which is a
reference to Red's armor as depicted in the 1.2 Random Happenings trailer.

Floating Islands:
Each randomly generated world comes with at least one floating island. These contain
a chest with unique loot and are interlaced with gold and silver ore. Finding a
floating island can be tough as the altitude depends on the size of the world you
created, but building a "sky bridge" can help. On small worlds, building the bridge
at about 200 blocks above sea level will put you within sight of an island. Keep an
eye out for vines floating in the middle of the sky, because that's the bottom of
your island.

Harvesting Fallen Stars:
Every night time stars fall from the sky. Collecting ten of these lets you increase
your maximum mana. On normal terrain this can take a long time and can be a risky
proposition in pitch-darkness. By creating a Sky Bridge (by making a ladder about a
hundred or so blocks in the air and then laying down stone or dirt in a straight
line) you can create a long stretch of easily-traversable land for the stars to
land on. With a speed-increasing item such as Hermes Boots or Necro Armor equipped
you can travel the length of your bridge collecting stars relatively uninhibited.
Zombies will still spawn on the bridge and you might get the occasional harpy or
demon eye, but you won't have to contend with rough terrain, chasms, water or
anything that spawns from the corruption.

Hard Mode:
You can enable Hard Mode by killing the Wall of Flesh. To summon him, throw a guide
voodoo doll into some lava. Once you slay the Wall of Flesh, Hard Mode is permanently
enabled and cannot be disabled on the file unless you modify it with a third-party
program. In Hard Mode, a new biome (The Hallow) is created, and you will encounter
additional new bosses, items, and monsters.

How to Summon the Queen Bee:
* Queen Bees most commonly can be summoned inside a Bee Hive. These dangerous hives
are located in Underground Jungles. Each world can contain several of these hives,
so it’s possible to fight the Queen Bee multiple times by invaded the hive.
* To make the Queen Bee appear, you’ll need to destroy Larvae. The Larvae appear as
large (about player-sized) bees stuck inside semi-transparent crystallized shells.
Destroy them to summon a Queen.
* Some hives can contain two Larvae. Don’t break both at once, or you’ll have to deal
with two Queen Bees at the same time.

Infinite Money with Lizarhd Doors:
After you have a Picksaw drop from the Golem go to a world where the temple has not
been unlocked with a key and Plantera has already been defeated. Make your way to the
temple and mine the blocks under the door and it will break the door but the locked
door will remain and 3 to 12 doors will drop at a time. Just replace the block and
re-mine, wash-rinse-repeat. This has been tested on on both P.C. and Console.

How to Get the Nights Edge:
Written by Asome Man73.

-=Lights Bane or Blood Butcher=-
Lights Bane: This Weapon can be achieved by geting demonite ore. How to get demonite
ore is by slaying the Eye of cthulu or by Slaying the Eater of worlds. Then you have
the right ingediants. Next forge your ore into bars. Then get a anvil and craft the
lights bane. Blood Butcher: how to get the blood butcher is a lot similar like the
lights bane but the lights bane, but it do's more damage. How to crimtane is facing
the Eve of cthulu or the brain of cthulu. Then make it into bars and done!

The murmasa is a little harder to find requires a LOT of keys to find a murmasa. First
go to the dungeon at night. Then talk to the old man. One of the options are Curse.
Press curse. You will summon the skeletron. Beat skeletron. Then you have permission
to go to the dungeon. Without faceing the dungeon gaurdian. Then you can gather
golden keys. Unlock golden chest to find a murmasa.

-=Blade of Grass=-
How to get the blade of Grass is a lot of farming to do. To start off is to travel
to the jungle. When you arrive, you want to go to the under ground. You at least
want to get 15 hornets stingers and a LOT of jungle spors to craft the Blade of Grass.

-=Fiery Greatsword=-
The Fiery Greatsword is a lot stronger than the other swords. How to get this sword
is to go down in the under world and get some hell stone witch is your main ingredant
for this sword. While your still in the under world, grab a hell forge because the
hell forge is how you craft hellstone bars. Then go to a anvil and craft the Fiery

-=Nights Edge=-
Great, now you have collected all four swords to craft the nights edge. Now you
want to go to the evil part of your world to craft this blade. Find a demon /
crimson altar. Craft the nights edge and done.

How to Defeat Expert Calamitas:
Written by Taystuho1000

This guide explains how to defeat expert calamitas in detail.

-=Before Starting=-
First of all, ranged is perfect because you can outrun and shoot him from far-away.

-=You need=-
* Unreal Chlorophyte Shotbow.
* Unreal Speed Blaster.
* Unreal Barinautical.
* (Optional) Legendary Terra Blade.

(Many!) Recall Potions.
Greater Healing Potions.
Archery Potions.
Thorns Potions.
Ironskin Potions.
Rage and Wrath Potions.
Regeneration Potions.
Swiftness Potions.
Night Owl Potions.
Inferno Potions.

* Chlorophyte Helmet Armor.

* Warding Ice/Flame Wings.
* Warding Flesh Knuckles.
* Warding Charm Of Myths.
* Warding Lightning Boots.
* Warding Worm Scarf.

Note: You can use Demon Heart to get one bonus slot.

-=The Fight=-
Start shooting Calamitas and fly to right side of map, when you´re in sticky situtation,
use recall potion and wait for Calamitas when you see lasers start shooting at right and
fly to left. Repeat this until, Calamitas summons Cataclysm, but focus still on Calamitas.
Do the same with Catastrophe. When he says "Most Impressive Child, Most Impressive",
Start using Recall Potions more commonly. When Cataclysm and Catastrophe awokens, start
focusing on Catatrophe, then focus on Calamitas again. Do this until Calamitas dies.

Note: You should kill Plantera before Calamitas, because Plantera is way much easier!

How to Upgrade Copper Pickaxe (Fast Method):
Written by The Pioneering Pixel

Are you tired of using a copper pickaxe for 20 minutes straight, nonstop mining ores
until you finally get that one upgrade... To lead or iron? Well guess what pal, you've
been doing it wrong this whole time!

So, In order to upgrade your copper pickaxe to platinum really freaking quick, you'll need
to head underground. Now, the reason why it takes so long to get a pickaxe upgrade is
because you stop at every single ore vein possible. Only stop at lead, and get 15 of it and
then make an anvil or get a merchant to move in and buy the anvil or(the least reliable method)
try and find an abandoned house that has an anvil in it.

Next up you'll need to find chests. Do not mine ores! Do not be enticed to mine them, That's
why it takes so long to upgrade, you mine them with the slow freaking copper pickaxe that
takes so long to mine. Only find chests (and life crystals while you're at it).

The chests will always have bars in them by default, surface chests have either tin/copper
or lead/iron, and gold chests have silver/tungsten or gold/platinum.

Highly recommended you try and find gold chests. You'll need 12 of any bar if you want
yourself a new pickaxe. If you have somewhere around 8-11 bars and can't find anymore chests
with bars, go ahead and start mining the ores for the rest of the bars.

Don't bother with copper and tin unless you're making armor/bows.

After finding 12 bars, get yourself your new pickaxe!

How to Duplicate Any Item (Journey's End / Update 1.4):
Written by obama gaming

This guide will tell you how to duplicate any item of your choosing in Terraria 1.4+.
I recommend not doing this excessively as it can ruin the Terraria experience.

-=Simple Duplication Item Guide=-

Make sure to turn Off the AutoSave feature in settings.

* Get items you want to duplicate and leave them in your inventory.
* Save and Exit out of your world.
* Click Multiplayer.
* Click Host & Play.
* Start up a local server.
* Once in the world put the items you want duplicated in a chest and close out
of the chest menu.
* Press ALT + F4.
* Load up your world in Singleplayer.
* Your items have been duplicated.

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