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Zeliard Trainer +13 - PC

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Zeliard Trainer +13 - PC

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Name of the file: Zeliard Trainer +13 - Author: FF - [PC]

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Hey Guys, this is my 2nd Zeliard Trainer, I made the 1st one, and then I got
into playing the game, and determined that there was more that I could do to
make the game playable..  Well Here goes..

Key             Purpose
___             _______
1               Get Better Sword
2               Get Better Shield
3               Max out Shield Hit Points
4               Add a Key up to 9
5               Add a Lion Key up to 9
6               Toggle Crest 1 (There are 3 Crests - Honor, Elfs, Heros?)
7               Toggle Crest 2
8               Toggle Crest 3
9               Add Magic Item (And MAX it out)
0               Add Wear Item
-               Add Use Item
=               Max out money (9,999,999 Gold)
TAB             Health never goes down, Shield hit points never go down,
		Magic Items never run out.
*NOTE           To enable the TAB feature, you HAVE to be inside a Cavern

Greets to Mace Mandella & Humble Slave #1 - Thanks for the Inspiration

...You will find the rest of this information in: ZELTRAIN.DOC,

if you download this file:
Trainers City

█     █ ███ █     █     █     █     █████    █ █     █ ███ ██
█ █████ ███ █ █████ ███ ███ ███ █████████ ████ ███ ████ █ ███
█ █████     █    ██     ███ ███     █  ██ ████ ███ █████ ████
█ █████ ███ █ █████ ███ ███ ███████ █████ ████ ███ █████ ████
█     █ ███ █     █ ███ ███ ███     █████    █ ███ █████ ████

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at     (mirror)    (mirror)

...You will find the rest of this information in: Cheats.nfo,

if you download this file:
Trainers City

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