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>> Download - Dynasty Warriors 5 : Xtreme Legends <<

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Download - Dynasty Warriors 5 : Xtreme Legends - Psx

Name of the file: Dynasty Warriors 5 : Xtreme Legends - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Fu Xi: Fourth weapon:
Play any level under the hard difficulty setting and get 1,000 kills to get Fu Xi's Great Sword.

Gan Ning: Fourth weapon in legend mode:
Under the hard difficulty setting, kill all three generals in the center after Lu Meng tells you to.

Nu Wa: Fourth weapon:
Play any level under the hard difficulty setting and get 1,000 kills to get Nu Wa's Rapier.

Bodyguard Manual:
Play the Ten Eunuch's Rebellion level. Defeat Duan Gui, Cao Jie, and Hou Lan while keeping He Jin alive

Naga Earrings:
Play the Battle Of New Castle (Sima Yi, Xu Huang, Cao Pi). Kill 80 men, then kill all four generals outside of the castle before the gate opens. This item increases defense every 100 kills.

Extreme Musou Scroll:
Play the Battle Of Mai Castle level (Guan Yu, Guan Ping, Xin Cai). Get 1,000 kills and a message that a precious item is in the castle will appear. This item increases the duration and damage of Musou.

Flying Dragon Armor:
Play the Battle of Qi Mountain level (Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan, Jiang Wei). Kill all enemy generals and sub generals. A precious item report will appear after the last one is killed. This item allows you to jump during charge attacks.

Ice Arrow:s
Play the Battle Of Yang Ping Gate level (Cao Cao, Cao Ren, Xiahou Yuan, Zhang He). Kill twenty stone statues in less than five minutes. This item adds ice damage to your arrows.

Meat Bun Sack:
Play the Battle Of Xia Meng Gate level (Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan). Kill Yang Ren, Yang Ang, and Yang Song. This item increases the chance of soldiers dropping Meat Buns. Note: You also may be awarded the Demon Band if it appears in Zhang Lu's camp.

Kirin Hoof:
Play the Duel In Nan Zhong level (Meng Huo, Zhu Rong). Kill Xu Huang in less than ten minutes or before the beast troops get through the center. This item makes your animal stronger.

Vampire Armor:
Play the Ten Eunuch's Rebellion level (Dong Zhou, Yuan Shao). Allow Dong Zhou's fake Ten Eunuchs plan to succeed and defeat the Bandit leader four times. This item allows you to block at the moment an enemy attacks to get a +50 Health.

Edit character's fourth weapon:
Play any level Free mode under the Hard or Chaos difficulty setting and kill 1,000 enemies. You will get a message indicated that you have received a unique item. Note: You do not have to find an item box; it is automatically awarded to you.

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