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>> Download - Imperium Romanum - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Imperium Romanum - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Imperium Romanum - Cheat Codes - Author: UNL - [PC]

1. Start game.
2. While ingame, pick and type any of the following codes, for their
desired options. Cheat codes has to be case sensitive.

chfreebuild = Free Building
chnofire = Fire will never occur
chnoplague = Plague will never occur
chnoriots = Riots will never occur
chgivemeall = Will give you 1000 of everything
chstartfire = Starts fire
chstopfire = Stops fire
chstartplague = Starts plague
chcureall = Cure everyone
chnofood = Food is not produced
chnomaterials = Materials is not produced
chwin = Win senario
challhistory = Unlocks History Timeline
chnobarbarian = Barbarians wont attack
chstartbarbarian = Start barbarians attacks
chstopbarbarian = Stop barbarians attacks
chnocrime = No more crime in town
chstartriot = Starts riots
chstopriot = Stop riots
chtimemaster = ?
chnomorale = Morale is not produced

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