Lies of P Cheat Codes

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Lies of P Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Lies of P Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Lies of P Cheat Codes

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Lies of P

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

King of Puppets Boss Fight:
I leaned into a build that focuses on perfect parry + fatal strikes.
It makes really short work of him, you just gotta learn his moveset
and you can do first phase without using any estus.

Also the stun baton hilt is still the best I have found in the game.
It has a nice quick charged heavy attack that you can get a hit in
between most boss attacks.

It has a fable art that lets you hit real hard, whenever I fatal attack
them I always do a charged heavy attack with the fable art buff and it
hits them like a truck. Only used charged heavy attack and fatal attacks
for King of puppets and he went down quickly. Second phase I felt it was
better to stay aggressive and not let him get moves in.

If you are really struggling you could always use the spectre, although
I would only reccomend this if you have a hard time. It is better to just
learn the moveset of the boss, a spectre is going to deny you the
opportunity for perfect parries and you will learn slower.

Tips which New Players Must Know:
If you are starting to play this game, better to read following tips for
your first round:

* Parry in this game is much more important than dodge.
* For the first weapon don’t think too much, just choose greatsword because
the fable arts of handle give you perfect auto parry during next 1 sec
and high damage reduction while guarding will also cover your miss of
* Before you meet the first boss of prologue you can buy all those 3
original weapons from merchant, that means you will get 2 greatsword
handles for assembling weapons.
* Blade changes attack and defense abilities, the motions included charge
attacks are depends on handles
* Don’t trust too much what you would be told in this game, even the tutorial
and guide lies if you don’t notice.
* You would be told that you “can” make the enemy staggered with a charge
attack or with fable arts while the white line appears. the thing is, it
is really just “can”, you need to do 2 things to let it work:
* Reach the hidden value of stagger by using charge attack or fable arts
after white line appears;
* If the charge attack you used has more than 1 hit, only the final hit
can trigger stagger. (*even if you have given enough stagger damage)
* And also evade only works when you release the button during limited
commend time, so the best way is press the button twice quickly for
each dodge.
* If you feel it is hard to perform a perfect parry, turn your audio off.
* It works for this game because it was designed to having a short weird
delay between SE and Motions. That is the trick which dev team used to
make people miss counting the right timing for parry in this game.

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Updated: 2023.09.24

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