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>> Download - NFL GameDay 2001 <<

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Download - NFL GameDay 2001 - Psx

Name of the file: NFL GameDay 2001 - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Cheat mode:
Enter the Easter Egg menu and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding feature:

Effect Code
989 Studios players 989SPORTS
All players have equal abilities EVEN_TEAMS
Better running back BETTIS
Cycle through cheerleaders after game SLIDE_SHOW
Harder tackles BIG_HITS
Hidden difficulty level GD_CHALLENGE
Higher and longer punts HANGTIME
Increased injuries HAMSTRUNG
Juiced speed COFFEE_BREAK
Juiced swim move SWIMMERS
Large players GOLIATH
Larger football BIG_BALLS
Longer field goals STEEL_LEG
No pass interference BLINDERS
No penalties for home team HOME_COOKING
Players do not fatigue STAMINA
Players have president names PRESIDENTS
Receivers catch better GLOVES
Running back is juiced DAVIS
Strings on players' heads PUPPETS
Super speed bursts JUICE
Super stiff arm PISTON
Tall and thin players PENCILS
Tiny players FLEA_CIRCUS
Very slow CPU players SLOW_CPU
View credits CREDITS

Extra teams:
Press Circle at the team selection team for to access the All-Star teams. Press Circle(2) to access the Super Bowl teams.

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear music from the game.

Hint: Always kick-off at full strength:
Simply press X, then aim your kick. Do not press X to stop the strength meter to automatically kick at full strength. Note: Do not aim the kick-off all of the way to the left or right. You will perform an illegal procedure and the receiving team will get the ball at their 40 yard line.

Hint: Quick touchdown:
Go to punt, press Square, then hold Triangle and press X. If done correctly, your receivers will be wide open.

Hint: No huddle:
Press L2 + Select after the whistle to move directly from one play to the next without making another play selection.

Hint: Super player and trades:
Create a FB and give him everything the best in all stats except for "Arms". This should result in about a 103 in stats. Place him on your team and you can trade away for anyone. Then, delete him from the team you traded him to. You keep the player and the other team loses the FB. Note: The salary cap option must be off. Repeat this to create a team of overall 90s players.

Hint: Better QB:
When in the draft in franchise mode, look at the scouting report for any 68 rated QBs. If "Cannon Arm" appears anywhere on the scouting report, draft the QB. Note: This does not happen every draft -- only once every few years.

Hint: Easy touchdowns:
Select the Minnesota Vikings as a team and begin game play. When on offense select "Custom", then "Screen Right". Hike the ball then press Circle or Square to pass long to the right or left.

Hint: Blocking punts:
Always use "Protect" after selecting "Special Teams" as defense. This should block punts over half of the time.

Hint: Amazing hand off play:
Go to the play editor and edit any running play. Make all the linemen block up, the quarterback hand off right, the fullback sweep left, the runningback reverse, and the receiver on the left crack right. The rest of the settings should not make a difference. What happens is (if you do not control the player yet) the runningback should get the ball, and somehow hand it off to the receiver on the left, 10 yards up the field. This will not work if you are controlling the runningback; let the CPU do it.

Hint: Start a fight:
To start a fight when your opponent is kicking a field goal, wait until they hike the ball. Then, run in and tackle the kicker and the ball holder. A fight will break out. Press L1, L2, R1, and R2 to punch and kick. The game must be reset to stop the fight. Note: This trick may take practice.

Glitch: Game freeze:
Enter a two player game with both players on the same team. Play until the CPU scores a touchdown and goes for the extra point (1-point field goal). Before the snap, have both players move offsides so one player is facing the player that gets the ball and holds it and the other one who kicks it (kicker and holder). When hear "Hike!", have both players run up and tackle them. This will freeze the game but will still let your players run around the field and tackle people.

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