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FIFA 19 - PS4
Name of the file: FIFA 19 - PS4 - Author: ANO - [PS4]

You are more likely to lose the ball if you are sprinting with it. Be selective with the sprint button and mainly just use it for attacking plays and goal approaches.

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges:
There is plenty of potential to earn FIFA coins by completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges that are shown on the 'Main' menu by playing any of the modes in the game. Remember to go to the 'Challenges' menu to collect your rewards once you have completed them.

Easy FIFA Coins by Redeeming FIFA Coin Multipliers from the Catalogue:
An easy way to earn FIFA coins is to purchase items such as the FIFA Coin Multipliers from the catalogue with the points you earn while playing FIFA 19. The catalogue can be assesse at the 'Start' menu by pressing RS. These FIFA Coin Multipliers will allow you to hugely increase the number of FIFA coins you earn in one session.

Use FIFA 19 Web App to earn easy FIFA Coins:
Download the FIFA 19 Web App to manage your squads and sell players on the transfer market while you are on the go. Just by logging in each day will earn you FIFA coins. The FIFA 19 Web App can also be used to manage Squad Building Challenges.

Earn Easy FIFA Coins Playing Squad Battles:
You can earn a lot of FIFA coins easily by playing Squad Battles. These are basically matches against difficult opponents where you set the difficulty on each match to earn a multiplier on any points you earn. At the end of each week these points are totalled and transferred into rewards that includes FIFA coins.

Earn FIFA Coins by Completing Squad Building Challenges:
A good way to earn FIFA coins fast is to complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). You can also earn FIFA coins by listing players on the transfer market that other players are looking for to complete SBCs. These sought after SBC cards tend to go for a decent amount of FIFA coins which makes checking to see if you are sitting on any SBCs each time they are refreshed worthwhile.

Earn FIFA Coins by Selling TOTW Players:
Every week on a Wednesday EA relases the FUT Team of the Week. These cards are rare and expensive but if you can purchase these players early on you will be able to sell them down the line and earn a lot of FIFA coins as they almost always increase in value over time.

Earn FIFA Coins Fast on the Transfer Market:
A good way to earn coins fast is to sell players on the transfer market. After you have been playing for a while list all your bronze players immediately after getting them and although not all of them will sell you will still rake in a lot of coins from cards that would otherwise be sitting stagnant.

Play Wonderkids:
Just buying a Wonderkid doesn't automatically guarantee you will get a great player. For the Wonderkid to reach their full potential so they transform from good players to great players it is important that you regularly play them and keep an eye on their morale so you can get the most out of them.

Best Wonderkids:
In Career mode trying to poach superstars from their established teams is expensive and difficult. You will find it more rewarding if you focus on searching for and buying Wonderkids that have the potential to become some of the best players in FIFA 19 are Kangin Lee, Riqui Puig and Pietro Pellegri.

Button Controls for PS4 Moves:
There are different things you can do with the ball when you have possession. These are listed below:

Press Circle

Timed Finish:
Press Circle + Circle

No Touch Feints:
Press R1 + Left Stick

Chip Shot:
Press L1 + Circle

Finesse Shot:
Press R1 + Circle

Low Shot/ Downward Header:
Press L1 + R1 + Circle

Fake Shot:
Press Circle + X

Protect Ball:
Press L2

Call for Support:
Press R1

Press L2 + R2

Flair Shot:
Press L2 + Circle

Let Ball Run:
Press R1 (Press and Hold) + Left Stick (Towards the Ball)

Slow Dribble:
Press L1 + Left Stick + Direction

Flick Up For Volley:
Press R3 (Press)

Disguised First Touch:
Press R1 (Press and Hold) + Left Stick (Towards Ball)

Ground Pass/Headed Pass:
Press X

Lob Pass/ Cross Header:
Press Square

Through Pass:
Press Triangle

Fake Pass:
Press Square + X

Threaded Through Pass:
Press R1 + Triangle

Lobbed Through Ball:
Press L1 + Triangle

Driven Lob Pass/Cross:
Press R1 + Square

High Lob/Cross:
Press L1 + Square

Low Cross:
Press Square + Square

Scoop Lob:
Press L2 + Square

Dummy a Pass:
Press R1 (Press and Hold)

Flair Pass:
Press L2 + X

Driven Ground Pass:
Press R1 + X

Manual Ground Pass:
Press L1 + R1 + X

Switch Players:
While pressing L1 will switch player to the nearest one to the ball this may not always be the best option. In FIFA 19 you can flick the right analog stick towards the player you want to control, this is much better as it gives you more options.

Control the Ball:
Try to avoid heavy first touches that make you lose control of the ball by pressing L2 when you recieve the ball. You can also use L2 when dribbling with the ball to keep possession close to you.

Box Attack:
When you are attacking the opponents goal pressing 'Up' on the D-pad twice will get your teammates into the opponents box which can make a real difference when you cross the ball.

Driven Shot:
To perform a driven shot press L1 + R1 + Shoot. You are virtually guaranteed a goal if you charge it up and shoot from close range. You should always consider this shot for one on one situations with the goalkeeper and for hitting volleys.

Gold Packs:
It is advised that you avoid purchasing Gold Packs as the Transfer Market is often saturated with Gold Cards which makes them more or less worthless for trading.

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