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Okami - Wii
Name of the file: Okami - Wii - Author: ANO - [WII]

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Amaterasu's original look - Beat the game.
Beads of Life - Defeat Crimson Helm.
Blade of Kusanagi - Defeat Ninetails.
Eighth Wonder - Buy from the merchant in Ponc'tan.
Invincibility - Find all 100 Stray Beads.
Jukebox - Beat the game.
Kamic Returner - Beat the game.
Kamic Transfomer 1 - Beat the game.
Kamic Transfomer 2 - Beat the game.
Kamic Transfomer 3 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Deaths".
Kamic Transfomer 4 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Enemies Defeated".
Kamic Transfomer 5 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Money Gained".
Kamic Transfomer 6 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Demon Fangs Found".
Kamic Transfomer 7 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transfomer 8 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transfomer 9 - Achieve an "S" ranking on "Praise Earned".
New divine attribute - Beat the game.
Secret Theatre - Play the game for 31 hours.
Stray Bead - Beat the game.
The Footage Box - Beat the game.
Tradition Scrolls - Beat the game.
Exorcism Beads - Defeat Blight.
Infinity Judge - Purchase after you reach Kusa Village.
Resurrection Beads - Purchase from the merchant in Wep'keer.
Seven Strike - Purchase after you reach Sei-an City.
Snarling Beast - Defeat Spider Queen.
Solar Flare - Get it from Itegami.
Thunder Edge - Defeat True Orochi.
Trinity Mirror - Purchase from the merchant in Kamiki Village.
Tsumagari - Defeat Orochi
Tundra Beads - Purchase from the merchant on the Ark of Yamato.

Game completion bonuses:
Complete the game to unlock the following:
All previous stats
All previous weapons(except 5th types)
999,999 yen
The Ink Pot, Lucky Cat, Wood Mat, and Peace Bell holy artifacts
"Presents From Issun" title screen option
Music, Art, and Movie Clips.

To unlock invincibility, collect the 100 Stray Beads.

Secret brush techniques:
To release electricity, draw a lightning bolt sign with the brush.
To create a small sun that will burn enemies, draw a "Z" with the brush.
To make it rain, draw two downwards vertical lines.
To create a snowflake of ice with falling icicles, obtain the Blizzard brush technique and then draw an "X".

Urinate on enemies:
To urinate on your enemies, buy the Urine attack from the Sensei at Shinshu Field for 100,000 yen.

Devout Beads:
To get the Devout Beads, go to Agata Forest at the area by the cave. Follow the narrow strip of land that leads to a tree. Use the Bloom Brush and after the tree blooms a treasure chest will appear that contains the Devout Beads.

Demon Fangs:
To obtain Demon Fangs while fighting enemies, use the following brush techniques:

Green, Red, Yellow and Black Imps - Power Slash
Blue Imps - Gale Storm
Bell Guardian - Power Slash
Bud Ogre - Bloom
Chimera - Power Slash
Dead Fish - Power Slash
Crow Tengu - Gale Storm
Headless Guardians - Cherry Bomb or Power Slash
Ubume - Veil of Mist
Fire Eyes, Ice Mouths and Thunder Ears - Power Slash

Transform Oki people into wolves:
To transform an Oki into a wolf, draw a circle around them. To change them back, draw a circle around them again.

Blockhead Points:
Hit the blockhead points in the following order:

Traveling shortcuts:
- Purchase the Fog Pot and the Water Tablet from the Emperor as soon as you can (the Water Tablet is only available after defeating Oni Island). Now there is no need to use Orca in North Ryoshima Coast for all those sidequests.
- There are some areas in the game (some containing Stray Beads) that can only be accessed by using the Fog Pot and traveling to special Origin Mirrors that cannot be reached by usual means. Find them labeled on the map after accessing Fog Pot.
- There is a shortcut from Southern Ryoshima Coast to Madam Fawn's place on the road to the Guardian Sapling. The entrance is marked by torches, but must be activated from the Ryoshima Coast side.
- After everything with the Water Dragon, go back to the Dragon Palace and find the room with the mermaids. Get their swirly-whirly back and you will have travel from pool to pool for free.
-Remember where the pools and the larger Origin Mirrors are and you will save much time traveling from place to place.

Susano & Kushui:
Ever wonder where Susano and Kushi got to during the festival? Well, if you find them, Susano will praise you and call you his buddy or brother. Here is how you find the couple:
1) It has to be during the festival, after you defeat Orochi.
2) Go to the sacred tree in Kamiki Village and go inside there tofind where you got your cut technique. The cave where a giant statue of Susano's ancestor is. Where you had to in the sword.
3) The couple will be standing in front of the statue. There may be hearts coming from their head. If you talk to them, they will begin to mumble in embarrassment.

Pee on enemies:
Buy the Golden Fury attack from the sensei at Shinshu Field. The move costs 100,000 Yen, but it's well worth it--Golden Fury lets you pee on your opponents for damage.

Money and fangs hints:
You have to have the Golden Fury for max demon fangs. When you are in the room with the bell but before you find all of the ingredients for Orochi's appetizer, you can headbutt the bell to make a blue demon carpet appear. Enter it to face one black imp and two red imps. Power slash the black imp's skulls, hit him once, use Golden Fury for the first demon fang, then dispatch him and use power slash when he is in his dying animation for 3 more fangs. Repeat on the red imps for two more demon fangs a piece. You can rack up eight fangs quickly plus around 2000 to 3000 gold each time (or until you are bored).

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Updated: 2011.07.08

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