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Download - Devil May Cry - Psx

Name of the file: Devil May Cry - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Secret Level:
On level three just after killing the Phantom, collect the Pride of the Lion, but do not exit the level. Instead go back through the door to the broken bridge and fall into the water. Thus you will find the first of the 12 secret missions.

Hidden Combos:
There are little moves that you are not told about in the manual. For instance, if you get the stinger attack for Alastor, you can also do an amazingly long jump. Simply go up to a ledge like the broken bridge level and perform a stinger move, instead of stabbing thin air he'll do a long jump. Not helpful there since you'll end up in the water but it is useful for getting the blue orb on the platform in mid air above the door there.

Another one is combos. If you tap X three times he'll do a normal combo, but if you vary the timing of each tap, say tap X twice then wait a little then tap X again, he'll either swipe twice then do a cool combo, or a cool little stabbing move. The more times you time the X while he's stabbing the more stabs he'll do.

Good Combo:
Press O twice then wait for 1-2 seconds then press it again. Dante should then do a combo of about 10 hits.

Hard Mode:
Defeat the game once to unlock Hard Mode.

Legendary Dark Night Mode:
Defeat Hard Mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night Mode.

Dante Must Die Mode:
Defeat Legendary Dark Night Mode to unlock Dante Must Die Mode.

Demon form:
Defeat Dante Must Die Mode to unlock infinite Demon form.

All Star Group Photo:
To unlock All Star Group Photo you must get S Rank on all missions.

Easy Automatic Mode:
Clear any mission from 1-3 using continues, and there will be an option at the start of the next mission asking if you wish to change to Easy.


-In level 3 and beyond when you fight the Phantom boss, the best trick to bet him is to use the Alastor attack Air Vortex(Aim for his head or the top of his back, this works best when you confront him in the hallways), otherwise use a jump attack with Alastor.

-Fighting the Death versions of the Sins can be tough, a good tactic is to use the Alastor's Air Hike, the farther you fall the more damage you do. Just hold down R1 to stay targeted on them. This will do alot more damage than any gun will do if you time it right.

-When fighting the last boss, a good tactic in normal mode is to buy 10 devil stars and a vitality star. In the first part of the battle use one then use devil trigger, watch the wicked dragon, repeat. Once you are on the ground, use a devil star, trigger, and jump right in front of him, the lava will only do minor damage in devil trigger mode. Just constatly swing at him, use another devil star once your meter drops to 1 rune. If you get low on health use a vitality star. I doubt this works in Hard mode or higher, but it works wonders in Normal.

Ranking requirements:
To get an "S" ranking on each mission you need complete the mission in x amount of time and y amount of Orbs collected. For example, for Mission 2 to achieve the S-ranking you must complete the level under six minutes with 400 Orbs

Mission Complete time Orbs collected
01 6:00 400
02 7:00 450
03 3:00 550
04 4:00 550
05 2:00 100
06 3:30 250
07 3:00 650
08 3:00 585
09 8:00 1500
10 4:30 600
11 5:30 1000
12 4:00 700
13 2:30 200
14 5:00 500
15 10:00 1400
16 6:00 1000
17 7:00 600
18 6:00 900
19 3:30 500
20 4:30 700
21 5:00 700
22 5:00 0
23 7:00 600

Ranking Points:
S: 1000-1500
A: 800-999
B: 500-799
C: 0-499
D: -1 or below

Grenade launcher Rocoil:
The grenade launcher has a lot of recoil. To decrease this, once you shoot it, immediately press Triangle to jump or roll.

Finding the Shotgun:
To get the shotgun for Dante, go into the room next to the Judge Of Death. Go upstairs and destroy the table directly across from the Grim Reaper with the rusty key.

Secret Missions for Easy Mode:
- There is one secret mission in the church (kill 100 phantom spiders in 1 minute) The best way to do this is with your 2 pistols.
- Another secret mission is in the room right next door where there is the book cases and the window to see the garden.. There you will need to step on 100 phantom spiders in a minute.
- The third is in the sweres where there is a big room. There you will fight 2 big spiders and you need to jump in between them so they throw rocks at each other. When one dies from the rocks you might need to quickly kill the other with a quick blow.. You will recieve a yellow orb if done sucessfully.

Secret Missions:
Besides earning points by killing enemies and for time, you can earn points by completing secret missions below are all the secret missions. Mission 3 - Critical Hit
Near the broken bridge, drop into the water . Point value: 200
Mission 4 - Phantom Baby
Go back into the church where you battled the Phantom. Point value: 100
Mission 4 - Phantom Baby 2
First defeat the Phantom Baby in the secret mission before, then go to the God of Time room. Point value: 100
Mission 4 - The Three Beasts
Located inside room that is under the biplane room. Point value: 100
Mission 5 - One-Eyed Evil
Go back to the room where you first saw Beezelbub. Point value: 200
Mission 11 - Wandering Ghost
Go back into the final room of Mission 10.
Mission 13 - Water Cell
Go to the captain's skeleton in his room. Point value: 100
Mission 15 - Treasure of the Reaper
In the where room you first got the Shield Emblem, look at the skull . Point value: 200
Mission 16 - Stairway of Tranquility
First beat Griffon, then go back to the coliseum. Point value: 100
Mission 16 - Shadow of Darkness
First beat Nightmare, then return to the biplane room again. Point value: 200
Mission 17 - Blue Gem in the Sky
Cross the broken bridge using Air Raide. Point value: 200
Mission 21 - Hidden Bangle
In front of the God of Time statue, look at the wall. Point value: 200

Cursed puppets:
When facing a ton of cursed puppets, get your guns out...ready until they are dead, they slow down when fired at, if they get to close slash them an knock them away then continue to pump them with lead until they blow up into pieces of rag doll! Also when you get alastor you will be begging to get at them! You will run them through....jab them in thier stomachs about 3-4 times...throw them up in the air and slice them up...what more can you want in a lightning sword?

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