Owlboy - Xbox One

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Owlboy - Xbox One
Name of the file: Owlboy - Xbox One - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

Easy "Bad boy" Achievement
This achievement can be obtained during the first 15 minutes of the game. You can achieve this as soon as you unlock the ability to team up with Geddy, while standing on the platform in the western point of Vellie. You will find a wide opened area on the left side of the screen. Throw him down there (Right click by default) and after a second, he will reappear (Don't worry, he cannot die).

Easy "Hot Spring Mastery" Achievement
This achievement can be obtained in the first 10 minutes of the game, even if you can get it after that. You can find Toby in the hot spring in Vellie. It is located in the main central part of the city, near the access to the Professor's house. Step in the water and wait here for a few seconds. Toby will give you an advice and your achievement will unlock.

Easy "Music Master" Achievement
This achievement can be obtained during the first 20 minutes of the game. Find Bomboman in Vellie. You can't miss his shop, in the central West part of the city. Pay attention to the rhythm he plays on his bongos (You don't even need to talk to him). Listen this rhythm several times. Then enter his house, just above him: you'll find some bigger bongos inside. You get it, you need to play the bongo song you just learned by jumping on them. Once you play it correctly, you will obtain a key that will open a hidden wall in Mesos later in the game. If you really can't figure it out by yourself, here is the correct rhythm: right, left, right, right, right, left, right.

Easy "Oops..." Achievement
This achievement can be obtained almost anytime in the game. First of all, find a corner in a safe area. Geddy musn't be able to fall off. Then, throw him in the said corner. Finally, beat him up (Left click by default) 1000 times. You may want to prepare some music or even a video on your tablet or your phone because this will become quickly repetitive. You should be able to get this achievement in less than 10 minutes.

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
... (15 points) Survived the Destruction of Advent.
Ancient Memories (70 points) Collect the Golden disks.
Ancient Nightmare (15 points) Escaped the Frog Guardian.
Bad Boy (20 points) Throw Geddy into the clouds! How rude!
Boguin Saviour (35 points) Enjoy your explosive surprise after rescuing the Boguin Brothers.
Don't follow me (35 points) What are you doing, Owlboy?!
Everything falls (35 points) Beat the game.
Firewalled (15 points) Defeat the Security System.
Flight of the Boguin (70 points) Clear the Boguin's Cannon Challenge.
Good Boy (20 points) Try to report to Asio at the first sign of trouble.
Hot Spring Mastery (20 points) Learn how to cope with the heat in Toby's hot spring.
Let's get a ride (15 points) Defeated the Molten Guardian.
Music Master (20 points) Played Otus's song on Bomboman's drums.
Oops... (20 points) Beat Geddy 1000 times.
Owl Master (125 points) Master Owlboy in all possible ways.
Reminiscing (20 points) Listen to the shell near the old ruins.
Strange Device (5 points) Obtain the Strange Device.
The Gallant Pirate (5 points) Alphonse joins your team!
Treasure Seeker (95 points) Collect every Buccanary coin from all zones.
Treasure Seeker Grand Master (115 points) Collect all Buccanary coins.
Trinket Grand Master (115 points) Unlock every trinket from Buccanary's shop.
Trinket Master (95 points) Master trinket collection at Buccanary's!
Troublemaker (15 points) Twig joins your team!
Your best friend (5 points) Geddy joins your team!

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Updated: 2020.12.20

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