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Vertigo 2 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Vertigo 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Vertigo 2 Cheat Codes

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Vertigo 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Guide:
Written by Skummeh

A list of all console commands and instructions on how to use them.

-=Accessing the Game Console=-
After you have launched the game or at any point in your playthrough,
remove your headset and press either the ~ or F1 key on your keyboard.
Be sure that your spectator window is large enough to view the console
within. Press the up and down keys to cycle through commands that you
have previously executed during this play session (it doesn't remember
them after you exit the game).

Using the F1 key is slightly preferred as pressing ~ to exit the console
as it will try to execute a command with that keypress and show up in your
command history. In actuality, the command that is shows is the ` key
and ~ is only accessed by pressing shift, but colloquially people always
say ~ (tilde) because it is easier to discern. Long story short, press
F1 to open and close the console to avoid these issues and never use `/~.

-=List of Commands=-
After opening the console, you can type "help" to see a list of all commands.

-=Description of Each Command=-
All commands are lowercase and also not case-sensitive, but for ease
of reading here, I have capitalized each one. Most arguments are not
case-sensitive, although for some reason the stage_loadstage command is,
but curiously loadlevel is not. You can be more specific with loadlevel
so I recommend just using that. Commands that are in bold I consider to
be of high importance/usefullness. I elaborate on some of these in
later sections.

- Lists all commands

- Does the same as the menu command to load the last checkpoint

- Creates a manual save which can be useful if you are having trouble in
a sticky situation and don't want to wait for the next autosave

- lists all of the available weapons in the game.

- Grants you the specific weapon of your choice (e.g. "giveweapon f AK47")
- This command is currently broken unless you put a random argument in
between giveweapon and the weapon you are choosing, hence the random "f"
I put in the example command.

- Grants you every weapon in the game except for the Church weapons (use
devmenu command to get access to them and they will replace the Rebel weapons)

Impulse 101
- Same as Impulse

- Same as Impulse

- Fully replenishes the ammo supply in your backpack for all weapons, but
will not load any empty weapons

- Allows you to fly and pass through any solid objects which is useful for
cheesing through parts of the game

- You cannot take damage or die which is useful for the Immortal achievement

- Enemies will no longer target you including bosses

- Enemies not already spawned in will not appear (likely to break scripted
sequences in the game though I can confirm that the Security Stronghold ones
work fine)

- Suicides the player

- Heals you to 100 health

- Sets your health to a specific value (e.g. "sethealth 1" which can be useful
for the Close Call Achievement)

- lists all available levels in the game including custom Sandbox levels. Levels
are any places where you get a loading screen and there can be multiple levels
within a stage.

- Loads a level by name (e.g. "loadlevel core" which you can use to take you to
the final level). Note that you will retain your inventory and weapon loadout,
and will earn any weapons you would have gathered along the way (e.g. skipping
from stage 5 to 7 will grant you the Trident) though you will not earn any of
the faction weapons from Chapter 10. This command may lock up the game if you
haven't already progressed there once normally, but it's sometimes worked
properly even then.

- Lists all of the encyclopedia entries but the top section will be cutoff as
the list is too long to fit in the scroll area of the window

- Unlock an encyclopedia entry by name (e.g. "enc_unlock bonehead")
- This command is currently broken

- Unlocks all encyclopedia entries (you can use this to get the Big Nerd
achievement but I personally recommend doing this the old-fashioned way)

- Adds or removes your BAMM device. When removed, you cannot store items, get
healing up to 50%, gather new encyclopedia entries (even though they may pop
on screen), and you'll have no flashlight. There may be other restrictions I
haven't found as well.

- Allows you to adjust the gravity on any vector from the default of 0, -9.8,
0 which is Earth-normal gravity (e.g. "setgravity 0 -1.6 0" which will set it
similar to lunar gravity. Use "setgravity reset" to bring it back to normal.
I am not sure what setting the x and z axes do for this but feel free to
experiment and comment below.)

- Allows you to change the speed of the game which affects all actions such
as firing rate, movement speed, enemy movement speed, dialogue, but not music
playback (e.g. "timescale 2" will set the gamespeed to 2x and all dialogue
will sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks)

- Sets the music volume from 0-100% (e.g. "music .5" will set it at 50%)

- Set the movement speed of the player (e.g. "movespeed 2" will allow you to
walk twice as fast while all enemies and other actions remain at the default
unlike with timescale changes). This is a popular way to speed up your
movements and eliminate the need to teleport in combat situations.

- Allows you to select any stage from the Level Select screen in the main menu.
When using this you will have the weapons you are supposed to have at that
stage of the game and any secret weapons and weapon mods you have already
earned on your save slot, but your BAMM inventory will be empty.

- Lists all of the 18 Stages (AKA Chapters) in the game.

- Use this to load into any stage in the game (e.g. "stage_loadstage Crucible"
to load into Chapter 6). Note that it is case-sensitive unlike loadlevel and
that unlocking the levels is also not required here. I recommend just using
loadlevel unless you run into the crashing issue.

- Use this if you've encountered an audio issue of any sort and it should be
corrected without restarting the game

- Add any string to your game progress thus far - This command currently
doesn't work and has dubious value regardless

- Removes all unlocked progress from your save slot such as stages you have
reached, encyclopedia entries and mod upgrades

- Deletes all of your game progress, encyclopedia entries, weapons/mods, and
checkpoints from the active save slot. Likely better to just create a new
save slot.

- Activates the dev menu which you can access while paused in game. Also allows
you to swap out your faction weapons between Rebel and Church weapons, though
to get the Rebel weapons back you have to select Give All Weapons.

- Brings you back to the main menu

- set the localization language of the game
(e.g. "setlang en" to set it as English)

- Toggles letterbox view on and off during cutscenes

This command is very powerful as you otherwise only get autosave checkpoints
at pre-determined locations. An example of a useful place to use this is
during the Cyberjoseph battle where you can add a save slot before the
antimatter annihilator stage.

Noclip is a very powerful tool that allows you to skip large portions of the
game. For example, in stage 1 you can skip all of Brian's dialogue and noclip
fly through the entire map right to where you normally see it cycle to a
loading screen. This will do the same in a fraction of the time and you will
load into the second stage with any base weapons you were going to receive
(in this case, you will load into Stage 2 with the Ionizer). Secret weapons
are not included in that and would have to be earned, as well as Mod Station
Upgrades and Encyclopedia Entries.

Be sure to turn noclip off before riding in a vehicle such as the Iron Chub or
you will see it fly off without you.

-=Loadlevel and Stage_loadstage=-
A prime example of where this can be useful is to earn the Purist and Immortal
achievements. After you start a fresh game on a new save slot, you can use
"Stage_loadstage Event Horizon" and then enable "godmode" if you feel it is
necessary to speed to the end of the game to grab both achievements. You'll
have all of the base weapons you are supposed to have at this point, minus the
faction weapons. Only do this if you are frustrated as earning the achievements
the correct way can be a great deal of fun.

The Annihilator Prototype (Super Shotgun) is an often missed secret weapon.
While you could use the "giveweapon f annihilator prototype" command to get
it immediately, that skips the associated mission to earn it. The fastest way
to do that is to use the "loadlevel bonyoyage" command right from the menu
screen, grab the secret key from Room 1, then use the "loadlevel northshore"
command to quickly get you to the inside of the dead fish. Proceed to the
beach and then you can unlock the chest and fight to earn the weapon. You must
use the loadlevel command for the second step or your inventory will be
cleared and you won't retain the special key. It's best to do this on an
already completed game slot as issues with the loadlevel command may occur

Timescale adjusments are a great way to increase or decrease the difficulty
of the game. Increasing the timescale to an apporpriate level for your skill
can push you to your limits and be a fun way to challenge yourself after you
have become familiar with the game. Alternatively, if certain sections are
giving you trouble, you can lower the timescale to give yourself an advantage
if your reaction time is not enough to deal with what's coming at you.

Another usage of timescale is to speed along certain unskippable sections
like the first flight on the Iron Chub and some of the long speeches in the

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