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>> Download - Europa Universalis III Chronicles - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Europa Universalis III Chronicles - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Europa Universalis III Chronicles - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Most important codes

During Gameplay press the console button (~) to open the cheat menu, then add any of the following codes..

Cash -> adds money
Magistrate -> adds 5 magistrates
Merchant -> adds 5 merchants
Spy -> adds 5 spies
Diplomat -> adds 5 diplomats
Colonist -> adds 5 colonists

Invest (***)_tech (###)
Instead of "(***)" use either of the following
And instead of "(###)" use a number (ie: 200000) to add that amount of money to the specific technology you want to enhance...

Invest government_tech 500
This would add 500 coin to the research of the government tech.

Good cheats:


Event 817= -2 inflation
Event 727= -1 wr exhaustion
Event 741= invest money in all tech
Event 742= +7000 manpower and +1 war exhaustion
Event 821= State religion changes to Orthodox
Event 865= +3 Papal influence
Event 875= 10 Legitimacy
Event 900-904= 10% Imperial Authority
Event 1082= Your country changes to the Papal State
Event 2062= 1 infantry unit in capital and -25$
Event 2066= -3% revolt risk in capital
Event 6112= -30% recriut time
Event 2001= Some province becoms protenstant
Event 4001= -2 revolt risk and -2 prestige
Event 4031= -3 infamy
Event 9006= Some province becoms Catholic
Event 1054= Become Elector in Holy Roman Empire
Event 5040= invest in Government tech
Event 5032= invest in Navy tech
Event 5027= invest in Land tech
Event 3096= Lower infamy or shorter recruit time


Cash= 5000$
Stability= 6 Stability
Diplomat= Gain 5 diplomats
Magistrate= Gain 5 Magistrates
Colonist= Gain 5 Colonists
Missionary= Gain 5 Missionaries

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