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Download - Dog's Life - Psx

Name of the file: Dog's Life - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Move List
Unlock the extra moves by winning Doggy Doo games:

Effect - Action

Sit down - Press Down.
Lie down - Press Down while sitting down.
Sit up - Press Up while lying down.
Stand up - Press Up while sitting down.
Shake body - Press Left, Right, Left.
Beg #1 - Press Left, Right, Up.
Beg #2 - Press Right, Down, Up.
Beg #3 - Press Left, Up, Down.
Beg #4 - Press Left, Left, Right.
Beg #5 - Press Left, Down, Up.
Poop - Press Left, Right, Down.
Pee left - Press Left, Down, Left.
Pee right - Press Right, Down, Right.

Regain Health
Use one of the beg moves near a human and they might give you a treat.

Never Hungry
When walking around you will see crates every now and again. If you smash into these by running into them food will come out. Eat this and you won't be hungry.

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