WinSnake v1.0 Trainer +5

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WinSnake v1.0 Trainer +5

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Name of the file: WinSnake v1.0 Trainer +5 - Author: ARC - [PC]

<~~ ~~>



This program is distributed as "FREEWARE" and "AS IS."  
The author specifically disclaim all warranties, expressed 
or implied.  In no event shall the author be liable for any 
damages either from the direct use of this product or as a 
consequence of the use of this product.

How to use this trainer:

First, extract the exe file to the directory the game
is in.  Start the game first, then the trainer.



Edit Score, Length, Still to eat, Level
Freeze Lives (gives you 100 lives)

Using the 'Length' option has a "feature".  If you set the
length of the snake smaller than the number shown, the snake
will continue to grow forever.  Now, if you want the snake to
grow forever, be my guess and set the value smaller than what's

You can change 'Still to eat' to whatever you wish.  If you
change it to 1, then the next apple you pick up will advance
you to the next level.

The 'Level' option is set to the current level.  If you want
to skip levels, set the 'Level' option to the level previous
to the one you want to go to.  For example, I want to go to
level 5, so I set 'Level' to 4.  Then, you can change the
'Still to eat' option to 1, get the next apple and jump


...You will find the rest of this information in: readme.txt,

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█     █     █     █ █ ███ █     █     █     ████    █ █     █ ███ █
███ ███ ███ █ ███ █ █  ██ █ █████ ███ █ ████████ ████ ███ ████ █ ██
███ ███     █     █ █ █ █ █    ██     █     █  █ ████ ███ █████ ███
███ ███ ██ ██ ███ █ █ ██  █ █████ ██ ██████ ████ ████ ███ █████ ███
███ ███ ███ █ ███ █ █ ███ █     █ ███ █     ████    █ ███ █████ ███

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...You will find the rest of this information in: Trainers.nfo,

if you download this file:
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Name of the zip file:

File size: 103 157 octets

Downloads: 4305 times
Updated: 2001.04.18

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