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LEGO The Hobbit - Vita
Name of the file: LEGO The Hobbit - Vita - Author: ANO - [VITA]

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock
... And be stone to you! (Bronze) - Complete "The Mountain Trolls", "Troll Battle" and "The Dawn".
A Wizard is never late... (Bronze) - Complete "Troll Battle" as Gandalf.
A city turned to ash (Bronze) - Complete "The Mines of Erebor", "The Coming of Smaug" and "The Sickness of Thrr".
A sickness of the mind (Silver) - Open all the treasure chests in the World Map.
Attercop! Attercop! (Bronze) - Complete "Mirkwood", "The Spawn of Dol Guldur" and "Bilbo and the Ring".
Avalanche (Bronze) - Wipe out 10 enemies with the avalanche in "Galadriels Gambit".
Beastly (Bronze) - Defeat 10 Wargs playing as Beorn the Bear.
Book Worm (Bronze) - Unlock and purchase all the location bios in the game.
Catapulty (Bronze) - Launch 10 enemies from catapults in "Goblin Brawl".
Comings and Goings (Bronze) - Prod all the non-quest characters on the World Map.
Escaped the dungeons of the King (Bronze) - Complete "Bilbo's Escape Plan", "The Elven Gate" and "Mirkwood River".
Ever they delved deeper (Bronze) - Mine all the Mine Spots in the "Mines of Erebor".
Finisher (Bronze) - Defeat 20 enemies using a ground finisher.
Good Company (Bronze) - Unlock and purchase all the characters in the game.
Great Craftsman (Silver) - Unlock and craft all the LEGO Kits and LEGO Mini-kits in the game.
He is summoning his servants (Bronze) - Complete "The High Fells Tomb".
I do believe the worst is behind us (Bronze) - Complete "To the Trees" and "The Return of Azog".
In a hole in the ground... (Bronze) - Complete "Bag End".
It's undoubtedly a trap (Bronze) - Complete "Dol Guldur", "Commander of Legions" and "The Enemy".
Journey's End (Gold) - Complete all the main story levels.
Mine the gap (Bronze) - Cause 20 enemies to be run down by mine carts in "Combat Quota".
Moon Runes (Bronze) - Find all the hidden nodes in the World Map via the Moon Altar in Rivendell.
More of a letter-opener, really! (Bronze) - Complete "The Troll Hoard", "Gundabad Wargs" and "The Hidden Valley".
More than a thunderstorm! (Bronze) - Complete "Thunder Battle".
My Precious (Bronze) - Defeat 10 enemies as Gollum while wearing The One Ring.
Nudge, nudge (Bronze) - Unlock and purchase all the hints in the shop.
Red Bricks (Silver) - Unlock and craft all the Red Bricks in the game.
Return to sender (Bronze) - Deflect 3 arrows back at an archer using dash.
River of Gold (Gold) - Complete all the Gold Brick challenges in the game.
Road Less Travelled (Bronze) - Travel to Moria, High Fells, Dol Guldur and the Erebor throne room after they have been visited in the main story.
Roar-cestra (Bronze) - Destroy all the Roar LEGO as Beorn the Bear.
Round two! (Bronze) - Defeat Azog as Thrr.
Slunk back from whence he came (Bronze) - Complete "Battle of Moria" and "Azog the Defiler".
Super Move (Bronze) - Defeat 4 enemies in one go with a super move.
Take Up Arms (Bronze) - Complete all the micro-levels in the game.
That'll do it... (Bronze) - Complete "Goblin-town", "Riddles in the Dark" and "The Goblin King".
The Fire was Red (Bronze) - Defeat 10 enemies with the chandeliers in "Broken Home".
The Mountain-king's return (Bronze) - Complete "The Armoury", "Kingsfoil" and "Bolg".
The People of Middle-earth (Bronze) - Unlock and purchase all the character bios in the game.
The Road Goes Ever On (Platinum) - Collect Every Trophy.
The World is Ahead (Bronze) - Complete all the Mineral Builds on the World Map to unlock all the side paths.
The people need food (Bronze) - Use all the fishing spots in the game as Bard.
There and Back Again (Bronze) - Complete "Bag End" level a second time after completing all the other levels.
Think furnace, with wings (Bronze) - Complete "Smaug's Lair" and "Thorin's Revenge".
Time to earn your reward (Bronze) - Complete "Durin's Day".
True Adventurer (Gold) - Collect 100,000,000 studs.
What do you need? (Bronze) - Complete "The Legend of Beorn" and "Beorn's Homestead".
What have we done? (Bronze) - Complete all the Gold Brick builds on the World Map.
World Builder (Bronze) - Place a LEGO Kit or LEGO Mini-kit on all the LEGO plates in the World Map.
You're going on a Quest? (Silver) - Complete all the quests in the World Map.

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Updated: 2014.10.02

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