Tokyo 42 - Xbox One

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Tokyo 42 - Xbox One
Name of the file: Tokyo 42 - Xbox One - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

The Bananacopter
You actually need: The Shield, The bunch of Bananas. The Shield is 30.000 yen, the Bananas 10.000. You can get both pretty early in the game if you go to the bigger park near the middle area.

How to fly - You should get a lot of "bombs" first since you will need a lot if you really wanna do it right. Best, get a higher place where you can actually test it. Equip the shield and activade it, Equip the bunch of bananas, Throw the bunch of bananas "near" to you. At the highest point of the arc, let the bananas go. You will get a push upward. Doing it in the right time you actually are able to fly away to secrets and like.

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock Points
Budding Assassin Act 1 completed. 75
Cat Person All cat skins collected. 50
Completionist All missions completed and all collectables collected. 75
Escape Complete Intro. 10
Getting In Act 2 completed. 75
Money Hunter All cash drops collected. 50
Mount Sillyad All secret portals unlocked. 75
Ninja All ninja missions completed. 75
No More Meds Story completed. 75
Public Enemy #1 Reached highest level in copdrop. 25
Redline Bike race completed. 25
Roninja All roninja missions completed. 100
Ronin All ronin missions completed. 75
Swish Got a grenade through the hoop. 15
Tokyo Hipster All coats collected. 50
Tourist All Tokyo Tourism sights found. 50
Triple Kill Killed three enemies with one grenade. 25
Weapon Collector All weapons collected. 60
Whoops Killed yourself with a grenade. 15

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Updated: 2020.12.20

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