Pacific Drive Cheat Codes

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Pacific Drive Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Pacific Drive Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Pacific Drive Cheat Codes

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Pacific Drive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How Can I Save the Game?:
If you’ve completed the tutorial you can save at any time from the
pause menu while in the garage, if you’re out on a trip, you’ll
need to complete your current junction in order to trigger the

You should try to exit the map! If you’re on a trip with multiple
stops, moving on to the next one will auto-save your progress,
and if you’re already at an end destination, you should gather
anchors and activate a gateway, which will auto-save your progress
when you go back to the garage.

Devs go into more detail about our save system, how it functions,
and why:

-=Saving on a Trip in Progress=-
Currently, saving functions like this: when you’re in the garage,
you are able save up to your current level of progress. Parts will
stay on the ground, your inventory stays the same, you’ll even have
the same amount of gas in the tank for the car, etc. While out on a
trip into the Zone it’s a bit different. You’ll keep all your
progress up to the current junction, but nothing after – your game
will save automatically when you enter a new level and the game won’t
save again until you get back to the garage, or move on to the next

Due to the scope of the game, and our focus on providing a robust
and varied experience across a high number of trips into the zone,
with variable map sizes, anomaly populations, and the amount of
hazards, we had to make technical sacrifices early on in the project
that makes revisiting this save behavior not feasible. While we
understand why this is highly requested, it’s not something we plan
on revisiting for those reasons.

We believe that once a majority of players have had time in the game,
it’ll be apparent why the save system is working this way. The game
gets much faster and more intense the more you learn your way around
the Zone and you’ll have plenty of time to grab the essentials and
get out or take your time and explore. If you do need to save mid-run,
just head for the next exit and then you can safely quit the game
once you load into the next level, without losing any progress.
- Devs

Pro Tips for the New Driver:
Written by Sinta

1.Saving while in the garage, then loading that save in your next drive
(say, to get something important that you forgot), will load you back
on the road at the beginning of the drive — meaning to say you are unable
go back to the garage unless you go through the whole escape sequence.
Kind of annoying, but meh.

2.Leaving the car running drains some amount of fuel, but I've found that
going through the motions of turning the ignition and then getting into
drive does NOT make up for the negligible fuel savings if you decide to
turn off the car every time you get out of it. If you know you'll be away
from the car for more than just a couple minutes, then you should maybe
turn it off.

3.In contrast, try to save as much battery as you can, since teleporting
the car (and getting revived, etc.) uses up a lot of power. Also, because
driving in the dark/fog with no lights is not an enjoyable experience.

4.I felt like this wasn't made clear in the tutorial levels, but escaping
(i.e. racing towards the yellow pillar of light) is made much easier by
getting to the minimum distance away from your nearest and most accessible
gateway - and then starting the escape sequence. The map will tell you
when you're too close to a particular gateway to start the escape.

5.Nothing super bad really happens when you take a Stable Anchor from it's
pedestal, despite the very loud and scary music sting that plays.

6.The amount of "energy" you get from an Anchor is shown by how big it
appears on the map. If you already have enough energy to go home, small
Anchors are very much not worth your time if they are hard to reach/
surrounded by anomalies.

7.If you have even the slightest bit of "loot bug" syndrome, you will soon
be drowning in basic materials after a couple of drives. Don't worry too
much about missing a car, or house (or two) if you don't feel like going
through them.

8.Speaking of materials, save your chemicals! In the early game, 9 times
out of 10, you will have more than enough mats to craft a whole new part,
rather than use chemicals to make Repair Putty.

9.Pick up the mats from the Matter Deconstructor, and don't use the vacuum
to scoop them up — you may lose them! I've lost three Dumpster Pearls worth
of mats from using the vacuum this way. IDK if this is a bug, but it does
seem that dropped items from other sources are safe from this happening to

10.Check the car's status screen in the garage before leaving! God forbid
you go into a drive with half a tank of gas and a dead battery, because
you left the car running while messing around in the garage.
(Totally did not happen to me.)

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Updated: 2024.02.25

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Sam(North Korea)

When people see ''Cheat Codes'' they don't expect ''Tips and Tricks''


Read the FAQ, please !!!

"On the Trainers City website, you can also find tips/tips/guides/FAQ/Achievements/Walkthrough under the term Cheat Codes."

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