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Slice & Dice Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Slice & Dice Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Slice & Dice Cheat Codes

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Slice & Dice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Orange Heroes:
-== Tier 2 ==-
* Can reliably deal 2 damage or more, which is good value in both mob and
boss fights.
* Possibility to headshot sniper — even with tough monsters — is a bonus.
* Also have dodge to provide defensive value when necessary.
* His HP hurts a little, but still, good sides are good enough.

* When used without expensive spells, Spellblade can consistently provide
2 damage.
* What’s more, imbue can be used with double-dip sides to provide 1 point
of extra value, or one-shot zombies, etc.
* He can also be used as defensive option if you use mana for red spells.
* Spellblade has no blanks, so great consistency, especially when you need
1 point of mana.

* When you aggressively reroll cantrip sides, Rogue can deal 2 damage in
total. However against mobs the damage may not go where you want.
* Poison is also like this — it can deal 2+ damage but not immediate effect,
meaning that you may not be able to make a kill in the first turn.
* Against boss he’s providing great value though — still, it depends.
Basically, he’s good in floor 4 and 12 but not in floor 8 (witches require
quickly killing off one; slimer queen is defensive fight). Overall a little
* No blank is good consistency for rogue, which suits the aggressive reroll
style somewhat. However, you need to know when to stop.

* Dabbler is the defensive one of the orange.
* He could reliably deal 2 damage with a chance to deal 3, which is the
good DPS for orange.
* That being said, he has 3 offensive sides instead of the typical 4 of
orange/yellow, meaning that he could “miss” when you need offense.
* Still, even then he can provide at least 2 block.

* Despite having a good “”expectation DPS””, Gambler’s ability to deal 2 damage
is only consistent, meaning that he may cost you a run in mob fights if he
misses in the first two rounds — which is quite possible.
* It’s less of a concern against boss fights, however it’s still a hit-and-miss
* However, if you have any replacer to fill some of his blanks Gambler is good.
* In fact, Gambler and Evoker are good reasons to take Top/Bottom replacers early.

* On paper, Ranger can deal 4 damage through engage and 3 through cleave, so he’s
basically ranged Gambler, and he has 1 less blank.
* However, the conditional 4 instead of unconditional 5 means that he’s not going
to perform against bosses; and cleave isn’t as good as it’s valued to be.

-== Tier 3 ==-
* Venom is the boss killer by the ability of granting 2 poison damage; and an
extra cleanse side is just always reassuring.
* His main issue is the inability to oneshot small mob in mob fights, so you need
to take that into account when choosing item/yellow.
* Consistency-wise, he’s consistent when you need to roll for poison, although
the poison multiplier is pretty much blank.

* Fencer basically provide free mitigation of 3 consistently.
* However 3 damage is somewhat awkward as it often doesn’t meet the assist kill line.

Unfair Streak Guide:
-=Choosing Curses=-
* Try to choose curses that are countered by the same actions.
* Try to choose curses that spread out their effects
(easier early vs easier late game).
* Avoid curses that have a reasonably medium chance of screwing you over
(Anything that touches Monster Rights due to boss summons, anything that touches
Graves, Reflective).
* Avoid Fear, Curse of Vowels, and most of the things that give monsters shields.
* Remember, most fights take 2-4 turns, most bosses 3-6. Most runs have 50-80 turns
total over 20 fights.

-=Playing the Game (this is 75% of the skill)=-
* Damage is the best stat. Mana is more flexible damage.
* Carefully consider whether to reroll a dice or not. The second or third best face
is often plenty.
* Blocking an enemy blocks for a turn, killing an enemy blocks them forever.
* Block isn’t for saving HP or extending fights, block is for mitigating bad enemy
* Carefully plot which enemies to kill.

-=Choosing Heroes=-
* Consistency is better than really high power on one side. Always consider the average
expected power.
* Keywords that let you double, triple, or otherwise multiply other benefits are excellent.
* Damage is king. The most important damage number is 4. You can get to 4 with boosts as
well. 4 damage pain is better than 3 damage flat.
* Remember fights are short, see above. You don’t need 8 turns of growth if you win turn 2.

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Updated: 2024.03.31

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