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Watch Dogs: Legion - PS4
Name of the file: Watch Dogs: Legion - PS4 - Author: ANO - [PS4]

Infinite money:
Find a recruit with the "Signing Bonus" perk. If you do not have one already, find and recruit them to get 300 ETO. Use the Team menu, and select the recruit with the "Signing Bonus" perk. Go to their location and retire them. To retire an operative, open the Team menu, edit them, and choose to retire them. While they are still nearby, select and re-recruit them for another 300 ETO. Then, retire them again. Repeat this process as many times as desired for an unlimited amount of money. You can farm approximately 6,000 ETO per minute if you are quick enough by simply learning which buttons to press, and to press them as quick as possible.

Recommended operatives:
The following is a list of recommended operatives you can recruit at the start of the game, and their abilities.
The Beekeeper
Location: Complete the City of London liberation. The Beekeeper is a rare operative you will sometimes find on rooftops. They have the Bee Swarm ability that distracts and neutralizes enemies.
The Hitman
Location: Fast travel to Westminster, Brewer Street. Look down the nearby alley where you spawn. Check after 12 pm. The Hitman comes with deadly weapons and has the gun-kata ability, allowing them to instantly takedown opponents with guns.
The Living Statue
Location: Go outside your HQ Pub, or in the MI-6 area. This character appears as a stone/gold statue. His special ability allows him to hide from pursuit instantly by posing like a statue.
The Police Officer
Location: Go to New Scotland Yard, or anywhere else patrolling the streets. Cops have the ability to arrest anyone in-game and then "rescue" them. You can easily get people on your good side. Also, you will be able to access lots of government buildings. Note: Like with Albion employees or The Royal Guard, you will need the Deep Profiling tech upgrade to recruit them.
The Protest Leader
Location: Go to Camden, or look for gatherings and areas that are marked with protest signs. The Protest Leader has a special ability that allows them to recruit followers and send them to disable enemies.
The Royal Guard
Location: In the City of Westminster, go outside Buckingham Palace. The Royal Guards look neat, but they do not really have any unique abilities —- except that they can freely enter Buckingham Palace. Note: To unlock characters like this, you will need to the Deep Profiler tech upgrade.
The Spy
Location: Go near the London Tower outpost. Check after 12 pm. You can also complete the City of Westminster liberation. Spies come with a special spy car. They have missiles hidden in their headlights. Spies also carry silenced pistols and the Spy Watch ability that allow them to disable enemy weapons.
The Stage Magician
Location: In Lambeth, go to the fountain square a few blocks east from the Ferris Wheel. Check in the afternoon. This very powerful operative has a special skill that allows you to switch allegiance of any enemy character.

Recruiting hostile operatives:
To recruit operatives that are your enemies, or in rival factions, unlock the Deep Profiling tech upgrade for 20 tech. It allows you to complete special missions to recruit hostile recruits. It is an expensive upgrade, but it allows you to tag police or other hard-to-recruit characters. You will unlock a special mission to recruit the desired operative, but if you do not complete it successfully, your target will permanently hate DedSec. Thus, you will have to try someone else.

Retiring undesired operatives:
Eventually, you will gain more operatives than you need —- or you can get operatives that waste your ETO. To remove an operative, open the Operatives menu, then select the operative you want to retire. In the lower-right corner, you will see an option to retire them. Retiring an operative will remove them from your playable roster.

Avoid getting kidnapped:
Your operatives can get kidnapped randomly when you are not using them. This usually happens if DedSec is extremely hated by different factions. When a kidnapping occurs, a special mission will be unlocked to rescue the lost operative. To lower your chances of kidnapping, use non-lethal shock weapons and takedowns. Or do not injure anyone during missions, which is very possible. Kidnappings against DedSec occur due to faction hatred, and faction hatred is caused by killing/injuring members of the faction. Non-lethal takedowns generate much less hate against your faction, especially compared to killing with guns. If you go on a shooting spree, expect some retaliation.

Easy "All About Aesthetic" and "Re-Wrap My Whip" trophies:
To get these two trophies, open the Team menu -- select "Edit" on any character -- scroll over any weapon or car and edit it -- choose "Skins" -- purchase any skin. Note: To buy car paint, you need a character on your team who owns their own vehicle. Select the cheapest option, as you will need to spend 100,000 money on clothes for the "Fresh Threads" trophy -- so do not waste money on expensive skins.

Easy "And Stay Down" trophy:
Let one of your operatives get killed by an enemy. Your killer will become your team's "Adversary." Immediately return to your place of death with any team member, and your killer should show the "Adversary" red text next to their health bar. Kill this enemy to get the "And Stay Down" trophy. If no Adversary spawns, get some more of your operatives killed and keep returning to the place of death until an Adversary spawns.

Easy "Could've Made National" trophy:
First, go to one of the Kick-Up locations (marked by a blue football icon). Complete the six beginner rounds and then the first intermediate round to get the "Could've Made National" trophy. Kick-Up is a QTE mini-game in which you must press the buttons that are shown on-screen. Delay the button press until it is in the green or purple zone (you will see a circle around the button -- press when it is in the green/purple part for more points).

Easy "Death From Above" trophy:
People with the "Drone Expert" job have the "Dive Bomb" skill. The easiest method is to turn the "Lambeth" borough defiant (complete the three red borough activities). It will always give you a recruit with the Dive Bomb skill. Select the Dive Bomb skill from the item wheel, and press R1 to use it against enemies of the Albion faction. Either go to a restricted (red) area that has Albion enemies, or simply start a police chase and defeat the policemen with it.

Easy "Down To The Wire" trophy:
This requires someone with the "Professional Hitman" job. The easiest method is to turn the "Nine Elms" borough defiant (complete the three red borough activities). It will always give you a Professional Hitman. Then, go to a restricted (red) area that has Albion enemies. Sneak up to them from behind and perform a melee stealth takedown. What makes this unique is that the Hitman uses a wire to choke out enemies, which other agents do not have.

Easy "Hack The Planet" trophy:
People with the "Hacker" job have the "Viral Hacking" skill that makes this trophy possible. You automatically unlock a Hacker after "Clarion Call" main mission. It is one of the first main missions, very early in the game (the one that makes you liberate the borough of Camden). Select that Hacker from your team.
Method 1: During the daytime, go to Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster. There are almost always 8+ protesters standing close together at the stairs in the middle of Trafalgar Square. Any other group of 8+ people who are walking close together on the sidewalk also works. Hold L1 + X to perform a "Distraction." Since your Hacker has the Viral Hacking skill, it will spread to everyone nearby and not just one person. If it spreads to 8 people, you will get the "Hack The Planet" trophy.
Method 2: Alternatively, you can hack 8 cars simultaneously. The only trouble is that stolen cars will self-drive away after a short time. One method is to build a traffic jam (block the street) to get enough cars close together. However, an even easier method is to go to the parking lot behind Buckingham Palace (southwest of Westminster). There are always 8+ cars parked there. Just park 8 of them close together, as they will not self-drive away because they were in parking mode. Hold L1 + X to make all cars drive at the same time. If you do not get enough people to spawn, this is a good alternative. You can even drive cars into a restricted area with a gate and park them there (open/close the gate) so they cannot self-drive away.

Easy "Meta-Gaming" trophy:
Video Game Designers are found randomly in the open world. They spawn more frequently at day. Walk around town and scan everyone with L1 to see their occupation. It is quite random and can take a while to find one. It may also help to play as a Video Game Developer to improve their spawn rate. This is not 100% confirmed, but it has worked for some people. When you see a Video Game Developer, recruit them first and switch to that character. There are some areas where Video Game Designers have fixed spawns, but they will not appear there each day. Just check back each in-game day.

Easy "NO NOT THE BEES" trophy:
People with the "Beekeeper" job have the "Bee Swarm" skill. The easiest method is to turn the "City of London" borough defiant (complete the three red borough activities). It will always give you a recruit with the Bee Swarm skill. Select the Bee Swarm skill from the item wheel, hold R1 to aim at up to three enemies, and release the button to release the bees. It will not kill some of the tougher enemies right away, but you can weaken them beforehand. Kill ten enemies of the Albion faction with this skill to get the "NO NOT THE BEES" trophy. Either go to a restricted (red) area that has Albion enemies, or simply start a police chase and defeat the policemen with it.

Easy "Paint Me Like One of Your..." trophy:
First, recruit someone with the Street Artist/Artist/Illustrator/Muralist occupations. Those people have a paintball gun in their inventory. Just walk around holding L1 until you find one of them. They are random spawns -- so it may take some time and patience. Once you have recruited a character with a paintball gun, go to one of the red outlined areas in Islington & Hackney. Those areas are all occupied by Clan Kelley members (it also says "Unformed Access For: Clan Kelley" when scrolling over those red areas). Shoot them in the head using the paintball gun, five times total, to get the "Paint Me Like One of Your..." trophy.

Easy "Power To The People" trophy:
People with the "Football Hooligan" job have the "Rally Cry" skill. The easiest method is to turn the "Islington & Hackney" borough defiant (complete the three red borough activities). It will always give you a recruit with the Rally Cry skill. Select the Football Hooligan from your team, and go to a restricted (red) area that has Albion enemies. Before entering the restricted area, open your item wheel and select the Rally Cry ability (you cannot spawn them while inside the restricted area). It will spawn three Hooligans who will follow you. Simply walk up to some Albion enemies and let your followers defeat them to get the "Power To The People" trophy. An easy trick is to distract an enemy by pressing L1 on them, which allows your followers to do an instant takedown. You can also weaken the enemies yourself by punching them a few times. Avoid firing your weapon, as doing so makes your followers run away. The counting for this trophy may be a bit off or it does not count every Albion enemy as "Albion guards." Thus, you may need to defeat more than three Albion enemies to get the trophy.

Easy "Shaken Not Stirred" trophy:
People with the "Spy" job have the "Spy Watch" skill. The easiest method is to turn the "City of Westminster" borough defiant (complete the three red borough activities). It will always give you a recruit with the Spy Watch skill. Select the Spy from your team, and start a police chase. A good place to do this is at the pub outside your DedSec safehouse. Just bring up the wanted level and wait for a lot of police to arrive. You can hide inside the pub for cover. When a lot of police have arrived and are close together outside the pub, select the Spy Watch from the item wheel and press R1 to use it. If enough police are close enough to you, you will get the "Shaken Not Stirred" trophy. If you do not get it after the first try, just raise the wanted level some more and wait for the Spy Watch to cool down. You can use it again after a short period.

Easy "The Royal Tour" trophy:
Complete the following steps to get "The Royal Tour" trophy.
Step 1: Buy the "Deep Profiler" upgrade from the Tech menu (costs 25 Tech Points).
Step 2: Go to Buckingham Palace in the west "City of Westminster" borough. Scan the Royal Guards (red coats) in the restricted area of the Buckingham Palace and save them to recruits.
Step 3: In the Team menu, use Deep Profiler on the Royal Guard.
Step 4: This will bring up a menu with clues for Recruitment Leads. Select one of the Recruitment Leads to automatically mark it on the map with a blue magnifying glass icon.
Step 5: Complete the Recruitment Lead. It is usually just a quick hack of someone's phone or getting/deleting some other type of data by hacking it. After doing this, it will show "Recruitment Mission Started" on the screen.
Step 6: Complete the Recruitment mission for the Royal Guard. You can either scroll over him in the Team menu to view the mission, or find it in the Mission menu. Make sure to actively track it to get the golden quest marker for it on the map. After completing this mission, the Royal Guard will join your team and become a playable character. Simply select him from the Team menu.
Step 7: Return to Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster, and walk into the restricted (red) area while playing as the Royal Guard.

Easy "Throw The Book At Them" trophy:
To do this, you need an Albion Contractor or Policeman that has the "Handcuffs" in their item wheel. The easiest method to recruit one of them is to finish the "Inside Albion" main mission. This story mission (first Albion chapter) requires you to automatically recruit an Albion Contractor. That one should have the Handcuffs skill in the item wheel. In case you want to do it earlier, or if for some reason your story-related Albion Guard does not have Handcuffs, you can recruit one in the open world (they drive around in police cars, but are also found at hostile areas outlined in red on the map). Hold L1 to view the Albion Contractor/Policeman and R1 to save to Recruits. In order to start the recruitment, you must have the "Deep Profiler" upgrade from the Tech menu. You can then scroll over the Policeman in the Team menu and press Triangle to scan him for clues to unlock his recruitment mission. Since Albion Contractors and Policeman dislike DedSec, they cannot be recruited right away. Thus, you must have the Deep Profiler to unlock their Recruitment Clues (same process used to get "The Royal Tour" trophy). Once you have a Policeman with the Handcuffs skill, toggle on the Handcuffs from the item wheel and walk up to people from behind. A button prompt will appear to arrest them. It does not work when walking up to them from the front.

Easy "You Don't See Me!" trophy:
First, recruit someone with the Living Statue occupation. They spawn most regularly during the day (between 10:00 - 16:00) at popular tourist areas and along marina promenades (for example, at the western border of Lambeth along the water where the big Ferris Wheel is located). They do not spawn after 16:00 because that is when their work shift ends (as seen when you analyze them). After recruiting a Statue Man, select him from the Team menu, get a 5 star police chase going, then use the Statue Emote to lose the police and get the "You Don't See Me!" trophy.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Completionist (Platinum): Get all other trophies.
Take Back London (Gold): Turn all the boroughs into Defiant state.
All About Aesthetic (Silver): Buy a Weapon Skin.
Death From Above (Silver): Kill 5 Albion guards using Dive Bomb.
Down To The Wire (Silver): Perform 5 stealth takedowns with a Professional Hitman.
Every Walk of Life (Silver): Have a team of 20 Operatives with different occupations.
Fresh Threads (Silver): Spend 100,000 ETO on Clothes in shops.
Fully Kitted (Silver): Unlock all Upgrades.
Hack The Planet (Silver): Propagate a hack across 8 targets at once.
Locked And Loaded (Silver): Purchase all the upgrades for every weapon.
Magpie (Silver): Collect 15 Relics.
NO NOT THE BEES (Silver): Neutralize 10 Albion guards using Bee Swarms.
Oral History (Silver): Collect 50 Audio Logs.
Paint Me Like One of Your... (Silver): Stun Clan Kelley members 5 times with paintball gun headshots.
Power To The People (Silver): Have your followers neutralize a total of 3 Albion guards.
Re-Wrap My Whip (Silver): Buy a Vehicle Paint.
Rise Up (Silver): Turn one borough into Defiant state.
Shaken Not Stirred (Silver): Disable weapons of 5 Albion guards at once using the Spy Watch Gadget.
The Royal Tour (Silver): Enter Buckingham Palace's restricted area disguised as a Royal Guard.
Throw The Book At Them (Silver): Perform 5 arrest takedowns.
You Don't See Me! (Silver): Escape a Pursuit Level 5 doing a Statue Emote.
Bottom's Up (Bronze): Drink at least once in every Drink location.
Bullseye (Bronze): Complete a Darts game in every Darts location.
Could've Made National (Bronze): Complete Kick up challenge intermediate 1.
DedSec Delivery (Bronze): Complete 20 Parcel Fox Delivery Missions.
Making Friends (Bronze): Recruit an Operative after completing "Reporting For Duty".
Meta-Gaming (Bronze): Recruit a Video Game Designer.
Piece de Resistance (Bronze): Complete a Paste Up in every Paste Up location.
Additionally, there are 12 secret trophies:
Brave New World (Bronze): Complete "Operation Westminster".
The Future Is Bright (Bronze): Complete the 404 Storyline.
Long Live The Queen (Bronze): Complete the Kelley Storyline.
Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Bronze): Complete the SIRS Storyline.
When Good Men Do Nothing (Bronze): Complete the Albion Storyline.
Divided We Fall (Gold): Complete the DedSec Storyline.
The One That Got Away (Bronze): Complete "Finding Bagley".
In The Nick of Time (Bronze): Complete "Change of Heart".
A Roof Over Your Head (Bronze): Complete "Royal Treatment".
England For Everyone (Bronze): Complete "Parks and Reclamation".
A Dish Best Served Cold (Bronze): Complete a Revenge Mission.
And Stay Down (Bronze): Defeat a DedSec Adversary.

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