Tale of Immortal Cheat Codes

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Tale of Immortal Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Tale of Immortal Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Tale of Immortal Cheat Codes

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Tale of Immortal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Obtaining Rogue Cultivator Destiny:
Written by Faily

-=What It Is and How to Get=-
I just discovered a new(for me) event, and decided to share it here, maybe
it will be useful for somebody, or inspire you to start a new play through.

Event gives you destiny useful for rogue cultivators- Unfettered Cultivator.
It gives you 500 travel speed, and when you are not part of the sect, you
have a chance to get spiritual fruit when cultivate on map tiles where qi
is 100 and more.

I got this event only twice, despite completing the game several times. I
am not entirely sure how to trigger it, but i can share some common things
in 2 those play through’s, and hope that it will help.

So, firstly you have to be foundation late cultivator, with full xp bar and
no sect(not 100% sure about that one tho).

Event should trigger when you travel from YongNing to HuaFeng, in LeiZe, in
a passage formed between nether mountain and your bottom map border
(just half way through LeiZe).

Game time should be more than 7 years( first character was alchemist, so i
took my time farming in first area, the second char, i came to the event
place at 6th year, but could not get the event until i skipped some time
till y 7)

Event just pops up while you travel the map, u don’t have to search for
question mark or special tile.

Try walking around there, maybe walking in and fro the passage, i couldn’t
trigger it with my second char on the first try.

Good luck, hope it helped!

Male Characters Preset Guide:
Written by Sharethepain

Hello everyone, I tried every single preset for every part and this combination
gives the most charisma by default, you´ll always be Seraphic unless you roll
something that gives minus to charisma. You can take this as a free “Stunning
beauty” trait.

It is possible to interchange few things and still stay on Seraphic, such as
changing the mouth from 5 to 15 or headwear from 4 to 3. If you want to change
the outfits, all the player exclusive ones are maxed out on charisma gain as
well. You can check your charisma gain or loss by toggling to the destiny
window with each change and noticing the numbers on the charisma move.

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Updated: 2023.07.10

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