Incursion Red River Cheat Codes

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Incursion Red River Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Incursion Red River Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Incursion Red River Cheat Codes

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Incursion Red River

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Revive Teammates:
Written by screamingcrane

-=How to Revive=-
* First you must have a Adrenaline Injection.
* If you do not have one check if your teammate does pretty much
everyone who knows how to revive brings one you`ll probably get
* Second on your friends body there should be two circles one to
hold F to loot and the other slightly different part of his body
should be a hold F to revive.

-=How to Get The Adrenaline Injection=-
* The best way to get the is to loot them, often the crate right
behind you at spawn will have medical gear. Most of the time it`s
pills but you could get lucky.
* The only other way is going to be buying it, which requires Tier
2 rep with UICS.

* So you need an adrenaline injector to revive your teammate, you
can buy it from UICS tier 2, you can even find it with challenge.

-=How to Pause Singleplayer=-
* You can do it like in other games. BUT
* You need to complete a full play in one go, or find a very secure
place and return later. Time moves at real speed. Its more
noticeable if you started during sundown, It will eventually get
* The best strat is that if you go in a bunker and just hide in
there while you go afk you will 99% of the time live unless they
are alert. I had to go afk a few times and it`s worked for me.

How to Fix AI Range with No Mods:
Written by Kingslayer

-=Tutorial & Explanation=-
The AI in this game can be incredibly annoying to play against because
it has a bad habit of spotting you from long distances, causing you to
randomly get shot and die. Thankfully, there is a built-in feature that
allows you to help remedy this issue.

* Go to Settings>Gameplay
* Scroll down to AI settings and set it to custom
* Set “Perception Threshold” to around 60-65
* Set “Perception Range” to around 110-120
* Set “Perception Angle” to around 60-65

Additionally, you can increase the “On Target Aim Threshold” if you
feel the AI has too good of an aim.

Tweak these values until you are satisfied with how the AI plays. Don’t
be afraid to go below the above settings if the AI is still spotting
you from farther than you’d like.

-=AI Settings For The Night Riders=-
Settings for casual gameplay (enemies have no NVG / Thermals)

* Reaction time: 0.15
* AI Memory Length: 90
* Perception Threshold: 0.35
* Perception Range: 100
* Perception Range Lost: 150
* Perception Angle: 40
* Perception Angle Lost: 65
* Aim Target Bone: spine_02
* On Target Aim Threshold: 0.20
* Deliberate Shot Count: 1
* Deliberate Miss Time: 0.2
* Deliberate Miss Reset Time: 10.0
* Deliberate Miss Angle: 4

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Updated: 2024.04.22

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