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>> Download - Heroes of Might And Magic <<

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Download - Heroes of Might And Magic - Psx

Name of the file: Heroes of Might And Magic - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) EC87DB04 1456E60A
Infinite Gold 1CBE996C 17E9C70C
Infinite Bridge 3CBD0262 1456E788
Infinite Time Stop 3CBD0263 1456E788
Infinite Find Villian 3CBD0268 1456E788
Infinite Castle Gate 3CBD0269 1456E788
Infinite Town Gate 3CBD0266 1456E788
Infinite Instant Army 3CBD0267 1456E788
Infinite Raise Control 3CBD026C 1456E788
Infinite Clone 3CBD025B 1456E788
Infinite Teleport 3CBD0260 1456E788
Infinite Fireball 3CBD0261 1456E788
Infinite Lightning 3CBD025E 1456E788
Infinite Freeze 3CBD025F 1456E788
Infinite Resurrect 3CBD0264 1456E788
Infinite Turn Undead 3CBD0265 1456E788
Extra Leadership 4CBE9796 1456E404
Big Commission 4CBE979C 1456300C
No Followers Killed 4CBE979A 1456E7A5
Run Fast 4CC07F38 1456E7A6
Display Coordinates 4CC07F28 1456E7A6
Auto Play Mode 4CC0AB7C 1456E7A6
All Artifacts & Villains 4CBD023A 1456E6A6
7CBD0240 1457E7A6
3D988229 1456E7A5

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