KaelynsDiary - Xbox One

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KaelynsDiary - Xbox One
Name of the file: KaelynsDiary - Xbox One - Author: ANO - [XBOXONE]

When you start the game you will be in a strange room. Your character will announce "The only thing I can remember is reading Kaelyn's Diary"

First for some control basics:
You can move the on screen cursor with the left thumb stick or D Pad (arrow keys for PC)
The mini map in the middle section at the bottom shows all the rooms you can enter

Press the Y button (Y key for PC) to open Kaelyn's diary
Press the R button (R key for PC) to open the Item's page
Press the B button (B key for PC) to quickly equip a weapon (when you have one)
Press the X button (X key for PC) to call for Kaelyn

Press the A button (A key for PC) to interact with the screen, mini map, or the icons for the actions mentioned above

If you want to use a mouse on the PC, the mouse can be used to move the Arrow. The Left button can be used in place of the A key and the Right button can be used in place of the B key

Back to the Game. Using Kaelyn's Diary...
Press the Y button to open Kaelyn's diary

You will see a message "when you awake the world shall be as is written in this diary". This is a very important piece of text and defines how the game works. Every time you play the game it starts in the exact same way. The only thing that changes in the world is the entries in the diary

Press the Y button to move to the next tab
You will see a list of contacts. As tempting as it is, you are better to leave them alone for now

Press the Y button to move to the next tab
You will see a list of stickers. At the moment you only know three of them. Maybe this isn't the first time you have been here. We'll ignore this for now

Press the Y button to move to the next tab
There is a list of journal entries, which again suggests this is not your first attempt at getting through this world

Let's try something
Click on the cross next to the entry "There is a crack on the wall in my dad's room" and then Press A to confirm

Press the Y button to move to the next tab
This shows us the places we have been. There are no entries here or it may be too confusing. This is for your benefit only

Press the Y button to move to the next tab
You will see a map. This will come in handy later

Press the Y button to move to the next tab
There are 6 stickers on this page. We do not know what they mean yet. We'll leave this alone for now

Press the B button (B key for PC) to close the diary

Having a look around
Let's have a look around the room. Press A on the cracked wall. It says the wall is cracked but we removed the journal entry from the diary. Why didn't the crack disappear?

The diary is not a magical diary. It holds your understanding of the world. Changes only take place when you awake. You currently have knowledge of removing the journal entry so the crack is still there. However when you awake you'll have no memory of the crack in the wall and believe whatever the diary says

Move your cursor over the symbol on the right. You'll see the word "ammo" appear in the hint text. Since the sticker has been defined in the diary we can see what it means (we can actually label this anything)

Press A on the ammo to collect it

Now lets press A on the Safe. Oh, it says it needs a password. We'll get to this in a minute

Read the card if you like, then press A either on the top door in the mini map or the door on the screen. We have now moved into the corridor

Notes about Doors
The doors on the mini map will be colour coded:
Red means you cannot use this door ever
Yellow means you need something to open the door
Green means you have used this door before
Dark blue means you came from here (important for later on)
Aqua means you have pinned the location

Getting the Loungeroom Key
Move to the door on the far right. We are in the game room. Press A on the piano. We now have a key for the loungeroom. Move back to the door on the left (highlighted in blue)

Click on the far left door again to use the loungeroom key. Enter the loungeroom

Click on the far left door again. We are in a long hallway. There is a small girl at the end of it crying. Lets press A on her... Oh, we died

Before you send me angry letters let me tell you something unintuitive. Killing your character in this game is very important. It is something you will do often. Start the game up again and you'll see why...

Starting the game, again
We are now in the same room again and the character once again has no memories. But wait! The crack on the wall has disappeared! Because there is no longer a journal entry the character has no knowledge of it therefore it doesn't exist

Press A on the wall. Let's break the wall again by Pressing Y (Y key)

Now open Kaelyn's diary (Press Y) and navigate to the journal entries by Pressing Y. The journal entry about the crack on the wall has reappeared

I suppose you want answers about what is going on in this world. Time to visit the most important character in the game

Finding Holly
Press A on the top door to move into the corridor, then far left to move into loungeroom

Wait! We didn't get the loungeroom key. Why was the door open?

The game would be impossible to pass if you had to reopen every door when you started over. Not to mention frustrating. If you open the diary and navigate to the Places I Have Been tab you'll see the loungeroom is now listed. Since the character has knowledge of being here the assumption is the door was always unlocked. There are only 4 instances where this doesn't happen (which we will see later)

Click on the door at the bottom to head into the front room. Click on the red note

We have seen this icon before. It is one of the stickers. This is a handy note telling us what the sticker means. You can actually define the stickers however you want. Often you will encounter them and through context, or trial and error, you'll work out the meaning. There are cards foremost of the stickers scattered throughout the world that tells you exactly what they mean

Since we already know this one means "you" we don't have to do anything

Click on the bottom door and head outside

Press A on the door on the left, and the keep heading down until you reach Holly in Street 15. Press A to talk to her

The first thing you'll notice is Holly is looking rather happy. The reason for this is because the diary said she was happy. Character emotions / status are very important in the game

The top section says the name of the character. Just below the character name you'll see what we have asked / said to the character. And in the main section well see the character's response

It doesn't matter what options you choose for the first few parts of dialogue. Read through the text and at the end make sure you Press A to add the conversation into the diary

Getting a weapon
If you open the diary and go to the journal section you'll see "the safe password is holly". Click on the door at the top and continue to go up as far as you can. Move right, and then up into your house. Move up, right and down into the starting room. Press A on the safe to get the shotgun. Also press A to get the ammo (if you didn't get it already)

Note: When you restart the game you will not have any items that you collected during your previous attempt. You'll need to pick up the gun and ammo with each playthrough. That's probably why they are in the starting room. Scary that there is only one of them...

Time for a bit of guesswork. If the symbol above the ammo means ammo, then the symbol above the gun might mean gun. Open the diary and navigate to the stickers. Press A on the one that appears above the gun and enter the word "gun". You'll notice that the symbol is now highlighted. If you put your cursor over it you can see what (you think) it means

Head up, left, down and down to get back into the streets. Head left, and then down until you reach Holly. Talk to her again to see what our mission is

Oh, she wants us to tell her our full name. Lets head down and see what we can find

Finding your name
When you go down two sections you'll see another character. Let's talk to her...

Well that wasn't helpful. Quite a sarcastic response actually. Let's open the diary and see what we know about Sally... It says she is sarcastic. Let's change the status to "happy" so we can make her like Holly

If we were to talk to here straight away she will still be sarcastic. We haven't awoken yet so the world hasn't changed to reflect the diary

Head down two sections. There are three doors here with stickers next to them. Lets click on the left door... Oh... We fell off a cliff... That wasn't good but it actually worked in our favour

If you open the diary and navigate to contacts you'll see Sally is now happy. If you navigate to stickers you'll also see the second one appeared next to the door with the cliff behind it. Lets change this door to "cliff" (or anything you like that will remind you). We'll head back to Sally

Grab the gun and the ammo

Head up, left, down and down to get to the streets. Head left, and then all the way down until you see Sally

What she says has now changed because she is happy. But she is still unhelpful. Apparently asking somebody what your own name is doesn't go down well. Lets keep heading south and see what we can find

If you move two sections down you'll see the three doors again. Put your cursor over the symbol on the left and right door. They both say Cliff. Lucky we know what it means now

You will also be able to guess the middle one is "not cliff" since that's where we came from. So lets change the first sticker to "not cliff" until we can work out what it means

Head down again and we see another symbol. There is also a tree. Yikes! Something bad happened here. Lets keep moving left

You have found a monster
Oh no! There is a monster!

When you encounter a monster you only have two options. Shoot it or return through the door you entered (dark blue on the mini map)

Since we do have a gun and ammo we can shoot it. Press B to draw your weapon, then press A on the monster. Unfortunately the monster will always be there when we start the game. There is no way to permanently kill it

Press A on the door at the top

Head left, up and right to enter the factory. Dispose of the monster in the waiting area

There are three notes of interest here. Seems like there was a crash of some kind. I wonder what is going on in this town. Let's proceed to find out. Press A on the door at the top

There is another note here. Its an emotion card. Remember how we were able to change Sally to Happy? Emotion cards tell you the emotions / statuses you can change the residents into. There is already a nice list for you if you look at the contacts in the diary as any emotion / status listed on the page can be used. But if you have changed them all, write down "scared" somewhere as an emotion you can use for later reference

Press A on the top door to head up

There is a door with a sticker on it. We know it means "not cliff". Open the door and you'll see a room with a note. We have unlocked the meaning of another sticker. This one means "treasure" Woohoo! Open the diary and enter the word treasure for the sticker

Head down and left and you'll reach the factory floor. There is a man standing there called Mark

Introducing Mark
Let's talk to Mark... Whoah! Hold on. That was hardly pleasant. Let's open the diary and look at the contacts page. Oh, Mark is Evil. That explains his attitude... He says he thought we were dead. I wonder why? Lets head to the cemetery and see what we can find

Head right, down, down, left, down, right, down to get back to the street
Head right, then keep going up until you see Holly
Head all the way left (killing any monsters on the way) and work your way through the cemetery, following the linear path until you reach the end

Press A on the headstone

Here lies Brett Smith. Loved by his wife Tanya and daughter Kaelyn

Wow! What a twist (unless you have played every other video game like this one). It turns out you are dead. At least you know your name now. Lets go back to Holly collecting anything we missed on the way

Head right and click on the red sticker card to get the symbol for Death. Enter it manually in your sticker collection

Head up, right, up, right, and then keep heading right until you reach Holly
Tell her your name is Brett Smith

Holly congratulates you and tells you would like you to retrieve 5 personal items

Finding 5 personal items
Great! An item quest. We need to find a teddy bear, a wedding ring, some flowers (For me? You shouldn't have!), a dark magic book, and a bracelet. Sounds like a recipe for fun

We'll start with the teddy bear since it's the first one listed. Head all the way up, and then right as far as you can go until you reach street 25

Head down 6 sections killing the monster on the way until you reach street 33
Head right, then up

Oh, the door is locked. How do we get the key? Let's head down instead

Introducing Tom
There's Tom. And some wild dogs. He won't talk to us because he is too scared.

Lets try shooting the dogs. OK, so that takes care of them. Now talk to Tom...

Damn it. He won't talk to us because he thinks we are a monster. But there is a hint in what he is saying. If you have a look at the contacts page in the diary you'll see that we can make a character a monster. Change Tom's status to "a monster"

Head up, left, and keep heading down until you see a monster. Press A on the monster to kill your character. Use the steps above to find your way back to Tom

Tom is now a monster so you'll need to dispose of him like all monsters

If you press A on the dogs now you'll see they have been killed (Press Y to add it to your journal). They weren't killed by you this time, but by Tom when he became a monster. When you start the game next time you'll remember that the dogs were dead (and that you didn't kill them!)

Change Tom's status back to happy, kill your character, get the gun and ammo, and return again

OK so we could have saved a bit of time by making Tom a monster at the start of the game. But I wanted to show you the importance of how a character's emotion / status works

Talk to Tom to get the school key. Remember, if your character dies you'll no longer have the key, so head up two sections and open the school immediately. The door will now always be open

Getting the Teddy Bear
There are two doors here. The door on the right has an unknown symbol. The one at the top means "not cliff". Lets proceed through the top door

There are three rooms here. The top left room is empty. The room on the right cannot be opened. Proceed to the middle room

If you click on the note you'll see the definition of another sticker. The 6th one is A. Enter it in your diary. If you go to the last page of the diary you'll also see we have progressed a little bit in solving the 6 word puzzle

Inspect the desk on the left to get the teddy bear! If you inspect the desk on the right you'll see it is upside down. Remove the journal item that says Tom's desk is upside down

Head back to Holly to give her the teddy bear (exit the school, head all the way up and left. Then from your house, left then all the way down)

Talk to Holly and you'll hand her the teddy bear. The event is recorded in your journal just in case the worst happens (which it most certainly will). This means you no longer have to hunt around for the teddy bear. Holly will always have it now

From Holly head up three sections and then right. Head up and right again. You'll see the symbol card for Cliff (which we already know). Head down and you'll see a monster

Kill off your character (by pressing A on the monster). When you restart head to the school again and enter the room where you found the teddy bear

You'll now find a key on the table. It wasn't visible before because the desk was upside down! (what a silly thing to remember from before you played)

Head down twice, and then to the right (the room with the unknown sticker). Press A on the right door to use the key you just picked up

There is an important note. It says that Sally and Bianca are only helpful when one is good and the other is evil. But which is the good one?

Open your diary and change Sally to Evil and Bianca to Good (to save you trial and error). While you are at it, clean up some of the more useless statuses. Change Jim and Mark to happy. You don't need a liar, and Mark wasn't useful when he was evil

The middle room cannot be entered. If you enter the room on the top left you'll see a urinal. This is the boy's toilets. The symbol on the front must mean boy. The toilet on the top right must therefore mean girl. Enter both of these in your diary

There isn't anything in either toilet. It is just a way of introducing you to what the stickers may mean

If you go into the last room you'll see a monster in a room with three pies. We'll come here later. This is a good opportunity to kill your character so we can refresh our ammo

So where is Kaelyn?
So far we have met Holly, Sally, Tom and Mark. But where is Kaelyn? If you have a look at the diary you'll see her status is a monster. Let's change her status to happy. Use the girl in the hallway to kill your character quickly (up, and all the way left)

Oh. That didn't work. Kaelyn's status was changed back to a monster again. If you didn't work it out at the very start, or when you spoke to Holly, you may have started to realise where Kaelyn is. This isn't a super dooper mega twist. In fact its something you need to work out yourself. But we'll put that aside for now. Take a mental note and we'll sort Kaelyn out when the time comes

Finding the wedding ring
The next item on our list is our wife's wedding ring. Its disappointing to think that it wouldn't just be on her finger. From the front of your house head right and then keep heading down (killing any monsters on the way) until you meet a chap named Jim

If you haven't changed his status already he will be unhelpful as his default status is a liar. Now that he is happy, he'll happily tell you the ring is at the place Bob goes when he is sad. But who is Bob?

Open your diary and change Bob's status to sad. Head down and left to kill off your character

To save a bit of wondering around we need to pick up an item before meeting Bob. When you leave your house head left, down three sections, and left into Mark's house. Head left and kill the monster. Read the unsent letter if you like. In the next room you'll see a card for Weapon. We called it "gun. You can change it to weapon if you like. There is also a love letter on the desk

Head up and you'll find another unusual fact about Sally and Bianca. Their rooms change based on their personality. But they can only be opened if they are good or evil (lucky that's what we changed their status to). You'll also find an emotion card for honest. Write it down if you have lost it as this will come in handy

Head down and then left. You'll find a fishing rod in the yard

If you haven't worked it out already we are going to head to the lake. You can double check this by opening the diary and going to the Map. Hover over Bob's image and you'll see where he is located (The place he goes when he is sad). Head all the way right to get back to the street. Head all the way up, then all the way right

Head down 11 sections, and then head all the way right until you reach the door you cannot enter and a monster, and then head up, and then right one section. You'll see Bob

Meeting Bob
Press A to talk to Bob. So it was Jim who took the wedding ring and threw it in the lake. Lucky we have a fishing rod. Head right and then up. Equip your fishing rod (Press R, and then press A on the fishing rod). Now press A on the spot where the A icon appears on the Cursor in the water

You got a wedding ring! Head down, all the way left, down, all the way left, all the way up, all the way left again, and all the way down to Holly. Give her the wedding ring

Next item, Flowers
Excluding yourself, Kaelyn and Holly, there are 10 characters to interact with in the game. With 5 items to find this means 5 will help you get the item and 5 will tell you who you need to speak to

If we didn't go to the school first, Erin (who we will meet soon) would have told us to go there. Jim told us that Bob knew about the ring and that he needed to be sad

To get the flowers we need to speak to a person called Macey. She will only help us when she is a flirt. Fortunately for us this is her default status

The hinting character for this part of the quest can be found in the library where we can find a few goodies and meet two new characters. So lets go to the library first

Head left and kill off your character to refresh your ammo

From the front of your house head right, and then down 7 sections. Head right into the library

If you head up you'll see an emotion card and a sticker card. The emotion is happy (we have already used this before). The sticker is bunny (which we knew at the start of the game)

If you head up again you'll see the sticker card for safety (which we guessed as not cliff), and also the emotion card for funny

Head down and right. You'll see a sticker card for good, and an emotion card for sad (which we used on Bob). Enter the sticker in your diary and then talk to the girl who looks like Sally

Introducing Bianca
The note we found in the school said the twins are only helpful when one is evil and the other is good. We have worked out that Sally is the Evil one and Bianca is the Good one. Since we have set this as their statuses Bianca is being helpful. She says her mum (Macey) knows where the flowers are but she needs to be a flirt. If you have changed Macey's status, you will need to set it back to a flirt (and kill your character prior to the next part)

Head left, down, down (kill the monster), and down again. Talk to the woman in this room

Introducing Erin
Erin tells us that one of the items might be at the school. We know this already as we have it (but how is she to know). Erin will come in handy later

Head into the room on the right

You'll see a sticker card for keep out (enter this in your diary). There is also a symbol above a book shelf which we'll put to use later

For now head back into the street

Head up three sections and then right. You'll enter a bakery where you'll see Macey

Introducing Macey
Macey will help us if we bring her two pies. That seems easy enough since we are in a bakery. Head to the bottom door

Oh no. There are three pies but only one of each symbol. What should we do?

At this point you're best to just use trial and error. The first pie will kill Macey so let's enter that sticker as "lethal". The second pie doesn't kill Macey so we'll call that one "food". The third pie will also kill Macey (but you can assume from context it is not food). We'll call this one "not food"

Head up and open your item screen (Press R). Select the pie and then Press A on Macey

If you talk to Macey again she won't be helpful and demand another pie. So where can we find a second pie?

If you remember earlier there were some pies in the school cafeteria

Head left, down, down, right, up, right, right, right

Kill the monster and then grab the pie (first one below the food symbol)

Exit the school. Head up twice, and then right into the bakery again. Give Macey the second pie and talk to her. She'll give you a key to her house

Head left to exit the bakery, all the way up, all the way left, down, and then left into Macey's house

Head down, left and left

There are a few interesting things in Macey's room. A poem for you. Some strands of your hair and a handkerchief (this woman has it for us bad!). A sticker card for the word "pain" (enter this in your diary). A symbol we don't know yet above your photo. And the flowers we are after

Collect the flowers and then leave the house the way you came (we'll explore this section later). Head down to Holly and give her the flowers

It's a good opportunity to refresh your ammo. Head left and Press A on the monster to kill your character

Finding the dark magic book
Who knows more about evil than Sally. From the front of your house head left, and then all the way down until you meet Sally

Sally tells us that Mark knows about the book (she also gives us a fact about Mark that may explain a few things).

Head all the way down, left, up, left, up, right, up, up and left and we'll see Mark

OK so we need to get into the church basement but this requires two coins. The coins can be found in the twin girls rooms which change based on their personalities. If you were to enter their rooms now you'll not find the coins. Through trial and error it means we have to make Sally "good", and Bianca "evil"

Make the changes in your diary and then kill off your character

From the front of your house head left, down and left in Macey's house

This time head left, and then up into the hallway

You'll notice the good symbol is in front of Sally's door. This is because her status is good. By process of elimination the other symbol means evil (add this to the diary)

Enter each room and collect the sun and moon coin

Exit Macey's house. Head up, all the way right, and down 11 sections

Head right twice, down twice, right, and then down into the church

You'll see two emotion / status cards for alive and dead

Head left and place the sun coin in the sun slot and the moon coin in the moon slot to get the basement key

Head left and down to get the dark magic book

Exit the church the way you came (we'll explore this in detail later). Head left, up, up, left, left, all the way up, all the way left, and then all the way down to Holly. Give her the dark magic book

Finding Kaelyn's bracelet
There are two characters we haven't met. However you won't be able to talk to them in the same playthrough. If you open your diary and head to contacts you'll see John is dead. When John is dead his house is locked and Paige can be found by the train tracks. When John is alive he is in his house (which you can freely enter) but Paige is locked in her room and inaccessible

Since we only need Paige for this part of the quest (as John only provides a hint) we will head straight to Paige

Note: There is a journal entry that we started with that mentions you gave Paige a necklace. If you have deleted this entry then Paige will not trust you. The necklace can be found in Kaelyn's room in a small desk and you will need to give it to Paige (again)

Kill your character to refresh your ammo and head outside. Head right, and all the way down

Head left twice and you'll see Paige

Meeting Paige
Paige tells you the bracelet is at the haunted house. Only a ghost can help you which she is not. The colour of the text hints that a character can be turned into "a ghost". Open the diary and set Paige's emotion / status to "a ghost"

To save time, do the same for three other characters (excluding yourself, Kaelyn and Holly)

You will also need to go to the journal section and remove the entry "the haunted house does not have a master bedroom" (what an odd thing to remember)

Head left and wait for the train to kill your character (the symbol says keep out for a reason!). If you view the emotion card you'll see the emotion "brave". You will not have seen this emotion before as it is not listed as any character's starting status

From the front of your house head left, then all the way down to Holly. Head left, and then down into the Haunted House

To haunted house cannot be entered unless it has at least 4 ghosts. Since we gave it four ghosts we can enter

Each character is a ghost in one of the rooms. If you press A on them they will appear and let off a sound. The more ghosts you create the more chance you have of scaring yourself

Head down twice to enter the master bedroom (now that we know it exists). You'll see a symbol card for food (which we correctly guessed) and also the corridor key. Head up

Head left twice and up. You'll get small box key. Head left to get the emotion card for sarcastic

Head right, down and right 3 times and then unlock the corridor on the right. Enter the corridor and head up. Collect the bracelet (Paige is also in this room as a ghost). If you did not make Paige a ghost the bracelet will not be there (as the note suggests)

If you head right and use the small box key on the small box you'll get.... nothing

Exit the haunted house and head right to Holly. Give her the final item!

Returning the items
You will be told you need to return the items to their original location. Fortunately Holly has them all so we don't have to backtrack to get them

Each time you talk to Holly she'll give you another item (until you have them all). But we will return them one at a time

A lot of the next section is optional. We have already walked past three of the locations and we can head straight there without having to talk to anybody. But then you'll miss out on parts of the game and I don't think you have consulted a walkthrough to miss out on things

As per before 5 characters will tell you where to put the item, and 5 characters will tell you who you need to talk to. To make things easier well ignore the hint characters (I'll tell you who they are if you want to talk to them) and head straight to the characters who can help us

To prepare for this section, make Sally evil again and Bianca good. Make Erin honest. Make Jim scared. Make Bob happy. John now needs to be alive. Anybody who is a ghost you can make them happy for now

Kill off your character and return to Holly again to get the teddy bear

Returning the Teddy Bear
This is one of the easier items to return and if you know where it goes you can head straight there. If you do take the direct route then you'll miss out on a few interesting things. At the very least read through this section before heading to the final location

If you were to talk to Paige she would tell you that Bianca knows where the teddy bear goes. Head to the library (up, right, down 7) and enter the library on the right. Head up, then right to find Bianca

Since Bianca is good, and Sally is evil, the twins are helpful again. Bianca tells us Sally has a photo of the teddy bear in its original location in her room. Exit the library and head to Macey's house (all up, all left, and down 1). Head left, and up to enter the hallway. Sally's door is the one of the left

The twin's rooms have now changed. There is a photo of a teddy in Sally's room (as well as a note in each of the girl's rooms). The teddy bear is sitting on Kaelyn's desk. Head out of Macey's house and head to your house, up and right. Head to Kaelyn's room and place the teddy bear on her desk

Returning the Wedding Ring
This is by far the hardest item to return. Bob will tell you Jim knows where the ring goes since he threw it away. But you may need to scare him first. The next section is entirely optional but if you don't do it you will miss out on the prison which contains an important sticker card. If you don't want to go through the prison then skip to the section to where Jim tells you where the wedding ring goes

If you haven't already open the diary and make Jim's status scared (you'll need to kill your character before talking to Jim)

Also remove the journal item that specifies there is a corpse in the prison corridor. Kill your character to refresh your ammo

From the front of your house head right, then all the way down until you see Jim. He will give you a tag which he wants you to place on the male corpse in the prison (to spare himself a curse)

Head up twice, then all the way right, then up, right twice, up twice to enter the prison

When you enter the prison you will have one bullet left but there are two monsters. You can only do this in two playthroughs

In the waiting room you'll find the emotion card for evil (an apt place to know what it means)

Head up and you'll get the symbol card for "die". Add this sinister one to the diary

Head up and get the key from the dust on the ground. If there is a corpse there then you cannot get the key. You'll need to remove it from the journal and start again

Head up two more rooms. The right side will be locked so head left twice, and then into the cell at the top

Get the key to corridor 4. The symbol tells us this corpse is a girl so there is no need to waste our time

Head down and then all the way right. Oh no! We have a problem. There is a monster in this room but we have run out of bullets. That's OK. We have unlocked all the doors so it will be easy to get to this point again

Let the monster kill your character and you will need to start the process again

Important: You will need to visit Jim on the way to get the corpse tag again

Head right from the front of your house and then all the way down to get to Jim. Get the corpse tag and then head up two sections

Head to the prison again using the steps above. This time when you reach the intersection at the top, head right and re-enter the room with the monster you didn't kill. You should be able to waste it with your final bullet

The room at the top says keep out and we will take that advice

Head down and you'll see the male corpse. Open your items and place the corpse tag on the male corpse

Head back to Jim and he'll tell you the ring goes back on the desk in cell 2 in the psych ward. He also hints that's where your wife now stays! What an interesting development

The Psych Ward
Now that you have gone through all that you need to go to the psych ward. Before starting this section you will need to remove the journal entry about the psych ward owner taking his coat home. Then kill your character to refresh your ammo (If you are feeling daring, go to the room in the prison that said "keep out")

Go to Holly and get the wedding ring

Head right, and then head all the way down until you see Jim again. It makes sense why he was standing in front of the psych ward

Head up one section and get the triangle block out of the bin, then head down, and left into the psych ward

Head up and get the circle block. Also get the key out of the coat's pocket. Head down again

Head right and get the cell 1 key

Head right, and then up. Get the square block. Head down and then left twice

Head down and you'll get the symbol cards for boy and girl (we already worked these ones out). Place the blocks in the correct slots

Head up, then right three times

There is a room here that is covered with symbols! Evil! Keep Out! Not Food!

You don't have long to perform the next task. Race into the room, open your item list, grab the wedding ring and place it on the desk. There is also an emotion / status card that says "a monster". Now get the hell out of there!

You have most likely need to refresh your ammo. A quick way to kill off your character is to enter the room again and wait 13 seconds...

Returning the flowers
This is possibly the easiest item to return

Speak to Holly to get the flowers. If you were to talk to Tom he will tell you John knows

If you haven't already, set John's status to alive. From the front of your house head right, down 3 sections, and then right twice. Head up to enter Johns house

When you enter John's house you'll see a note about, ahem, a strange man. He is also concerned because he has seen his obituary. This is because you brought him alive to a point in time after he had died

Head left and you'll get the symbol card for ammo. If you head up, you'll see Paige's door is locked. You won't be able to talk to her while John is alive (we'll fix that shortly)

Head down and then left. If you talk to John he'll say he heard somebody laid the flowers by the tree near the factory. Obviously Tom laid the flowers there for you first, and then for John. He must have told John while saying a few words at his grave

Head outside and backtrack to the main street. Then head up to your house, left, and all the way down to the end. Place the flowers by the tree where your car crashed (that explains the symbol)

Returning the book
You can return this item straight away but then you'll miss out on important parts of the game. Kill your character to refresh your ammo and then head to Sally (left from your house then all the way down). She hints that you need to know good when you see it and challenges you to give her a tooth from a good corpse at the police station

We don't need the tooth if you know where the book goes but the police station holds some important information and items

From Sally head all the way up, all the way right, and down until you reach the second monster

If you thought it was a smart idea to remove the journal item about the nude statue, you were wrong. You will have to change Mark's status to a flirt and talk to him to have the statue sent

It is only when there is a statue that the police officers must have had a joke and somebody left a key dangling on the statue's.... Not wanting to pry into their business but at least we can now enter behind the desk

Head right and you'll see the danger symbol. This is the one we called not food. Feel free to correct it in the diary. Also get the key behind the desk

In the room to the top you'll see plenty of notes (It's a police station after all), the emotion card for liar, as well as the symbol for "will". Add this to the diary. You'll see it appear in the "about me" page also

Head down twice, right, and then right again

You'll see two doors. We know the top one means good and the bottom one means evil. Head up and kill the monster. Collect the tooth from the corpse on the ground. Exit the police station and head back to Sally

She will tell you the book goes in the restricted section below the good symbol (to contain its magic). Head all the way up and collect the book from Holly on your way. Continue heading up, all the way right, and down 7 sections until you reach the library

Head down twice and then right. Place the book on the shelf below the good symbol

Returning the bracelet
Before getting started make sure you remove the journal entry about the hospital bucket having water

If you ask Erin about the items she'll offer confusing hints about needing to be trusted. If you ask Mark he'll tell you that Erin is honest. Between the two of them you'll work out that Erin's status needs to be set to Honest

She'll tell you the news that the place Kaelyn can never leave is the hospital (say what?)

Kill off your character and talk to Holly to get the bracelet. Head all the way up, all the way right, and then down 11 sections. Before we head to the hospital we are going to pay a visit to the church

Head right twice, down twice, right and then down

Head down twice and into the room on the right

If the blind is open (you removed the journal entry) then just close it again to get the key. You'll also see the symbol for evil which we worked out earlier

Head left, up twice, left twice, and then up. Do not open the box below the symbol. Instead get the emotion / status card for a ghost, and also grab the candle

Head down, right twice and then up to exit the church. Head left, up, and up. Head right, and up into the hospital

There are only two notes in the left room

Head up and you'll see the symbol card for poison (which we called "lethal")

Head up and press A on the bucket. You'll get a key (or electrocuted if its full of water - in which case remove the journal item)

On the left door you'll get a thin candle. On the door on the right you'll get a lighter and the useful card for nothing (which we discovered in the haunted house)

Return to corridor 1 and head up. Head into the left room where you'll see two candle slots and a note. Do not open the box

Place the thin candle in the thin slot and the thick candle in the thick slot. Then use the lighter to light both candles. You'll receive the key to the next corridor

Head right twice and open the door. Then head up

If you try the door on the left it will say the door handle is burning your hand. This is where you'll need to place the bracelet

I wonder what's in that room?

Another puzzle to solve...
Before you begin the next puzzle you'll need to change John's status back to dead (as we have to speak to Paige). When you leave the hospital there is a monster on your right which you can use to kill your character to refresh your ammo

Head to Holly and she'll give you another puzzle. You now have to solve the "about me" section of the diary. I can simply tell you what it is but there are a few things we can get in this section. If you just want to know the answer read the end of the section

So far we know "... will ... ... a ...."

If you talk to either Sally or Bianca they will tell you who we need to talk to (if Sally is Evil and Bianca is Good) since they are helpful. We need to speak to Macey, Paige and Bob

Head all the way up, right, and down 4 sections to enter the bakery. Talk to Macey and she'll tell you the third word means "always". Add it to the diary

Head left, down 5 sections, and right into the cinema

You'll see some food in the lobby which we could also have used for the food challenge

Head down twice and you'll see the emotion card for good. Head up, all the way right, and then up. You'll see the emotion / status card for a flirt. You'll also see Bob (unless his status is sad, in which case he'll be near the lake)

Talk to him and he'll tell you the fourth word is "be"

Exit the cinema and head all the way down until you reach the end. Head left until you see Paige (if John is not dead Paige will not be here, and will be inaccessible)

She will tell you the sixth and final word is "monster". This explains why I told you never to open the boxes with this symbol above it (I didn't want to give the word away too early on)

So now we have "... will always be a monster"

If you haven't worked it out yet you never will because there is no card for the first symbol in this puzzle

Where have you seen the symbol? Above the girl in the hallway in your house

She is in your house. If you call "Kaelyn" she will respond (and kill you!). The diary says "about me" and it belongs to Kaelyn. Do you need any more clues?

The first word, of course, is Kaelyn

The whole thing reads "Kaelyn will always be a monster" (which explains why we weren't able to change her status)

With that revelation, fill out the last (or rather first) word in the diary and then talk to Holly once more

She'll finally give us the key to the basement

Head back to your house and back to loungeroom. Head all the way right until you reach the locked door in the basement. Use the key to unlock it

There is no point entering just yet as we only have 5 bullets in the whole game and you would have used some solving the last puzzle. Head all the way left and Press A on Kaelyn to kill your character

Collect the 5 bullets and gun and then head back to the door you just opened. Its time to take on the game's final section!

Entering the labyrinth
The labyrinth is rather linear and not surprising at all there are 4 monsters before the final room (leaving you with a single bullet). Head all the way up, all the way right, and all the way down. There are a few doors in other directions along the way but these only contain empty rooms

When you enter the final room you'll see no doors! This isn't an error. You are trapped in this room. There are only three symbols which say "you will die" (rather pleasant)

There is little you can do at this point. After 10 seconds the light goes off

There are three objects crawling around in the dark. If you hover over them the cursor suggests you can interact with them. You must blindly choose which one to shoot...

Just kidding! There is a single object which is a light switch. You are given the choice whether or not to turn it on. If you say "no" three times it is game over. If you say "yes" then you are treated with a cutscene that explains everything that happened in full

One last act...
The only thing left to do at this point is to talk to our good friend Holly to make sense of everything we have just seen

And the news is not good unfortunately. In the real world we are in an irreversible coma kept only alive by the workings of dark magic on the diary Kaelyn's holds. And she waits by your side day and night hoping for the impossible

You are left with two choices. Keep living in this fake world while Kaelyn suffers in the real world, or change your own status to "dead" which means you lose everything (your game file will be reset!)

Tough choice
It is worth setting your status to "dead" and killing your character. This walkthrough will help you get back to where you were much faster as you can skip the optional parts. Also a second playthrough knowing the truth helps things make a bit more sense. You can even play around with some of the emotions / statuses and go through the game in a different order

If you do kill off your character permanently you are treated to the "good ending" (note: if you kill your character permanently before knowing the truth you are only treated with sarcasm). Its kind of an anti climax but the point of killing your character off permanently is a selfless act which is its own reward

To clear something up: When we placed the bracelet it said to put in in the place Kaelyn can never leave, which was the hospital. But Kaelyn is in the hallway of your house. What gives?

In the diary world you are free to walk around and Kaelyn is a monster in your house unable to interact with you. In the real world you are in a hospital bed and Kaelyn is by your side

Holly was trying to get you to understand where the real Kaelyn is, not the one in the artificial world. But we cannot enter the hospital room because it would create a paradox

And that's it. Thank you for reading this far. As a way of saying thanks I will reward you with a lesser known Easter Egg. There is a hidden emotion / status called "Kaelyn". This will turn any character into a burning shadow of agony

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