War of the Worlds (2023) Cheat Codes

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War of the Worlds (2023) Cheat Codes
Name of the file: War of the Worlds (2023) Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

War of the Worlds (2023) Cheat Codes

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War of the Worlds (2023)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Survive the Extermination (Human Edition):
Written by legitimatelizard4401

I will teach you how to survive in the invasion of the tripods.

-=The Tripods=-
First things first, you need to know the threat.

The threat is the tripods, they are 100ft tall, three legged, bio-mechanical
war machines, there are three types of tripods, they are:

Exterminator are equipped with human vaporizing heatrays for exterminating

Harvester same size as the exterminator, but with no heatrays, they are equipped
with biomechanical tentacles that are long and strong and will pick you up, they
also have cages that collect humans for harvesting, every now and then, a metal
door will open to reveal a organic hole, after the door opens, a tentacle will
come out of the hole and pick a human up by random and forcefully pull them into
the hole where they will be pulled into the tripods head and in an unknown way,
the human is brutally harvested of their blood. The harvesters use this blood
to use it as fertilizer for plants that the aliens use to terraform the earth.

Uberpod they are the commanders of the tripods, they are taller and have thicker
legs and a bigger head, they command the tripods to do things such as following
the uberpod, attacking human military, or exterminating or harvesting humans.

The Tripods are also equipped with Loud, deep and Horrifying Horns, the first
time you hear one of these horns, you will probably be wondering what it means.
To answer your question in a brief and simple manner, the horns are a form of
communication between the tripods, they can sound different, some can sound
deep and menacing, others can be short and piercing, the horns can mean a
couple different things, such as a tripod as found humans, or it is being
attacked and requesting assistance, it can also be asking to follow a tripod
or have an other tripod follow them.

-=Strategies and Defenses=-
Now that you understand the threat, lets move on to some simple tactics that
you can use.

-=Strategy #1: The “Nomad Strategy”=-
The nomad strategy is a very common and effective strategy to survive the
extermination.. The nomad strategy involves ALWAYS scavenging houses, stores,
factories, etc. If you are a straight savage, you can beat up other humans
to get their food and drinks, that’s for the savages of course. Or you could
just ignore the humans all together and let them be killed by the tripods!

Tripods have the chance to probe houses for humans, or just to make sure it’s
safe for the aliens to explore the house. To avoid being caught if a tripod
does probe, you can either attempt to exit the building safely and quietly
without being detected. Or, hide in a space where the probe simply cant get
to. Lets move on to the next strategy!

-=Strategy #2: The “Base Strategy”=-
The base Strategy is riskiest, but can work if you have a temporary base set
up. 2 things you can do is you can either set up camp in one of the buildings
that is already there, or you can build your own house. However, this comes
with a cost, you will have to scavenge for enough materials to build a log
cabin, or a stone hut.

When ever you have a base, i would recommend that you build some small storage
containers for temporary storage of food drinks, First Aid, etc. While this
tactic may seem like a perfect one, if a tripod sees you, you are a dead man,
unless you have a basement in your base or a sneaky little exit for when a
tripod probes your base.

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