NBA Live 2001 - Hints

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NBA Live 2001 - Hints

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Name of the file: NBA Live 2001 - Hints - Author: ANO - [PC]

NBA Live 2001 [hints] 

Creating a Dream Team 

In Season Mode of NBA Live 2001, it is difficult to trade for players when you 
don't have the talent to swap. And because Live only allows player-for-player 
trades, you may not want to deal your top talent to improve your squad. But there 
is a fairly simple way around this. To beat the system, go into Season mode, hit 
CIRCLE to bring up the Active menu bar and select Roster from the bar. From here, 
select Create Player. 

When creating a player, load him up with maximum stats and save him into the Free 
Agent pool. Then, return to the menu bar, select Roster and Sign the player 
you've just made. If his rating is over 90, you will be able to trade him for any 
player in the league (including Shaq and Allen Iverson). Repeat this process 
until you have all of the talent you want. Now go win that championship, cheater! 

Make a Super Star Even Better 
At the Main Menu screen press CIRCLE to open the Active Menu. Select the Roster 
optoion. Then select Edit Player, A Super Star will load up if your Create a 
Player List is empty. You can make the players stats better (3 pointers, 
strength, dunking , etc.) by hitting R2 at Edit Player screen. If you want a 
different player, go back to the empty Create a Player List by pressing L2. Press 
Start and change someone else. Don't forget to save.  


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