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>> Robotech : Battlecry <<

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Robotech : Battlecry - Psx

Name of the file: Robotech : Battlecry - Author: MIK - [PSX]

Cheat Menu
Go to the main game screen.(Where you choose single or multiplayer etc...)

Hold L1 & R1 and press left, up, down, X, right, triangle, and then start.

Then you can enter the cheat menu where you can input the codes, which are as follows.

FLIPSIDE- flips everything upside down
MULTIMAYHEM- unlock all multiplayer levels
SPACEFOLD- gunpod ammo refresh faster
MARSBASE- missles refresh faster
MIRIYA- both gunpod and missles refresh faster
BACKSTABBER- 1 shot kills
SNIPER- 1 shot kills in sniper mode
MISSMACROSS- unlock new paint schemes
WEWILLWIN- unlock all levels
WHERESMAX- unlock all models and awards
SUPERMECH- invinicibility

Disable the Cheat Menu Codes
There is a way to disable the cheat codes! Just activate the menu and enter CLEAR. This will deactivate any codes you inputted

Unlock Secrets Conditions
Meritorious Service Medal: Unlock ''Izzy'' Paint Design

Distinguished Service Medal: Unlock ''Rick'' Paint Design

Master Airman Medal: Unlocks Nothing

RDF Flying Ace Medal: Unlocks ''Max'' Paint Design and ''Debris Field'' Versus Map (this medal is acheived by getting 3 ''Master Airman Medals'')

RDF Starburst Medal: Unlocks ''Flood City'' Versus Map

Titanium Medal of Valor Medal: Unlocks ''VF-1J''

Bronze Cross Medal: Unlocks Nothing

Silver Cross Medal: Unlocks Nothing (Acheive by getting 3 ''Bronze Cross Medals'' and killing 75 Battle Pods)

Gold Cross Medal: Unlocks Nothing (Acheive by getting 3 ''Silver Cross Medals'' and killing 100 Battle Pods)

Southern Cross Medal: Unlocks ''Armored Varitech'' and ''Factory'' Versus Map (Acheive by getting 3 ''Gold Cross Medals'')

Silver Shield Medal: Unlocks ''Miriya'' Paint Design and ''Graveyard'' Versus Map (Acheive by Completing ''Graveyard'' With VF-1A)

Superior Defense Medal: Unlocks ''Greystone'' Versus Map

Gold Nova Medal: Unlocks Nothing

RDF Supernova Medal: Unlocks ''Patriot'' Paint Design and ''City in Space'' Versus Map (Acheived by recieving 3 ''Gold Nova Medals'')

Robotech Marksmen Medal: Unlocks ''Stealth'' Paint Design

Wolf Leader Medal: Unlocks ''VF-1R'' and ''Wolf'' Paint Design

Tuna Head Medal: Unlocks ''Female Armor''

Jolly Roger Medal: Unlocks ''Skull-One'' Paint Design and ''Bursting Point'' Versus Map

Use Special Armor on Ground Levels
Normally you can only use the special veritech armor (Super Veritech, Armored Veritech, etc.) you can only use them in space missions. However this was overlooked and can be used. Begin a space-mission with the special armor equiped on your veritech, beat the space mission, when the mission is over you can select Continue, you will continue to the next level (or a level you have not beaten yet) with the special veritech armor still equiped!

Invincibility in Story Mode
1) Enter training Mode
2) Select Fighter Training
3) Shoot down first two drones.
4) Exit training mode (Do not shoot down the second set of drones)
5) You will now have invincibility in Story mode

Punch through the Height Ceiling
On the level ''Hostage Crisis'' fly right past the hostages and follow the road out. after making one right turn and going almost as far as you can go without turning again, you will see a yellow/orange building on the right side that you can land on, it is lower than the other buildings.

Fly over this building this way and you will go out into forbidden teritory, behind the walls of the city and above the normally enforced ceiling. You can't fly or shoot down into the city though once you are there, because its like an invisible bubble over the city, you just land on it and can walk.

The only way back is through that same hole in the programming.

Replenish Health in Versus Mode
If your both running low on health have no fear. Change to Fighter mode (D-pad right) and boost (X) straight into a building or something.

You die and come back with full health, and this does not count as a point for him. He did not kill you.


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