Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Cheat Codes

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Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Cheat Codes

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Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Hints and Tricks:
Written by Tbiggs

I’ve played the game a fair bit, so I thought I would share some of
the tricks I have learned.

Expect to die, you may win the game on the first run, but most likely
not this game is made to take many attempts to get to the final, don’t
be disappointed if your game ends. The rune points you have achieved
will carry over from game to game. And if you start a “new” game in a
different save slot, you will have X rune points to distribute.

* Rune points carry over each game. Think of rune points as the “points”
Runes as the special abilities. Rune points are pretty much for
everything, You will need X gems to buy rune points. It goes up for
each one.
* Runes can be used to buy Runic abilities (The circles on the run tree)
Those circles can be swapped out. I haven’t had the wealth to check out
the runs though, they range between 30 and 100 gems for each one.
* Modes – You can change between glory and death mode on the left-hand
side. On the right-hand side you can change between glory and loot.
I’ll try to get pictures to explain this.
* 3 of anything usually gets you an advanced formation which you cannot
change. I’ve only managed to get 1 special formation a game. E.g. Pack
of thieves, Banner Lords Etc.

Don’t use the auto fight for levelling, I Cannot stress this enough. You
get growth items every now and then (Example the Tome +10 to Exp Gain +1
intelligence a fight. Use the tavern to control the levelling of your
characters. Get them close to levelling in the auto fight then equip the
growth items on the character you want to level and use the tavern to get
the stats you want. After you unlock the advanced classes (Paladin, Reaver,
War priest Etc.) you can use the tavern to get a veteran dwarf to the
class in as little as 10 levels added.

Veteran’s As you cycle through the shop you will come across dwarves,
Usually they are your stock dwarves to replace or add to your army. If
you see one with a hammer, It is a veteran who has better stats and
usually an ability.

* If you look at the guide there are several hints there that I cannot
recall at the moment.
* There is no listing of Dwarven abilities yet. I assume Wise trait means
extra wisdom when levelling….
* You can Disassemble extra weapons into parts to improve your weapons.
4 white makes 1 green, 4 green makes 1 blue. 4 blue makes 1 purple, 4
purple makes 1 orange – Haven’t gotten too Mythical yet, So I am not
sure if 4 orange makes 1 red.
* You can only get components at the end of the fight, so save all green+
items to disassemble. Later on, you will only fight to make money so
you can buy items to disassemble so you can make better items for your
* The earliest I have had a mythical item show up is Shop level 13. It
was a mythical Wizard staff which i tossed in storage.
* Loot codes, White – Normal, Green – Uncommon, Blue – Rare, Purple – Epic,
Orange – Legendary, Red – Mythical. This is labelled on the shop menu.
* A blue shop symbol means you need to buy the flee flag. If it’s blue you
cannot flee from combat.
* Fleeing combat will let you fight another day. If you have the money of
* Try to finish raid 1, which takes a lot of damage to overcome the troll’s
natural regeneration. I usually have 3 thieves and or 3 mages and 2 healers
and 2 tanks to try it.
* First raid gives 25k Gold and 100 Gems, Try to kill it Every Game, Even
if you are planning on retiring your game (ending it) the gem reward
itself will speed things up.
* You can Lock things in the store window with a right click, and in the
options menu you can turn off the growth item warning for re-rolling.

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Updated: 2023.12.31

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