Habbo Hotel Cheat Codes

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Habbo Hotel Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Habbo Hotel Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Flooding a room
Do u ever wonder how people flood a room on habbo and their messages go on and on well i know how to do it simply highlight what u want to say and press crtl+c and ctrl+v

Free credits
OK i've being looking for a cheat for this game for ages i finally found one that is not a con what you do is call this number 09056 575 575 this takes you to the habbo hotel credit line type this code in 11486949 it is the anministrators code. It gets you free credits

Free Party hall !!!
first load the game and go into " search a room ". search for the room " Get'm boys !!!" and enter it. Add Fattybumbum to your friends list and at about 2ᚨ - 3ᚨ pm he should come online. send him a message saying " Rainbow " he should reply " yes my dear yes " . then create your own room and stay there for a while ( make it empty). then reply "come to ( then type what your room is called ) " finally he should reply coming my dear ". He will enter your room and say " a bit empty" he will then dissapear back to his lace and you must go 2. give him a pet dog ( any type costs 20 credits but you get it back ) and he will thank you. then he will dissapear back to yours and your room will be a party hall with DJ Decks and flashing floor tiles a disco ball and there's even a man dressed up as elvis. After 1 minute of staying in your room go back to his place and the dog will vanish ! go back to your place and you will find the dog there (to sell it right click it and select " goodbye for money and you get 20 credits back again !!! )

Furni duplicater
If you play Habbo Hotel well you'll love this cheat if you have never played it before well go to www.habbohotel.com you will love it.
heres how to do the cheat add xskylinexgt-rx to your friend list and go to his room if he's online, if you give him a piece of furni he has a special program on his computer which allows him to duplicate the furni then once he's done that he will give you back twice the furni you gave him. i promise you he is not a scammer i am now a HC from all the stuff he duplicated for me and i own one heaps and heaps of furni.

This is an internet game played with credits. I have found a way to get credits with out paying for them- there very cheap in canada or usa- ok all you gotta go isgo to the title screen after you logged in then open your purse press F5 or you can prefor this same action
be holding ctrl+alt+e

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Updated: 2017.01.20

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