Volcano Princess Cheat Codes

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Volcano Princess Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Volcano Princess Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Volcano Princess Cheat Codes

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Volcano Princess

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Girl’s Paradise Achievement Tips:
You’ll have to max Mona and Nina (10 hearts and have seen all 3 events
for both of them) and either one of them needs to have the highest
affection from all your friends by the time that you finish the game.
It also doesn’t matter if there are more characters that fulfill the
marriage conditions as it will automatically choose the person that
you have the highest affection with.

In my case, I’ve fulfilled the marriage conditions for Nina, Mona and
Gwyneth and I still ended up with the Nina + Mona special romance
ending as Nina was my number one.

Just be careful that in case that you want to marry only Nina OR Mona,
that you’ll need to make sure that the other person doesn’t fulfill
the marriage conditions, because otherwise you’ll end up with the special
ending again.

Levelling Fight Stats Tips:
It actually is raising but it’s point by point. If you open the character
combat stats page, there’s a question mark you can press to see the formula
the game uses.

Combat stats are main based on stamina+mind with a few bonuses for charm.

Just keep leveling up stamina. It is a slow process and in your first run
it isn’t strange to be too weak to finish the first dungeon in the first
months, that is, until you have more people to come with you. It takes a

By far the best to improve the combat stats is buying new gear in the city,
but that required money. So you should probably focus on part-time jobs
and the farm while you’re still trying to get better gear.

Note: Strength doesn’t affect any of your combat stats, it’s only a
requirement to finish courses that increases STAMINA. It’s a bit misleading,
but once you see strength isn’t the main stat, but the requirement to get
more stamina, then all fits together.

How to Obtain Some of Achievements:
-=The Blessing of the Sacrificial Tower=-
* Knock 3 times the door of the Sacrificial Tower, and get the staff of the
sacrificial tower.
* Some say it’s random where you find it, but most often i was able to find
it at Flame River at the very first crossroad of exploration. You need to
find the spot with “?”.

-=Tomb of Rebessa=
* Beat Rebessa.
* There’s a trouble with some names at Steam achievements, but if you look
at them in game (goblet at top right of screen when you’re playing) you’ll
see that it’s different. What you need to do is to go to dark alleys, enter
them and press “Leave” instead of going to fight.

-=Excellent Demon Hunter=
* Become a Gold Demon Hunter.
* I can’t recall when exactly and for what i got it, but i would say it is
to slay a lot of monsters(having Lesba as mentor will give task to kill
monsters to help you track it down).

Note: You’ll get this achievement once you reach lvl 20.

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Updated: 2023.04.29

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