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>> Download - Outlaw Golf <<

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Download - Outlaw Golf - Xbox

Name of the file: Outlaw Golf - Author: ANO - [XBOX]

All Players, All Equipment
Enter Golf_Gone_Wild as a case-sensitive name when you start a new game.

Bigger Ball:
During gameplay HOLD R and press Up, Up, Up. Repeat for even larger

Smaller Ball:
During gameplay HOLD R and press Down, Down, Down. Repeat for even smaller

Wind Gone:
During gameplay HOLD R and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, X

How to unlock new Challenges & Clubs:
Finish match play or skins mode to unlock them

How to unlock new Attributes:
In tour mode finish driving, putting, etc.

Get an extra costume for every character:
On the CHARACTER SELECT screen... Hold the LEFT TRIGGER and press Y, Y, WHITE, Y, BLACK, Y.

Hit Your Caddy:
During game play hit the y button and then hit a to start.Try to get it in the shaded blue zone.(you can only do this once during a game.)

Distract the other golfers:
When the other golfer is swinging press the "A" button to distract them.

Prize given for every event:
Jersey Ball Bash-- Boiler Maker Irons
Rough Riders-- Cincinnati Balls
Ladies Night-- Doc Diggler
Garden State Stroke Fest-- Python Wedge
Back 9 Shuffle-- Boiler Maker Wedge
Suave's Revenge-- Atlas Putter (Gold)
Hole Lotta Luv!-- Boiler Maker Fairway Woods
Chicks with Sticks-- Trixie
Garden State M

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