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Wizards&Warriors Trainer +2

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Name of the file: Wizards&Warriors Trainer +2 - Author: HLO - [PC]

Wizards & Warriors ROSTER.DAT Editor 1.1 (Build 73) Readme      9 November 2000

Thank you for using the WnW Roster Editor. If you have problems with this
editor that are not mentioned in this file, feel free to drop me a note at
HLounch@gmx.net or check for a more recent version at http://www.urtools.de


Version History:
1.1 Build (74)
- Some people reported problems when their roster file holds more then 12 
  chars. I raised this limit to 40. I dont think anyone will hold more than
  40 chars in his roster (umm, well, I also once thought there wont be anyone
  holding more then 12 ;)

1.1 Build (73)
- Another W2K only statement eleminated so now you should be able to even
  save your modified roster.dat.

1.1 Build (72)
- Whee, lots of problems on Win98 Systems. Thanx to Diigital for reporting it
  and testing new beta versions. Well you see, I develop under W2K and have no
  Win95/98/ME to test. Finally this version should run without problems on 
  those platforms and beside, the last stop statements are gone and replaced by
  somewhat better error messages.

1.1 Build(67)
- Nothing really new, only cleaned u......

...You will find the rest of this information in: Readme.txt,

if you download this file: wnwrosteredit.zip
Trainers City

█     █ ███ █     █     █     █     █████    █ █     █ ███ ██
█ █████ ███ █ █████ ███ ███ ███ █████████ ████ ███ ████ █ ███
█ █████     █    ██     ███ ███     █  ██ ████ ███ █████ ████
█ █████ ███ █ █████ ███ ███ ███████ █████ ████ ███ █████ ████
█     █ ███ █     █ ███ ███ ███     █████    █ ███ █████ ████

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...You will find the rest of this information in: Cheats.nfo,

if you download this file: wnwrosteredit.zip
Trainers City

Name of the zip file: wnwrosteredit.zip

File size: 32 751 octets

Downloads: 4274 times

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