Little Goody Two Shoes Cheat Codes

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Little Goody Two Shoes Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Little Goody Two Shoes Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Little Goody Two Shoes Cheat Codes

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Little Goody Two Shoes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings Guide:
Written by Aya

-=General Advice=-
* Sell all the junk items marked as having some value.
* Always make sure you actually get the heart piece at the end of a date,
incorrect choices will prevent it.
* Always grab the daily 2 free bread from Lebkuchen in the evening.
* You can get most (all?) achievements along the way but I won’t be
documenting all of those, keep an eye on the game’s achievement list –
the most annoying one is probably getting max suspicion, you’ll have
to farm it basically any time there’s a choice that affects it if you’re
trying to go for that while also doing the achievement for bribing Muffy
every day (Muffy item requests in order: Bread, Pretzel, Grape Juice,
Lebkuchen, Hearty Soup, Apple Strudel).
* I didn’t list any of the events for making the bread/nectar, make sure
to stay on top of that (particularly the events marked with exclamation
marks (!) on your map around the time you’re trying to make the bread).
* Do a task when neither a date nor the time-forwarding story are occupying
the current time slot, S ranking them is ideal for more money (and the
achievement) but you probably won’t run out of resources if you average
an A or so, even doing all the resource intensive tasks like feeding Muffy
and doing the ending #4 requirements which drain sanity a lot.
* After a certain point the dates with girls are scheduled automatically,
for the first couple days make sure to find them in the morning to initiate
the later date.

* Morning: Do crossroads cave after picking up the paper in the church.
* Grab free pretzel on the stairs of the bakery.
* Freya and Rozenmarine date, but talk to Lebkuchen after church anyway for
free pretzel.

* Morning: Sidequest in an alley in town for free grape juice.
* Lebkuchen date.

* Morning (after story event): do old windmill.
* * Freya and Rozenmarine date.
* Dusk: Sidequest at the well for free walpura oil.

* Morning (after main story): Sidequest in the alley for free spiced wurst.
* Dates with all three girls.
* Night: Talk to the all villagers in the square after the story cutscene
for some free stuff.

* Morning (before story event): Enter the well using the key you got Monday
morning and do the stuff, then return to the old windmill to use the key
you got and acquire yet another key.
* Lebkuchen and Freya dates.
* Afternoon: Sidequest in the square for free silk purse.

* Lebkuchen and Rozenmarine dates.
* Dusk: Sidequest at the well for free hearty soup.

* If you did everything right, each girl is currently at 4 hearts and you’ve
been in possession of the catacombs key since Thursday morning.
* Time for the endings grind! Save after reaching the town square and don’t
overwrite this save later since it’s the last part that’s common among all
* 3 endings for picking each girl at the festival, then correctly placing the
bread, nectar and love token when prompted and not intervening with the
events that follow (endings #1, #2, #3).
* Go into the church, snoop around Father Hans’ study for some lore and use
the catacombs key on the hatch under the carpet for ending #4.
* 3 endings for picking each girl at the festival, then correctly placing the
bread, nectar and love token when prompted and changing your mind at the tree
on the next screen after placing the love token (endings #5, #6, #7).
* 2 endings for correctly placing the bread and nectar when prompted but placing
something else for the love token, 1 ending for doing so when accompanied by
Rozenmarine and 1 ending for doing so when accompanied by anyone else
(ending #8 and #9).
* 1 ending for not placing the correct items for the bread, nectar or both, no
matter who you are with (ending #10).

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Updated: 2023.11.06

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