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>> Download - Wild Arms Alter Code : F <<

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Download - Wild Arms Alter Code : F - Psx

Name of the file: Wild Arms Alter Code : F - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Epitaph Sea: Password:
Enter "Terra" (floor 1), "Human" (floor 3), and "Sky" (floor 6).

Gate Generator: Password:
Enter "Password".

Ruins Of Memory: Password:
Enter "Fulcani" and "Keeper".

Easy experience:
In the Filgaia Outfield you will encounter Grow Apples. They have 1 HP and any damage done beyond that will be your experience points.

Migrant Seal locations:

1. Berry cave; given to you at the start of the cave
2. Mountain Path
3. Saint Centour; after monster attack
4. Volcannon Trap; defeat Zed
5. Barrier Shelter
6.Demon's Lab; after defeating scientist
7. Sinner's Studio; receive from Vassim
8. Pandemonium; dropped by Turask
9. Malduke
10. Memory Ruins
11.Baskar Village; buy from merchant for 5000 Gella
12.Devils Playground; buy from merchant for 10,000 Gella
13.Adelhyde; restore to Level 4 and buy for 30,000 Gella
14.Puzzle Box; coordinates X:3800 Y:4200
15.Filgaia Outfield; coordinates X:22800 Y:22800
16.Filgaia Outfield; coordinates X:23600 Y:1000
17.Filgaia Outfield; coordinates X:19800 Y:20000
18.Arctica Castle
19.Adelhyde Exhibition Grounds; destroy scrap figures
20. Abyss

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