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NBA 2K21 - PS4

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NBA 2K21 - PS4

Name of the file: NBA 2K21 - PS4 - Author: ANO - [PS4]

Locker codes:
At the main menu, select "MyTEAM", "Settings", "Locker Codes", then enter one of the following case-sensitive locker codes to obtain the corresponding bonus.

Note: Most codes expire one week after they are released, which is noted below.

Basketball Pack, Contract Pack, Shoe Pack, or 1 Token: MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB (Never Expires)
Clutch Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or 2 Tokens: CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAM (Code Released: September 11, 2020)
Consumables Pack, Contract Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, or 1 Token: SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERS (Code Released: September 8, 2020)
East or West Season Tip Pack, 500 MTP, or 1 Token: WELCOME-TO-ONE-WILL-RISE (Code Released: September 4, 2020)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Ultimate Collector (Platinum): Earn every trophy in NBA 2K21.
Hall Of Famer (Gold): Achieve an overall rating of 90 in MyCAREER..
All Rise (Silver): Record a triple-double in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Clutch (Silver): Score 30 points in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Five Finger Discount (Silver): Get 5 steals in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Not On My Court (Silver): Get 5 blocks in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Paladin (Silver): Get 5 offensive rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Punish Their Mistakes (Silver): Get 10 defensive rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game.
The I In Team (Silver): Score or assist on half your team's points in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Timing Is Everything (Silver): Make 10 Green Release shots in any game.
Tre' Bomber (Silver): Make 5 three-pointers in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Triple Threat (Silver): Make 10 three-point shots in any one game.
And The Award Goes To (Bronze): Be named Player of the Game in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Badged Up (Bronze): Apply a Hall of Fame badge to any player in MyTEAM.
Bling Bling! (Bronze): Earn a season ring from any Season in MyTEAM.
Challenge Completed (Bronze): Complete any Spotlight Challenge set in MyTEAM.
Contender (Bronze): Score 20 points in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Cover The Spread (Bronze): Win any game by more than 10 points.
Deny, Deny, Deny (Bronze): Get 3 blocks in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Double Trouble (Bronze): Record a double-double in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Dynamic (Bronze): Play a game with two players who form a duo in MyTEAM.
Executive Assistant (Bronze): Get 10 assists in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Geologist (Bronze): Collect a player card of every gem color in MyTEAM.
Go Ahead And Jump (Bronze): Create a jump shot in MyCAREER.
Good Call Coach (Bronze): Make an on-the-fly defensive coaching adjustment during any game.
Got What It Takes? (Bronze): Declare for the draft in MyCAREER.
Hard Work Pays Off (Bronze): Get drafted to an NBA team in MyCAREER.
Helping Hand (Bronze): Get 5 assists in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Here We Go Again (Bronze): Play an NBA game in MyCAREER.
I Choose You… (Bronze): Evolve an Evolution player in MyTEAM.
I'll Take That (Bronze): Get 3 offensive rebounds in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Just Right (Bronze): Make 5 Green Release shots in any game.
Ladies' Choice (Bronze): Play a WNBA Quick Game.
Life's A Beach (Bronze): Enter the Beach Life MyCOURT in MyCAREER.
Make A Trade (Bronze): Acquire a card on The Exchange.
Makin' Moves (Bronze): Accept a Trade in MyLEAGUE.
Motivational Speaker (Bronze): Play a game in MyGM.
Movie Critic (Bronze): Select and watch an Episode of 2KTV.
No Contest (Bronze): Win a game by more than 20 points.
Not Too Shabby (Bronze): Score 10 points in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Now Do That Every Time (Bronze): Make 1 Green Release shot in any game.
Rough It To Class (Bronze): Make it to college in MyCAREER.
Schumacher (Bronze): Create a Pair of Shoes with Shoe Creator.
Social Distancer (Bronze): Perform an emote from a vehicle in MyCAREER.
Taking Over (Bronze): Activate your MyPLAYER’s Takeover Meter.
Thief (Bronze): Get 3 steals in a MyCAREER NBA game.
True Gamer (Bronze): Enter the arcade in MyCAREER.
Undeniable (Bronze): Make 5 free throws in a MyCAREER NBA game.
Weekend Warrior (Bronze): Win 5 or more games of Limited in MyTEAM.
Welcome To The Next Level (Bronze): Level up during any Season in MyTEAM.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:
I'm A Star (Gold): Earn all 594 stars in Domination mode in MyTEAM.

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