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Quake 4 Cheat Codes - PC

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Quake 4 Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Quake 4 Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Cheat mode:
Press the [Left Ctrl] + [Alt] + ~ during game play to display the console window.

Whilst in game press the [`] key to bring down the ingame console. You can edit this key by going to x:Program Filesid SoftwareQuake 4q4base and opening the file 'Quake4Config'. Look for line bind "`" "toggleconsole" and change "`" to the desired key (i.e. bind "~" "toggleconsole").

Now enter the following cheats to activate the corresponding cheat function:

god - God mode
noclip - No clip
notarget - Invisibility
freeze - Freeze everything
give all - All weapons and ammo
give ammo - Full ammo
map [map name] - Load a map (see the list below)
benchmark - Game benchmark
com_drawfps 1 - Show FPS
aviDemo - Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
gfxinfo - Graphics card infomation
r_gamma [0Dž] - Set gamma level
r_brightness [number] - Set brightness level
s_volume_db [number] - Set sound volume (default is 0)
s_showlevelmeter 1 - Toggle sound level display (use 0 to disable this code)
g_showprojectilepct 1 - Toggle hit % to HUD (use 0 to disable this code)
killmonsters - Kill all monsters
kill - Suicide
quit - Quit game

Map names
Use one of the following values with the "map game/ [map name]" code:

Air Defense Base: airdefense1
Air Defense Trenches: airdefense2
Aqueducts: convoy2
Aqueducts Annex: convoy2b
Canyon: convoy1
Construction Zone: walker
Data Networking Security: network2
Data Networking Terminal: network1
Data Processing Security: process2
Data Storage Security: storage2
Dispersal Facility: dispersal
Game/process1: process1
Game/storage1: storage1
Hangar Perimeter: hangar1
Interior Hangar: hangar2
MCC Landing Site: mcc_landing
Nexus Core: core1
Nexus Hub: hub2
Nexus Hub Tunnels: hub1
Operation: Advantage: mcc_1
Operation: Last Hope: mcc_2
Perimeter Defense Station: building_b
Putrification Center: putra
Recomposition Center: recomp
Strogg Medical Facilities: medlabs
The Nexus: core2
Tram Hub Station: tram1
Tram Rail: tram1b
Waste Processing Facility: waste

Model names
Use one of the following values with the "spawn [object name]" code:

Weapon mod names
Use one of the following values with the "spawn [object name]" code. Note: You must already have the base weapon for the mod for it to be of any use (enable the "give all" code first if needed).


All codes:

God mode - god
Full weapons and ammunition - give all
Full ammunition for current weapons - give ammo
Armor to 125 - give armor
Classic 1995 version - give doom95
Health to 100 - give health
All keys - give keys
BFG - give weapon_bfg
Chainsaw - give weapon_chainsaw
Machine gun - give weapon_machinegun
Plasmagun - give weapon_plasmagun
Rocket launcher - give weapon_rocketlauncher
Shotgun - give weapon_shotgun
Spawn indicated item - give [item name]
Play indicated map - map [map name]
Load a map - map
Show AAS stats - aasStats
Adds debug arrow - addarrow
Core to game chat lines - addChatLine
Add debug line - addline
Scale contact friction - af_contactFrictionScale
Force the given friction value - af_forceFriction
Name of the body to highlight - af_highlightBody
Name of the constraint to highlight - af_highlightConstraint
Scale the joint friction - af_jointFrictionScale
Maximum angular velocity - af_maxAngularVelocity:
Maximum linear velocity - af_maxLinearVelocity
Show bodies - af_showBodies
Show body names - af_showBodyNames
Show constraint names - af_showConstraintNames
Show constraints - af_showConstraints
Show the inertia tensor of each body - af_showInertia
Show joint limits - af_showLimits
Show mass of each body - af_showMass
Show primary constraints only - af_showPrimaryOnly
Show articulated figure CPU usage - af_showTimings
Show tree-like structures - af_showTrees
Show velocity of each body - af_showVelocity
Skip friction - af_skipFriction
Skip joint limits - af_skipLimits
Skip self collision detection - af_skipSelfCollision
Scale time - af_timeScale
Use impulse-based contact friction - af_useImpulseFriction
Use impulse-based joint friction - af_useJointImpulseFriction
Use constraint matrix symmetry - af_useSymmetry
Enable blocked fail safe handling - ai_blockedFailSafe
Draw trajectory tests for monsters - ai_debugTrajectory
Draw attack cones for monsters - ai_showCombatNodes
Write .AVI for a command demo - aviCmdDemo
Save demo in .AVI format - avidemo
Write .AVI for a demo - aviDemo
Write .AVI for the current game - aviGame
Game benchmark - benchmark
Benchmark - benchmark
Bind command to a key - bind
Blink a debug line - blinkline
Center view - centerview
Clear the console - clear
Clear all lights - clearLights
Drop current weapon - clientDropWeapon
In-game GUI message mode - clientMessageMode
Voice chats - clientVoiceChat
Team voice chats - clientVoiceChatTeam
Cull back facing polygons - cm_backFaceCul
Debug collision detection - cm_debugCollision
Draw filled polygons - cm_drawFilled
Draw internal edges green - cm_drawInternal
Collision mask - cm_drawMask
Draw polygon and edge normals - cm_drawNormals
Show collision model info - collisionModelInfo
Use ~ to toggle console - com_allowConsole
Sample input from the async thread - com_asyncInput
Mix sound from the async thread - com_asyncSound
Compress saved games - com_compressSaveGame
Record journal - com_journal 1
Play back journal - com_journal 2
Make a build - com_makingBuild 1
Marker for memory stats - com_memoryMarker
Purge everything between level loads - com_purgeAll
Show async network stats - com_showAsyncStats
Show frame rate - com_showFPS
Show framerate - com_showfps 1
Show total and per frame memory usage - com_showMemoryUsage
show sound decoders - com_showSoundDecoders
Skip the renderer completely - com_skipRenderer
Show engine timings - com_speeds
Compress a demo file - compressDemo
Speed at which the console moves - con_speed [number]
Dump the console text to a file - conDump
Connect to a server - connect
Crashes game - crash
Crash game - crash
Unknown - cvar_restart
Restart the cvar system - cvar_restart
Apply damage to an entity - damage
Launch script debugger - debugger
Print parses - decl_show 1
Print parses and references developer - decl_show 2
Delete selected entity - deleteSelected
Hold [Enter] to zoom view - demoshot
Save screenshot for a demo - demoShot
Load a map in developer mode - devmap
Open directory - dir
List a folder - dir
List a folder with sub-folders - dirtree
Disassembles script - disasmScript
Disables connection for current multi-player game - disconnect
Disconnect from a game - disconnect
Compile map - dmap
Skip to last level - doomhell
Print indicated text - echo [text]
Launch in-game Articulated Figure Editor - editAFs
Launch in-game Declaration Editor - editDecls
Launch GUI Editor - editGUIs
Change lighting - editlight
Launch in-game Light Editor - editLights
Open the in-game editor - editor
Launch level editor Radiant - editor
Launch in-game Particle Editor - editParticles
Launch in-game PDA Editor - editPDAs
Launch in-game Script Editor - editScripts
Change sounds in editor area - editsounds
Launch in-game Sound Editor - editSounds
Take an environment shot - envshot
Cause an error - error
Execute a config file - exec
Exit game - exit
Exit command demo - exitCmdDemo
Export models - exportmodels
Finish the build process - finishBuild
Freeze everything on screen - freeze
Freeze game for indicated number of seconds - freeze [number]
Armor takes this percentage of damage - g_armorProtection [number]
Armor takes this percentage of damage in MP - g_armorProtectionMP [number]
Maintain even teams - g_balanceTDM
Show blood splats, sprays, and gibs - g_bloodEffects
Pregame countdown in seconds - g_countDown [number]
Scale final damage on player by this factor - g_damageScale [number]
Check for models with bounds over 2048 - g_debugBounds
Show double vision when taking damage - g_doubleVision
Toggle disable buffer file writing for save games - g_flushSave [0 or 1]
Display timing information for each game frame - g_frametime
Score review time in seconds at end game - g_gameReviewPause
Set how much health to take in nightmare mode - g_healthTakeAmt [number]
Set how low can health get taken in nightmare mode - g_healthTakeLimit [number]
Set how often to take health in nightmare mode - g_healthTakeTime [number]
Control the weapon sway in MP - g_mpWeaponAngleScale [number]
Show muzzle flashes - g_muzzleFlash [0 or 1]
If nightmare mode is allowed - g_nightmare [0 or 1]
Game password - g_password [password>
Show dynamic lights on projectiles - g_projectileLights
Enable ejected shells from weapon - g_showBrass
Enable shadow of player model - g_showPlayerShadow
Enable display of player hit percentage -g_showProjectilePct
Toggle hit % to HUD - g_showprojectilepct 1
Skip damage and other view effects - g_skipViewEffects
Number of frames to blend - g_testModelBlend
Test model rotation speed - g_testModelRotate
Name of material to draw over screen - g_testPostProcess
Show available memory - game_memory
Display game class info - game_memory
Cause a game error - gameError
Kick player from multi-player game - gameKick [name]
Kick indicated player name - gameKick [name]
Print current view position - getviewpos
Display graphics card details - gfxinfo
Show graphics info - gfxInfo
Gametype filter - gui_filter_gameType
Password filter - gui_filter_password
Players filter - gui_filter_players
Send heartbeat to master servers - Heartbeat
Show help - help
Hitch the game - hitch
Show IK debug lines - ik_debug
Enable IK - ik_enable
See texture MIP usage - image_colorMipLevels
Control texture downsampling - image_downSize
Control normal map downsampling - image_downSizeBump
Control normal map downsample limit - image_downSizeBumpLimit
Control diffuse map downsample limit - image_downSizeLimit
Control specular downsampling - image_downSizeSpecular
Control specular downsampled limit - image_downSizeSpecularLimit
Change texture filtering on mipmapped images - image_filter
Change lod bias on mipmapped images - image_lodbias
Use .DDS files if present - image_usePrecompressedTextures
Write .DDS files if necessary - image_writePrecompressedTextures
Write .TGAs of the non normal maps for debugging - image_writeTGA
Always run (reverse _speed button) in multi-player mode - in_alwaysRun
Angle change scale when holding _speed button - in_anglespeedkey
Look around with mouse (reverse _mlook button) - in_freeLook
Enable mouse input - in_mouse
Restart the input system - in_restart
Yaw change speed when holding _left or _right button - in_yawspeed
Keep last test model in the game - keepTestModel
Kick client by connection number - kick
Kill current target; suicide if no one is targeted - kill
Kill the player - kill
Kill all monsters in current level - killmonsters
Remove all monsters - killMonsters
Kill all moving enemies - killmoveables
Remove all moveables - killMoveables
Kill all non-moving enemies - killragdolls
Remove all ragdolls - killRagdolls
Scan LAN for servers - LANScan
Show LCP solver failures - lcp_showFailures
List active game entities - listActiveEntities
List articulated figures - listAF
List all animations - listAnims
List audios - listAudios
List key bindings - listBinds
List game classes - listClasses
List commands - listCmds
List collision models - listCollisionModels
List cvars - listCvars
List all decls - listDecls
List all keys used by dictionaries - listDictKeys
List all values used by dictionaries - listDictValues
List emails - listEmails
List game entities - listEntities
Lists indicated def file settings - listentitydefs
List entity defs - listEntityDefs
List FX systems - listFX
List game commands - listGameCmds
List GUIs - listGuis
List decl text character frequencies - listHuffmanFrequencies
List images - listImages
Lists indicated def file settings - listlightdefs
List all debug lines - listLines
List materials - listMaterials
List model defs - listModelDefs
List all models - listModels
List all video modes - listModes
Lists images of monsters - listmonsters
List monsters - listMonsters
List particle systems - listParticles
List PDAs - listPDAs
List the entity defs - listRenderEntityDefs
List renderer commands - listRendererCmds
List the light defs - listRenderLightDefs
List scanned servers - listServers
List skins - listSkins
List sound commands - listSoundCmds
List active sound decoders - listSoundDecoders
List all sounds - listSounds
List sound shaders - listSoundShaders
List the spawn args of an entity - listSpawnArgs
List system commands - listSystemCmds
List tables - listTables
List script threads - listThreads
List tool commands - listToolCmds
List type info - listTypeInfo
List vertex cache - listVertexCache
List videos - listVideos
Load a game - loadGame
Localize GUIs - localizeGuis
Localize maps - localizeMaps
Mouse pitch scale - m_pitch
Show mouse movement - m_showMouseRate
Number of samples blended for mouse viewing - m_smooth
Mouse strafe movement scale - m_strafeScale
Number of samples blended for mouse moving - m_strafeSmooth
Mouse yaw scale - m_yaw
Make an ambient map - makeAmbientMap
Process giant images - MakeMegaTexture
Create memory dump - memoryDump
Create a compressed memory dump - memoryDumpCompressed
Modify shader parms on all lights - modulateLights
Show next animation on test model - nextAnim
Show next animation frame on test model - nextFrame
Load next map on the server - nextMap
No clipping - noclip
Disable collision detection for the player - noclip
Ignored by most enemies - notarget
Disable player as a target - notarget
Print tokenized string - parse
List search paths - path
Play back a command demo - playCmdDemo
Play back a demo - playDemo
Set the given model on the player - playerModel [model name]
x/y size of player's bounding box - pm_bboxwidth
Bob much faster when crouched - pm_crouchbob
Speed the player can move while crouched - pm_crouchspeed [number]
Height of player's view while crouched - pm_crouchviewheight [number]
Height of player's bounding box while dead - pm_deadheight [number]
Height of player's view while dead - pm_deadviewheight [number]
Approximate height the player can jump - pm_jumpheight [number]
Amount player's view can look down - pm_maxviewpitch [number]
Speed the player can move while in noclip - pm_noclipspeed [number]
Height of player's view while standing - pm_normalviewheight [number]
Bob faster when running - pm_runbob
Speed the player can move while running - pm_runspeed [number]
Size of the spectator bounding box - pm_spectatebbox [number]
Speed the player can move while spectating - pm_spectatespeed [number]
Length of time player can run - pm_stamina [number]
Third person view - pm_thirdPerson
Toggle third person view - pm_thirdperson [0 or 1]
Clip third person view into world space - pm_thirdPersonClip
Enable third person view when player dies - pm_thirdPersonDeath
Bob slowly when walking - pm_walkbob
Player's walking speed - pm_walkspeed [number]
Remove last created light - popLight
Show previous animation on test model - prevAnim
Show previous animation frame on test model - prevFrame
Print an articulated figure - printAF
Print an Audio - printAudio
Print an email - printEmail
Print an entity def - printEntityDef
Print an FX system - printFX
Print a material - printMaterial
Print model info - printModel
Print a model def - printModelDefs
Print a particle system - printParticle
Print a PDA - printPDA
Print a skin - printSkin
Print a sound shader - printSoundShader
Print a table - printTable
Print an Video - printVideo
Prompt and set the CD Key - promptKey
Exit game - quit
Quit the game - quit
Change gamma tables - r_brightness
Set brightness level - r_brightness [number]
arbfp1, fp30 - r_cgFragmentProfile
arbvp1, vp20, vp30 - r_cgVertexProfile
Custom screen height - r_customHeight [number]
Custom screen width - r_customWidth [number]
Perform depth test on debug lines - r_debugLineDepthTest
Width of debug lines - r_debugLineWidth [number]
Draw a filled polygon - r_debugPolygonFilled
Change gamma tables - r_gamma
Set gamma level - r_gamma [0Dž]
Fraction to smear across neighbors - r_hdr_bloomFraction
Maximum light scale - r_hdr_exposure
Monitor gamma power - r_hdr_gamma
Random dither in monitor space - r_hdr_monitorDither
Use a floating point rendering buffer - r_hdr_useFloats
Ignore GL errors - r_ignoreGLErrors
Ignore the fragment program extension - r_inhibitFragmentProgram
Number of frames to emit GL logs - r_logFile
Override all materials - r_materialOverride
Draw only a specific level - r_megaTextureLevel
Video mode number - r_mode
Number of antialiasing samples - r_multiSamples
Near Z clip plane distance - r_near
Polygon offset parameter - r_offsetfactor
Polygon offset parameter - r_offsetunits
Scale factor for jitter offset - r_sb_jitterScale
Do not draw any occluders - r_sb_noShadows
Draw offscreen - r_sb_usePbuffer
Enable shadows - r_shadows
Report alloc/free counts - r_showAlloc
Report sphere and box culling stats - r_showCull
Draw the sil edges - r_showEdges
Show light scissor rectangles - r_showLightScissors
Display all the level images - r_showMegaTexture
Draw colored blocks in each tile - r_showMegaTextureLabels
Print frame memory utilization - r_showMemory
Draw wireframe normals - r_showNormals

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