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Planet Nomads Cheat Codes - PC

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Planet Nomads Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Planet Nomads Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Cheat Codes
While playing the game, press Shift + F1 or ~ Tilde to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. To list all the COMMANDs you can use, open the console in-game and type in help.

Code Effect
Clear Clears Console Screen.
Fps Show or Hide Current FPS.
Help Shows Console Commands documentation.
Kill Unknown effect.
Ohhappyday Switching the time to morning.
Time Unknown effect.

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

Achievement How to unlock
Addicted Builder and Survivor Play Planet Nomads for 100 hours.
Alien Expert Discover ten alien monuments.
Animal Control Kill 10 animals in survival.
Architect Weld 2000 blocks into existence in survival.
Big Game Season Kill a godillo in survival using only the multitool.
Bob Miner Use the multitool to mine 100 resource pieces.
Brann Hunter Kill one brann specimen.
Cerbul Hunter Kill one cerbul specimen.
Comfy Sleeper Spend a total of 1000 hours in a stasis chamber in survival.
Down Under Reach the South Pole in survival.
Equally Important Reach the equator in survival.
Final Destination Find the main alien monument.
First Contact Visit your first alient monument.
Five Times the Death Star Die 5 times in survival.
Getting a Driving License Run 1000 meters in a vehicle in any game mode.
Getting to Know You Discover five alien monuments.
Godillo Hunter Kill one godillo specimen.
Going Through the Nights Play Planet Nomads for 10 hours.
Grand Designer Build a building using at least 500 blocks.
Happy Glutton Eat 200 pieces of food in survival.
Happy Gourmand Eat 25 pieces of food in survival.
Hit the Road Run 10000 meters in any game mode.
Hobbyist Tinker Craft 50 items in survival.
Hunting Season Kill 200 animals in survival.
Just Strutting Along Take on 500 meters on foot.
Laying the Foundation Weld 100 blocks into existence in survival.
Mad Architect Destroy or deconstruct 2000 blocks in survival.
Marathon Bull Conquer 5000 meters on foot like a champ.
Master Crafter Craft 1000 items in survival.
Medical Junkie Use 50 healing items in survival.
Melting Pot Destroy or deconstruct 100 blocks in survival.
Move the Payload Build 50 conveyor blocks in survival.
Namiku Hunter Kill one namiku specimen.
Nossal Hunter Kill one nossal specimen.
Quench That Thirst Drink 200 water bottles... bottles of any water.
Sample Collector Kill at least one representative of six animal species in Survival.
Shelter Designer Build a building using at least 50 blocks.
Sleep Well Spend a total of 50 hours in a stasis chamber in survival.
Star Watcher Spend a total of 50 hours sleeping in a bag outside in survival.
Take Your Medicine Use 10 healing items in survival.
Terraformer Use the multitool to mine 1000 resource pieces.
The Arctic Expedition Reach the North Pole in survival.
Those Who Bivouack Spend a total of 1000 hours sleeping in a bag outside in survival.
Transport Tycoon Build 200 conveyor blocks in survival.
Unstoppable Force Die 50 times in survival.
Water It Down Drink 25 water bottles... any water bottles.
Xenotaur Hunter Kill one xenotaur specimen.

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