Wizardry 8 - Enable Cheat Mode

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Wizardry 8 - Enable Cheat Mode

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Name of the file: Wizardry 8 - Enable Cheat Mode - Author: CYB - [PC]

Wizardry 8 +1(9) trainer. Copyright (c) By CyberMan, V 1.10c, 20.11.2001


	1. Enable cheat mode and keys (see 'Cheat keys' section)

	Supported game versions: theoretically any.
	Tested on: Relase-English, Beta-Russian.


	Copy this trainer (CM-WZ8TR.EXE) into game directory and run it. Click
on option to do it. If you have questions, first try to read instructions it the
trainer itself.

Cheat keys

	NOTE: Once the cheats is activated monsters NEVER attacks first!

	NOTE: This is the short list of most useful cheats found by me. Mr.
Chris Alton  discovers much more cheat keys in the game.
You can found the full list in the 'Wizardry8CheatKeys.txt' file, located in
the trainer package. Thanks, Chris!

	All cheats activated by pressing 'Alt' and the table defined keys:

 Key		 Effect
-- 3D view keys
E		Edit mode (menu driven)
G		God mode on/off
L		Level jump
M		Change selected monster behavior (hostile/friendly/neutral)
N		Wireframe drawing mode on/off

-- In-combat keys
O		Kill all attacking monsters

-- Character/item view keys
L		Character level up (NO BONUS POINTS ADDED!)

-- Character edit (level up, or creation) keys
F1		Add bonus points

	WARNING: Other keys can crash the game!


...You will find the rest of this information in: cm-wz8tr.txt,

if you download this file: cm-wz8tr.zip
Trainers City

Wizardry 8 Cheat Mode Key List

This was compiled by Chris Alton (enfiniti27@hotmail.com) if you have any 
comments or suggestions feel free to e-mail me.

The Trainer was made by CyberMan (cyberman@ag.ru) and is available on his 
web site http://cyberman.agava.ru. Great Job on this one man!!!

This is a list of all the developer/cheat keys that I have discovered using 
the Cheat Mode enabler that is available on www.avault.com/cheats. Click on 
PC then click on W for the category to start with find Wizardry 8. I believe 
it is just called a trainer on there but that is one of the only cheats that 
they have a available on there.
The following Sections are based on what keys need to be held down before 
pressing another key on the keyboard for the feature to work. Like to enable 
God Mode you would hold down ALT and then press the G key. Ok now to the 
keys and their different functions. In the following when I say selected I 
mean either the monster that is highlighted in red/green or the character 
that has the blue outline around his picture. Also, any description ending 
in a ? is something that don't exactly understand its meaning. I know I 
don't have all of them down but I do have quite a bit of them. So here goes:

No Key:
Insert/Delete - On Character/Inventory Screen change characters Race
F1 - on character level up screen. Adds bonus points/Spell 
Selections/Ability Points

1-9 - Pressing this will fire off a different spell ......

...You will find the rest of this information in: Wizardry8CheatKeys.txt,

if you download this file: cm-wz8tr.zip
Trainers City

█     █     █     █ █ ███ █     █     █     ████    █ █     █ ███ █
███ ███ ███ █ ███ █ █  ██ █ █████ ███ █ ████████ ████ ███ ████ █ ██
███ ███     █     █ █ █ █ █    ██     █     █  █ ████ ███ █████ ███
███ ███ ██ ██ ███ █ █ ██  █ █████ ██ ██████ ████ ████ ███ █████ ███
███ ███ ███ █ ███ █ █ ███ █     █ ███ █     ████    █ ███ █████ ███

File download at Trainers City - The Bible Trainers -
Retreive others trainers, Cheats, editors, save games and much more
at http://www.trainerscity.com/

...You will find the rest of this information in: Trainers.nfo,

if you download this file: cm-wz8tr.zip
Trainers City

Name of the zip file: cm-wz8tr.zip

File size: 18 537 octets

Downloads: 7503 times

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